Friday, July 21, 2006

Running With Quills

Okay...I admit it, the "fan" in me is absolutely delighted by the Running With Quills blog.  Many of my favorite authors all in one place and *accessible*!  Tell me that's not a reader's little slice of Heaven?  It sure is mine anyway. :)  And they just added another of my all time favorite authors to the "Quills" - Susan Andersen.  So, hop over and say, "Hi."
Update on my current WIP - my hero is in trouble with me...looks like he's going to stay that way for another fifty or more pages.  Rough writing ahead.  I get very emotionally invested in the story. LOL
Hugs to all,


Holly said...

Oh, really? Susan Anderson? I love her! I just got her most recent novel, too, and can't wait to start it! Thanks for the heads up!

Sorry your WIP is giving you pains, but I think it's awesome that you're so emotionally tied to your characters. It really adds to the story, IMO, and makes your characters so much more memorable to me!

Hope he settles down for you! LOL

Brandy said...

Lucy, is it like giving birth and your "son' is bugging you? Sorry to hear he' in trouble, but I have no doubt that you'll end up with another fantastic story!

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Thanks, Holly and Brandy.'s like a kid. I'm mad at him, but it has to be this way. If he were perfect, there would be not story and I'd be bored to death. ;-)

And Holly...I love SA too! She just rocks hugely!

lidia said...

Oh Oh! A hero that is in trouble wtih you? What could he have done? I am sure that his story will be very emotional! He also will probably have what he considers to be a reasonable explanation.

Lucy, with all of your teasers about upcoming books and heroes -- I am wishing the time away. LOL

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Lidia...but of course. Doesn't get him off the hook with me though. ;-) I'm finding I love chatting the books with you all as I write them. It has definitely enhanced my process. :)

Amy said...

Your hero sounds like another one of those wonderful alpha males that I love so much. I can hardly wait to find out more about this hero.