Friday, July 14, 2006

Kittens, Memories and My TBR Pile...

We've adopted a stray cat.  She was pregnant.  And starving.  How could we not?  The thing is, my hubby and I are both really, really allergic to cats.  So much so that when one of our cats died we told the kids, we are not getting another one.  You'll have to wait until you move out.  Enter Diamond.  A totally sweet kitty with ribs poking out and a preggy tummy that melted my heart.  She had her kitten (a single baby) the day before yesterday.  It's such a sweet little thing.  And she had it in our garage.  So, really, we're adopting two kitties.  The young mommy and her newborn.  What does our current cat, Princess, think about all this?  Well, she's ignoring it like any good royal would do when the rest of the family has the bad taste to bring a stray home. LOL
It all brought to mind when I was a little girl.  My parents had gotten divorced and by this point the only two of the six kids still living at home were me and my little sister.  We slept together and one night we woke up to the sound of meowing.  Our cat had had kittens right between the two of us on the bed.  It was so neat.  Messy, but neat.  I can still remember feeling really blessed the cat trusted us like that.  Isn't that funny?
And my TBR pile...well, it's growing and there are too many books I'm dying to read on it.  I keep thinking I'll tell myself to stop buying them, but I don't.  Just like I can't stop's no good trying to cut back the number of books I'll write in a year when the characters keep clamoring in my head.  But like that precious cat when I was a little girl...I feel special because the characters get birthed in my head and not someone else's.  So, I *must* write at least some of their stories.
Want to share one of your favorite childhood memories?


Kelley said...

I love kitties. I havent had a cat in years and years. I've really been wanting one lately. I used to have a gray and white cat named Cleo. She loved me. She slept not only with me, but on me every night when I was younger. If I was laying on my back, she slept on my belly. If I was laying on my belly, she slept on my back. I drove me crazy sometimes, but now I miss her.

Maura said...

Congratulations on being adopted by Diamond :) Cats just happen to me.

We currently have 7 indoor only cats and we caretake a feral colony. I think we're up to 50+ cats that hubby and I have caught, had tested for disease, had spayed or neutered and vaccinated and either found homes for if they were tamable or turned loose back into the colony if they were too wild.

So I guess I tithe to Baste.

I grew up with lots of animals, too. My mother is as much of a rescuer as I am and we had everything from tortoises to geese to dogs and cats and so on.

She still gives me a bad time about my efforts to feed the geese when I was about 3 and I fed teh goose a $20 bill. It was GREEN!

Brandy said...

I am the proud owner of 4 inside cats, although one went missing (somehow got out) Tuesday evening and (say a prayer please), and one stray we adopted that is an outside cat. We also feed numerous cats that may or may not be strays in the neighborhood. My favorite memory of a childood pet would be my cat John. Whenever I was sick he would lay next to me and stay with me.

Lucy , I recieved the package tuesday afternoon, but with my baby Squeekie missing, I have been real busy trying to find him. Thank you so much. It's been my one bright spot of the whole week.

Brandy said...

Oh, forgot to say....Congratulations to Diamond and her baby.

Maura said...

Brandy - I've got my fingers crossed the Squeekie comes back fine. Just don't give up. I've had it take up to a month for one of mine to come back inside after going missing.

Meeps got out when our house was burglarized last month and it took a couple of days to get her to come back. Then she got out again a few days later when C wasn't watching well enough while fitting new doorknobs. That took a week to get her back inside again.

Little turkey.

Lucy Monroe said...

Kelley...isn't that the way? Hope you get a kitty soon. :) are AMAZING! I love that you have so many cats and take care of the feral colony. You are such a heroine waiting to happen in a book.

Oh, Brandy...our dog, Snoopy (a huge German Shepherd) was like that. He was just so tender when one of us kids was not feeling well or sad. It totally sucks being allergic to both dogs and cats now. But then as a kid I was allergic to *everything* else, including my own saliva. LOL Our in-the-house (as opposed to in-the-garage with their own kitty door and the kids' tv room) pets are birds, hamster and a gerbil.

Now, what is a Squeekie and how is s/he/it missing?

Michelle B said...

Awwww Lucy. I totally know the feeling. I went to the pet store with my mom on Tuesday night to get kitty litter and I was sidetracked by the cats up for adoption. I wanted to take them all home, but my parents already have 3 cats (1 unofficially adopted from the people up the street as they didn't take care of him very well).

They had to kick us out when they closed the store. I had a blast playing with them all. One kept reaching out to grab my fingers and even my pants. Another grabbed onto my hair.

Brandy, I hope you find Squeekie soon! One of the cats I had growing up disappeared for a few days once. We all thought he was a goner, but he showed up a few days later. I hope you and Squeekie have a happy reunion too.

As for childhood memories, wow. I have so many. One of the photo blogs that I visit had a photo of a bridge I used to cross with my grandparents when I visited them. They lived not far from us when I was growing up and I loved visiting.

We'd always have some adventure or another whether it was taking a walk or "making" something (doll clothes, boxes, pies,...) They are both gone now and I will always treasure the memories I have of those times.

Stacy~ said...

I am a softie and love animals. If I could I'd have a bunch, but I'm gone from home so much it just wouldn't be good for them.

Brandy {{{hugs}}}. I hope your furbaby comes home soon. I'm sending our prayers.

Judy F said...

hugs brandy. I hope your baby comes home soon.

It will be a year at the end of this month that my oldest baby Dusty has been gone. I miss her every day. She was my buddy, if I was sick she was right there with me. We took naps together etc. But i know she is in a beter place now and my parents dog is there to play with her too. I am so glad I have Sammy he has made it bareable. Hugs

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh...Michelle, I can so see you doing that. :) And what a neat memory of your grandparents.'s your cat that's missing? I'm so sorry! That is I think the greatest pet owner's fear...and I truly pray s/he comes home soone.

Stacy...that's the hard thing isn't it, being gone a lot? We used to travel even more than we do now and that's why we always tried to get pets in pairs. That backfired more than once with fish and hamsters. LOL


Brandy said...

Thank you all, really. I keep crying and can't seem to stop. We've done EVERYTHING we can do and it doesn't feel like enough. Squeekie is a ginger maine coon mix we've had for almost 9 years. He drools and is the sweetest cat I've EVER had. I keep praying, but my hope is gone. And Furbaby is right. I love my cats like I love my children.

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh, Brandy, sweetie...I wish I could be there to give you a real hug, but I am praying for you and sending you lots of cyber hugs.


Brandy said...

Thanks Lucy. We are doing everything we can.