Saturday, July 29, 2006

Multi-Hybrids and Validation

Sounds like an awesome cocktail for a blogging party!

Hi everyone! Thank you all for joining us this week. There have been so many great titles and authors mentioned here, I'll have a TBR pile for quite a while. It's very exciting to see all the different types of romances for everyone, isn’t it? Historical, Regency, Suspense, Sweet, Sexy, Paranormal, Inspirational. It’s a great time to be writing romance, to know that whatever your head comes up with, there’s likely a place for it.

Personally, I love the mix. The multi-hybrids. That's what I write. For instance, Betrayed has about 5 of the above mixed into it. My heroine, Kalyss, survived a brutal marriage and rebuilt her life based on independence. Then in one day, it tangles all around her as she's attacked, watches a man die to save her, flees for her life, awakens a statue and learns this is her tenth life. And for every one of them, her goal has been to awaken the man she'd married a thousand years before. But now she has him and she doesn't know what to do with him, just that she needs to decide before their enemy kills them both.

Now, I have to say, it was very disturbing to hear my mother tell me she knew *exactly* what *she* wanted to do with my hero. Especially when the heroine has him naked and tied to a chair. I mean, we're open. We're honest about sex. We talk. But Baron is mine! LOL

That kind of warm support is very nice, though. The moment when you've finished creating something you've worked so hard, so long for and now, at long last, your family and friends can see why you sacrificed time with them. And it clicks. They understand.
That has to be one of the most priceless moments ever.

What special moment have you ever had where you felt the most validated?

This has been such a great week. My daughters and I finally finished Buffy the Vampire Season 6 and are halfway through Season 7. It's really cool when something has such a mix of humor and danger and romance that several completely diverse generations can enjoy it together. Multi-hybrids. What mixes do you like the most? In what books have you seen it done the best?

I've enjoyed talking with all of you. Thank you for including me in your guest list, Lucy. :)

Have a wonderful August, everyone!

Jamie Leigh Hansen
Betrayed - Coming Summer 2007
TOR Paranormal Romance



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Pam P. said...

Hi Jamie, congrats on your upcoming books, caught my interest, and I joined your list. Cool website.

I love hybrid books, particularly historical paranormals - like some coming out now with vamps in regencies. If it's time travel or reincarnation or anything pyschic, any genre can do it for me.

Brandy said...

Your book sounds fantastic and is going on my list of books to buy! And as for talking about sex with your have nerves of steele!

Jennifer Y. said...

Your books sounds really good!

Kelley said...

Your book sounds really good. I havent read many hybrid romances. I'll have to give them a try.

Dannyfiredragon said...

Hi Jamie,

your books sounds great. I have to add them to my always growing TBB list. LOL

Stacy Dawn said...

What a fantastic concept, congratulations on your book. I like the ones where they show you their evolution from history through to the present day

Meljprincess said...

Wow, I've read so many good hybrid books by so many different authors.
I've felt validated after I've helped family members who were going through really bad times.

Debby said...

Good morning, Ienjoyed radinga bout your books. I enjoy rading hybrids. They are fun.

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Jamie. Your book sounds great. I'll have to check it out. :o)

Maybe it's the lush in me but I enjoy it when an author mixes it up a bit. :o)

bruce said...

The book sounds great,cant wait to read it,thanks for posting

Vickie said...

Wow,sounds like my kind of book,looking forward to reading more!

Laurie said...

1) validation:
I felt validated when my first child graduated from college and successfully obtained a job. I have two other kids currently attending college and both are also doing extremely well. It makes all the time, effort and sacrifices all seem worth while.

2)Hybrids A lot of romance authors have recently switched from general romances to romantic suspence. Heather Graham encompasses all with: "Killing Kelly", "Tall,Dark and Deadly", "Haunted", "The Last Cavalier"...writing as Shannon Drake: "When Darknass Falls", "Reckless" and "Conquuer the Night". She's written a bit of everything!

Minna said...

I love hybrid books! And it's totally impossible to choose one book where it's done the best.

Cryna said...

I feel validation when I see how well my two children are doing and when I am around my two grandchildren.

I enjoy the romantic suspense books that are being written but don't think I have really ever read a multi-hybrid book which encompasses everything.

Pat said...

Your mom sounds like a fun woman.
I cannot really say I have had a defining moment. Am pretty boring.

