Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Celebrating the First Book

Hi everyone, and thanks Lucy for your invitation to party. I've never blogged before but as a brand new Presents author I'm encountering a lot of firsts.

Last December I heard that 'A Mistress for the Taking' had been accepted. I've been grinning since (through 2 more acceptances). After years reading and loving Presents stories it's still hard to believe I'm now a Harlequin Mills and Boon author. Here in Australia they're marketed under the name 'Sexy', so I sometimes get tangled up telling people I'm a Sexy author and then needing to explain!

As for the firsts: there was the acceptance (wonderful), the copy edits (less than wonderful), seeing a cover (FANTASTIC) and just last week, receiving a small box of hardcovers (better than FANTASTIC). One of the prizes today will be a signed copy of 'Mistress', hot off the press!

Marina Lucchesi is desperate. She'll do whatever it takes to save her family from ruin.

Meanwhile Ronan Carlisle has a score to settle. His strategy is simple: if Marina poses as his mistress, he'll ensure the man who made them both suffer will pay.

Marina can't understand why Ronan, one of Australia's most eligible tycoons, wants her. But she's not in a position to refuse his offer. Then she finds herself in his bedroom and discovers there's a lot more to their bargain than she anticipated.

I love this cover and it fits the story perfectly. Yet, when I'm buying a book I usually zoom in on the author's name or the back cover blurb. What about you? What convinces you to read a book: its cover, blurb, author, first page? If you're like me and it's the teaser on the back that hooks you, I'd love to hear about your favourites - are they marriage of convenience stories, Cinderella plots, second chances or something else?

Annie West


Silvia Violet said...

Hi Annie! Congratulations on your first Presents book!!

The cover on book will often draw me in so I pick it up (or click on it in the case of ebooks) but it's typically the teaser on the back that makes me buy it. Although lately I've started reading the first few pages or an excerpt to see if I like the author's voice. A great voice will get me to buy a story even if the storyline itself doesn't grab me. I've learned that when I like the way an author writes, I like all there books even ones in genres I don't normally read.

Anonymous said...

That's a great cover :) Congrats on 'A Mistress for the Taking' and your subsequent sales!

The cover first grabs my attention, then I read the back cover blurb. Of course I have auto buy authors but at one point they were new to me authors and it was the story and then their writing that made them auto buys.

Shana Galen's When Dashing Met Danger is a book that grabbed me first with the cover and then the back cover blurb. I read and loved the book and now I'm looking forward to reading other books by her :)

Maureen said...

Congratulations on your first book and new sales.

I look for authors I know and like and also at the blurb on the back to see if I'm interested in the story. The cover doesn't really influence me.

I usually enjoy the marriage of convenience plot. It think that's because the focus is on the relationship and how it develops.

Pam P. said...

Congrats on becoming a Sexy author, Annie, lol.

If I haven't yet read the author, the cover, even a title, can get me to pick up a book, but I then immediately to go the back cover blurb to see if it gets my interest, and will then browse some of the beginning pages to see if I'm still interested and like the writing.

I like the second chances and marriage of convenience stories, seeing the characters attraction grow over time as they learn more about each other.

cyngreen said...

The cover catches my eye, then I like to read the blurb on the back. Excerpts are good, too.

Dannyfiredragon said...

Hi Annie,

congrats on your first book!

The cover is always an eyecatcher when I am in a bookstore, but it's the blurb that helps me with my decision

Judy F said...

congrats on your first sale. Hope you keep feeling great for a long time.

The cover usually attracts me first, then I read the blurb. Sometime too I read the short excerpt in the front of the book.

Hope your book does great.

Michele said...

Ooh, firsts are wonderful t celebrate, aren't they? Congrats!

The title or picture will catch my eye enough to have me read the back blurb if it's an author I don't recognize. If I DO recognize the author, the back blurb will tell me if it's a scenario I enjoy.

I'm not fond of the scenario when the heroine returns to her hometown and has to face the one that got away for whatever reason. That someone is always Cold, Flinty, suspicious, contrary and arrogant or manipulative to hide that he "never got over her".

Kiki said...

Yay Annie from a fellow Aussie!

I'll probably skim over a lot of books if their cover/title doesn't grab me. If it's a neutral title, I might pick it up and rad the blurb, but I rally want it to tell me something good about the book. If I like the title AND the cover, but the blurb is so-so, I'll read a few random pages in the middle.

