Friday, July 21, 2006

Participating Authors for the Blog Party

I'm so excited about the authors who
have agreed to come to the blog party!
Check out this list:
Denysé Bridger
Pam Champagne
Adrianna Dane
Kate Davies
Jamie Leigh Hansen
Jennifer L. Hart
Donna Kauffman
Nicola Marsh
JJ Massa
Anne McAllister
Jill Shalvis
(Our own on-the-spot reporter for RWA National.)
Catherine Spangler
Samantha Storm
Theresa Scott
Kelley Vitollo
(Our pink ribbon girl - first sale.)
Kate Walker
Shiloh Walker
Website Blog
Annie West
(Our other pink ribbon - brand new Presents author!)
Pat White
PJ Womack
I'll be posting a prize list later, but get this...there will be between 3-5 prizes given away every single day of the party!!!


kim said...

what day is this party?

Lucy Monroe said...

Hey, Kim...the party goes July 24 to the 29th! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Holly said...

How cool! Those are some awesome authors, too! I can't wait!

I wanted to let you know, too, that I posted my review of TSMB finally. I've been so behind because of the evac from the fires, but I finally had time today.

Anyway, you can read it here.


Brandy said...

Oooh, I'm getting excited.

Lucy Monroe said... too!

Holly...oh, man, that review made me cry. Thank you!!

Holly said...

Aww! I didn't mean to make you cry! Sorry about that. LOL


Lucy Monroe said...

It was a very good kind of crying, but your comments and the whole review just REALLY touched me!

Jennifer Y. said...

Great line-up!

Kate Davies said...

Can I just say that seeing my name on that list is -- wow! Total fangirl moment!

Can't wait for the party to start, Lucy! See you here Monday...

Lucy Monroe said...

Jennifer...I agree! :)

Kate...isn't this fun???

Cryna said...

Wow, what a great lineup of authors who are going to take part in the fun week..........looking forward to it..........


Cathie said...

This sounds great!! I'll be there! I wouldn't miss it. WOuld love to have this time with you and these authors!! Hugs, Cathie

Pam P. said...

Sounds like a great party, Lucy, thanks for thinking of those left behind, lol.

Congrats on that great review!

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, Pam P. :) And I agree with you all...the line up is stellar. Do you know how many of these authors I read regularly and just LOVE??? I'm having what Kate Davies calls a total "fangirl" moment. LOL

readingissomuchfun said...

Hello Lucy,

I so can't wait for the party to begin. This is so nice of you and the other's to think of us.

Is there something we have to do to be enter for the party and contests? I would not want to miss this for anything.

Great looking prizes :-) :-)


Lucy Monroe said...

Linda...all you have to do is participate. Prizes are drawn from a list of those who make comments on each new blog posted daily (and there will be multiple posts). There will also be random prizes awarded, drawn from the entire list of participants. :)

Jill said...

Looking forward to the party! Hope I can report back from Atlanta with some good stuff.

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, Jill! Readers on one of my loops have said they *love* your blog and are looking forward to your posts. :)

Devon said...

Hi! I've never been to your blog before. I was directed here from another blog. Anyway it's quite nice. I just read my first book of yours, "Her Royal Love Child". I'm going to be honest, I was positive that I wasn't going to like it b/c I thoughts that Harlequin Presents were very stereotypical, y'know, weak heroines, domineering males, the whole bit. But, as I like to see for myself before making a judgment, and a couple of people recommended your books, I bought it. And loved it! It's so nice to be pleasantly surprised. It was really well done, imho, but as I reviewed it elsewhere, I won't go into the whole thing. I'm looking forward to the last one in trilogy, though I can't find it, and I will definitely be checking out other titles by you.

Have fun with your party! I will try to pop in, if I might.

readingissomuchfun said...

Hi Lucy,

Thanxs so much for the info. I am so looking forward to the party with you and the others :-)


Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, Devon! What a wonderful thing to read today. :) I certainly hope you will come back for the party! prob, I'm sure lots of other people wanted to be sure too. Thank *you* for asking. :)


Amy said...

I am very excited. I can hardly wait for the party to begin. It is great of you to do this Lucy!

Kate R said...

WHAT a fantastic idea!
So much cooler than sulking, which is my plan.

I'll play! If it's too late to sign up to give things away or blog . . .I'll just show up and party!!!!!!!!

Lucy Monroe said...

Hey, Kate! I'm so glad you found the party. :) I wish I could include more authors and prizes, but I spent HOURS organizing the blog schedule and prize giveaway schedule and well, it's sorta set. LOL

But please, do join in and don't be shy about telling readers what you write and talking about your own books. Just like we do at conference. You won't step on any toes, believe me. :)

This is all fun!

Anonymous said...

I will try and be here been having problem with my computer and server.
Lisa R.

Amy said...

Ladies, Thanks for all the wonderful prizes!