One very specical day stands out in my mind - my daughter's wedding last Sept. - it was one of the happiest days of my life. Her husband will be having major eye surgery soon - too soon to face this long ordeal.

Lori said...

Good morning! Your book sounds great! I really love all kinds of books, but I especially like the new paranormals out there.
I hope everyone has a great day. I have to get ready to go to work. I'll check back in later.

Nicole said...

Sounds like you have a very interesting book!

Dena said...

I like time travelling Highlanders. I loved all of Janet Chapman's books she did with this theme.

Judy F said...

your book sounds great. congrats

Kathleen said...

I have yet to read a hybrid romance...honestly, this is the first time I have heard that term. I'll have to read some of those books!

Carol said...

I enjoyed visiting your site and I joined your newsletter. I'm like Pam. I enjoy historical paranormals.

Amy S. said...

Your book sounds great!

Debbie E said...

One of my moments of validation came when I went to my first Parent Auxillary Meeting at the school years ago and when I introduced myself to the principal and teachers and joined in on the discussion, the principal said "Now we know where Kristen gets her positive attitude and sunny disposition." I was floored and near tears. There is nothing I want more than to have my family happy.

Your books sounds exhillarating!


Joyce said...

I enjoy the paranormal/suspense.

Jamie Leigh Hansen said...

Hi Pam, Thank you! And thanks for joining my list. I'll look forward to hearing what you think when the book comes out. Please don't hesitate to email me. :) I'm like you, so many genres can do it for me, too. :)

Brandy, LOL. Thank you! Keep in touch. It feels like forever before it'll be out. Have you ever wanted time to slow down but jump ahead a year at the same time? Very confusing. LOL If you knew my mom...she'd talk sex with anyone. :)

Thank you, Jennifer y! :)

Hi, Kelley, thanks! I've never seen your name spelled that way. Very cool!

Thanks, Dannyfiredragon. You're name sounds like a story. :)

Stacy Dawn, Thank you! So do I. It took so many versions before I got Betrayed to go where I wanted it to go. :)

Jamie Leigh Hansen said...

meljprincess, helping others can be very validating. My husband has a heart like yours and he's taught me so much.

debby, Thank you! Hybrids sure make it easier to get what you like to read all packaged up in one story. :)

Julie in Ohio, LOL! We all need a fix somehow. :) Thanks!

Bruce, Vicki, Thank you both. :) I hope to hear what you think.

Laurie, 1.) That is such a huge accomplishment. It deserves to be validated. Hooray for you! 2.) I love Heather Graham. :)

Minna, You're right. That was an unfair question. They're all too different to pick one "Best". Which one did you like the most?

Jamie Leigh Hansen said...

Canadianfriend, Congratulations on your children and grandchildren. They are so important. :)

Pat, Yeah, she's fun. Congratulations to your daughter and her husband on their upcoming anniversary. I hope his eye surgery goes well.

Hi, Lori. Thank you. Have a good day at work. :)

Nicole, Thank you. Remember to tell me what you think after you read it. :)

Dena, I haven't tried Janet Chapman's books. I'll have to look them up. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

Judy, Thank you. :)

Kathleen, I've heard the term applied, but they're not marketed as such. But it's basically any book that has several types of genres in it. Most paranormals fit the definition.

Hi Carol, thank you so much for joining my newsletter! :) I haven't sent one out yet. Just got my website up last month, but I'm so excited about it. :)

Amy, Thank you!

Chantal said...

Betrayed sounds like a lot of fun. I'm bummed that we have to wait so long to read it though. You tease! lol

My moments of validation all happened after my kids were born. Sitting there with my babies in my arms and thinking 'wow, look at what my body just did' Amazing.

Jamie Leigh Hansen said...

Debbe e, Very validating moment. I know how you feel. :) When my daughter was diagnosed with her brain tumor and going through chemo, we found out how well-loved she was at school. Makes you feel so much better to let them go for 8 hours a day when you know how many wonderful people are there for them. :) Congratulations on your sunny and positive Kristen. Couldn't get a better compliment. :) Thank you!

Joyce, me too! :)

Chantal, LOL! I get that a lot. Check out my newsletter so you won't forget. :) And, childbirth, very amazing. Congratulations!

Mark St. Claire said...

I can't remember any of these moments. My mind must've threw them out with the trash. LOL. But I know I've experince a lot of them.

Congratulations on your upcoming books Jamie. They sound really entrancing.