If it's a category book, I might read the blurb regardless of the cover just to see if I'm missing something good. That's the advantage of lines, imo.

Barb V. in NY said...

I live in a rural area, so I do most of my book shopping online. There are certain authors that are autobuys for me, but I have learned about -- and then bought -- new authors because of recommendations by people from online loops. There are a lot of great book pimps on that Lori Foster loop! LOL. I also pay attention to the excerpts that are in the back of a book I am reading. Most of the Brava authors I read, I found that way. If I am in a book store, it's always the covor that catches my eye.

Kate R said...

Congratulations on selling! And heck, don't bother with the explanations: You're a Sexy author and that's all there is to it.

I used to read the back for a feel for the story, but then realized it might not be in the author's voice. So now I actually crack open a book and start reading (nice that it can be done with a lot of books on Amazon)

My list of autobuy authors has gotten so long I don't have to spend a lot of time shopping.

Heather Harper said...

Cover helps me take a peek at the blurb. Blurb helps me decide if I'm going to open the book. The opening page helps me decide if I will buy it.

But I have to admit, I've bought books before because I fell in love with the cover. Shallow, I know.

Jennifer Y. said...

Congrats on your first book!!!

The blurb on the back of the book and/or an excerpt is usually what convinces me to read a book. If a story sounds interesting, then I'll read it.

I love the friends-to-lovers stories where the best friends develop a romantic relationship.

Debby said...

Hi Annie, Congrats on your book. I like the cover. I agree with you. It is the blurb that sells me. There was a cover once that I hated so much I never got to the blurb. IHave been reading all genres lately so I am not limited.

Tee said...

Congratulation on your first book in print.

First I look for the Authors name to see if it is one I know. THe blurb on the back will be my second choice and than the cover last. I have found some covers have nothing to do with the story line. As for what I like, all of them....second chances or first loves.

Darla said...

Congrats you Sexy Author! LOL

If its one of my fav authors there is no need to read the back, I just grab it. If its a new author the title and front cover catch my eye, then if the blurb sounds good I'll most likely try it!

Laurie said...

When I go to buy books I'll automatically look for certain authors just by name, next the title will catch my eye...I'll pick it up,check out the cover, then read the back.
What I like best...Boy that's tough because it kinda depends on my mood. I like the boss/worker, old flame rekindled, revenge, and the instant attraction /vacation scenario, sheiks, Greeks/ millionaires. I guess I'm an easy sell. I love to escape to places I'll never get to visit on my own.

Pam G said...

Hey Annie,

Congrats on your first book!

Usually the name of the book gets my attention. Then the cover, then I read the back cover.

I also read the promos in the back of books for other authors and other books. I make lists of the books that I think I would like to read from them.

I like all genres.

Pam G

Shari C said...

First I look at the title and author to see if it is one I usually read...those are automatic buys. If not a familiar name, I read the blurb on the back to help make my decision and also many books have a page at the beginning to help get your attention. Love to try new authors as I love to read.

Amme said...

That's a lovely cover. :) And I like the title and description -- sounds like my kind of book.

I approach different books different ways. Presents - I tend to check out the titles and authors first and then the back of the book. The covers help to categorize the type of book it is. I love marriages of conveinence and "mistress" books where the heroine usually ends up taming the big bad alpha hero.

And yet, with categories like Intrigues and Intimate moments I usually look at the covers first and then the back cover description.

Special Editions tend to be covers first too -- having the hero in a cowboy hat is pretty much guarenteed to get me to pick it up and check the back cover. *grin*

Non-category line books tend to be title, cover, and than the backs.

Pat said...

Hi, this question has been asked a lot lately and I just love it.

I buy the book by the author, next the back blurb. The cover draws me but it is the other 2 that get me.

Recommendations are also taken into consideration.

CrystalG said...

Congratulations on your first book! The cover is great.
What draws me to buy a book is the blurb on the back of the book. If it sounds good, I will buy it. A good cover will get me to pick up a book to see what it is about. I also look for authors that I usually buy.

Stacy Dawn said...

Congratulations on your Presents!

The cover usually grabs my attention enough to look but then the blurb has to make me want to buy. I don't mind who the author is because I'm always willing to try new ones as well as the ones I've read before

Meljprincess said...

Cover, blurb, author, first page..ALL OF THOSE THINGS!

Congrats on your new baby, Annie!

Jolene said...

Congrats, im like most, its either the cover if its an author i dont know , or just the authors name that i recongnize.. then i will read the back. if it sounds good i buy..
i like catchy titles too..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your sale. Recommendations and a blurb are what first attract me to an author. If I'm just in the book store with some extra cash to spend, I admit that a title is what first attracts me to the book and if I like the blurb I'll buy it.

I have to admit that I'm a sucker for a marriage of convenience story, not sure why but love them.


Shiloh Walker said...

The cover will make me pick up a book if it's good. But I tend to go by recommendations, since I don't read as much anymore, or pick up current faves.

The books I randomly pick up, I skim the blurb, the little excerpt in front and maybe the first page or two to see what I think.

congrats on your 'first'. I just saw my first mass market out on the shelves a few weeks ago and I'm just riding high from it.


Congrats on being published! The cover catches my eye first then the blurb closes the deal,lol.

Deborah Chan said...

If it's not a regular author I read, it would be the cover which draws my attention but the story line is what decides my choice.

Shuck Ying said...

I agree with the other comments, cover then blurb.

Nicole said...

Oh congrats on the first book!

I pick out my Presents almost always by author. I confess that the covers tend to tell me almost nothing, so I go by what authors I've heard of online and remember sounding interesting.

ANd Lucy's books. Always pick those up, although I'm behind in reading them.

Julie in Ohio said...

I can't say that a cover will draw me in but it has turned me against books before.
I like subtlety on the covers and steam on the pages. :o)

I have my auto buy authors that I don't even check the back to see what the book is about. I just know they will not disappoint.

If it is a new author, I will read the back blurb to see what the story is about.

I like any kind of romantic story. Anything goes. :o)

Jennifer L hart said...

Congrats Annie!

If I don't have a recomendation from, I am drawn to the cover and the blurb which gives a rundown of what is coming. Although I have been known to buy for no reason more that a click of the mouse. (That's how I stumbled onto Lucy and Suzanne Brockman, two of my current favorites.)

lidia said...

Annie, Congratulations on having your first book published!!!

I look at the covers. But what really gets me hooked is the back cover copy and the blurb instead the book (right after the cover).

I also have a list of auto-buy authors.

Good luck with your writing!

Rita R. said...

Congratulations Annie on your work being published!! I will be looking you up:-)

When I go looking for a book I look for my usual authors first. If that does not work I look at everything..the cover, the blurb on the back of the book and which author "recomends" it.

Cherie Japp said...

Great cover! Congrats! What attracts me to a book is first the cover, then I will read the back cover. If I am intrigued by the story I will try it. I love Cinderella plots.

Kathleen said...

Congrats on the first Presents Book! The book looks like it might have to make it to my tbr tower :)

Book covers can draw my attention but it is the back blurb that usually determines if I will read a book.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Annie congrats and how exciting for you. I absolutely love the cover the description of the book. It's wonderful to have new Presents authors to add to our auto buy piles.

What makes me purchase a book? Ususally the author, the description, and I also like the dedication and/or acknowledgement page.

I'm such a Presents fan! I hope you'll also join us on the Presents Author Boards on

Minna said...

Nice cover is definitely a bonus, but it's the blurb or familiar author that makes buy the book.

Amy S. said...

Congrats on your first book! The cover usually catches my eye. Then the blurb on the back helps me make my decision to buy. I love books that have a second chance romance or ones where the hero and heroine are best friends.

Joyce said...

Congrats on your sales.

If it's an auto-buy author, the cover etc. don't matter.

If it's an unknown author, then cover first and the blurb second.

Jenn said...

Annie Congratulations on your first Presents book! I usually look at the Author, but the back cover is usually what pulls me in. I love cinderella stories and second chance stories. I love being able to watch the relationship change and grow through out the book.

Erin the Innocent said...

for me it's a combination of all of things. Cover art, blurb, title, familiarity with an author and reccomendations from people I know.

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Hi - I'm a bit of a late-comer but I'd love to join the party.

Congratulations Annie on your first HMB and subsequent others!

When buying a book I tend to go for the blurb/cover - although if the author is one of my favourites I don't worry about either of the above, I buy it anyway!