I like anything original, any kind of mix is interesting. I love reading different kind of genre's. I know if I read just one, I'd probably get tired of it after awhile. So there's gotta be a mix for me.

Julie S said...

"Hybrid" is a new term for me - I usually read straight historical or straight contemporary. It's amazing how much diversity is out there when it comes time to choose something to read.

Niny said...

I have to say that I thought my reading was a little daring, but I must confess I'm kind of conservative if I compare myself to some of you. I have read erotica and enjoyed but if my family ever read some of my books, they will doom me for eternity! LOL Seriously, I guess is the way they were raised. I havent read a lot of paranormals, I love vampires stories though.

Ali said...

Jamie, congratulations on your release!

Cathie said...

Afternoon Jamie! Oh I definatedly love the mixture of romance. Especially those like Historical vampire and werewolf, in other words a historical paranormal. My two love of romances I love to read! I remember the first time I read a historical vampire and I wanted to see more! Too, I'd like too more settings. I read much with regency, but too would love to see that in medivial, etc. I bet it will be out there before I know it! Thats whats so wonderful, finding so much you can chose from.

Jen in WA said...

I suppose my biggest form of validation came in my job. I decided to try and get a better job (meaning one with benefits). When work got out, I had several people tell me that I do a very good job and that they'd miss me (and my work) if I left.

As for hybrid books... I've not read a lot of them. However, there is the "Deadly" series by Brenda Joyce that I really love. They are a mix of history, mystery and romance.

readingissomuchfun said...

Hi Jamie,

Thanxs for being here. Your book sounds good Congrad's.

I agree with you my TBR pile is growing. Thanxs to Lucy for having this wonderful blog party and all the guest authors that came by to share their stories. Also the readers mentioning some great books.

I have read my first vampire book not to long ago. I did enjoy it and I am looking forward to more vamp books.


Lucy Monroe said...

My family is very supportive. We're all very close...which means that life never happens in a vaccuum. Go grocery shopping without inviting mom and sisters and get in trouble. Have first booksigning...the whole clan shows up. It all balances. :)

As for hybrid long as the romance is the MAIN story, I'm all for them. Guess that makes sense since I sorta write them. LOL


Susan said...

Your book sounds intriguing!

Estella said...

I love historical paranormals.

ShelMel said...

It HAS been a great week of blog partying, hasn't it?

And yet again, I'm adding more to my TBR (and to buy) pile. :)

My husband really supports me and gets just as excited as I do over a piece I write. Having him in my life being so supportive is the best. Keeps me going...

Hybrid books is a new one on me, I'm going to have to check that out! Thank you, Jamie!

Stephanie said...

It's good to hear that there are other people out there that have such a close friendship/relationship with their Mom also LOL Her being so close to me in my life validates her support in us, her kids everyday!

As for my fave hybred there are so many to choose from out there not and just so lil time LOL But if I have to choose I'd say romantic-paranormal-historicals! There's just so much you can write in that genre like that it seems limitless!!

Cherie said...

Congratulations on your upcoming books

I like hybrid books, like historical paranormal.

I cannot think of a time I felt
Validation, I'm sure there is sometime in my life just not coming to me right now.


Darla said...

I couldn't even begin to choose just one hybrid...I love them all!

Pamk said...

sounds like a fantastic book. And eww cannot imagine that discussion with my mom.

Amy said...

Sounds like a great book.

Veronica said...

Congratulations on your upcoming books.

I love hybrid books, especially if they are historical.

Rachael said...

Sounds like a good book Congradulations. My TBR pile has grown this week.

bamabelle said...

Your book sounds amazing! I do love hybrids. I especially love historical - paranormals, but I'm open to anything. If it is good I will read it.

Pat said...

I have never read one.

Cherie Japp said...

Your books sound really good. Have not read many hybrids but yours sound good. As for a moment of validation, I remember my mother once telling me that I was a good mother and that I do the type of things that she would have done. Since my mother was a really good one I consider this the ultimate ompliment she could have paid me.

Marcy said...

I haven't really read hybrids but I'm open to trying them.

Jamie Leigh Hansen said...

Thank you for joining this discussion, everyone! It was so great to meet you all. Thank you for all your encouragement. :)

Jodi said...

I haven't read any hybrid romances that I can think of.

As for sex, my whole family is very open. My parents are always making comments that have us all cringing! LOL