Cryna said...

Congratulations on your first Presents book.

I am drawn to a book by the Author first as I have auto buys. But when a cover catches my eye, I will pick it up and read the blurb on the back. If I find that interesting I usually purchase the book.

Heather said...

Congrats on your first Presents and subsequent sales, Annie!

What convinces me to read a book? I mostly go by the back cover blurb and/or first page. I also tend to go a lot by author. There are some I won't (ever!) buy or read anymore, but many more are auto-buys. The cover isn't that big of an issue for me when looking for new books, though a title can be a big turn-off. An original title and eye-popping cover, however, may induce me to pick a book up off the shelf by someone I might not ordinarily read and skim the back cover or first couple pages for a feel of their writing style and voice. I've found a couple great new-to-me authors that way this past year.

Juliet said...

Hi Annie, Congratulations on your first book!

I usually pick books by authors I already like and other time those that were recommended by readers, reviews or authors. Covers may help to catch my atention, but I then read the back blurb and this influence more my choice. And I usually try new authors after I have read an excerpt that hooked me in and left me wanting to read the book.

Rachael said...


When I go to buy a book, if I don't know the author, then usually the cover or summary of the book is what grabs me. I tend to like neon bright covers with legs or shoes on them. LOL Julie Leto's ''Dirty Little Secrets'' cover is fantastic and got my attention. I turned out to be a great book!

Laurie D. said...

What a great-sounding book - congratulations!!
I try not to be drawn by a cover because they can be deceiving, but gosh, so many covers are just beautiful these days. I typically read the blurb on the back, listen to word of mouth from my reading friends, and if it's an autobuy author, I just buy it w/out any of the above!
Thanks for being here!!

Susan said...

Congratulations on your first book!

I usually pick a book because of the teaser on the back and reader reviews.

bamabelle said...

Hi Annie! Congratulations!

The excerpts and blurbs are a big draw for me. Of course, at times I will pick up a book that I might have otherwise looked over because of a beautiful or interesting cover.

I love all types of stories, but I do like a good Cinderella story. I also like books in which friends fall in love.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first book, Annie!

What convinces me to read a book, is first the cover and then the blurb. I know, I know, I try to remember not to judge a book by its cover, but I just can't help it :-) I've got to say, that some of my favorites are Cinderella plots.

Anonymous said...
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ShelMel said...

Congratulations Annie on your first Presents/Sexy book!!

Hmm - I'd have to say the cover grabs me first, but then I look at the back blurb and then the author.

Your cover is great!! Good luck to you and may have a super sales!!

Niny said...

I'm getting in soooo much trouble! I keep adding books to my wish list and TBR! Shhhh, please dont tell hubby! By the time this party if finished I'm going to have to buy another bookcase! LOL
What hooks me up? As long as its romance I read anything. Most of the time is the blurb on the back cover or word of mouth. And of course there is the cover, if its a hot cover I have to grab it and read the blurb and then gotta have the book!

Meg Allison said...

Congrats, Annie! I like the cover, btw. Very sexy. :)

If I don't know the author by name, the cover is the first thing that attracts or doesn't attract my attention. That and the title. Then I go to the back cover blurb -- if that's intriguing, I read the inside excerpt or the first few pages. All those things combine and help me decide whether or not to buy the book. If the story pays out, then I'll buy her (or his) next story.

So yes, to me the cover is very important.

Meg Allison said...

Oh, and as for your other question ... I adore second chance themes. My most recent story is one, as is my August release with Samhain. :)

I also enjoy 'beauty and the beast' type stories -- especially those with a twist. ;)

Kelley said...

If I don't know the author, the cover is what first attracts me to the book. If the cover attracts me, I pick it up and read the back cover.

Lucy Monroe said...

Annie, you know I'm excited about your first release!! You're a fab addition to our Presents family, you know?

As for what makes me buy a book? I have autobuy authors, but all other books are bought based on back cover copy and word of mouth (but I don't trust everyone's taste - only a real few actually). :)

AmberPackard said...

The cover is the first thing that draws me in and its what i find on the back that helps me decide to read it or not

AmberPackard said...

Congrats on A Mistress for the Taking

Becky said...

Congratulations on your Presents book Annie!

For me it's the cover and the blurb. The cover gets me attracted to it, but if I don't like the blurb then I'm not going to read. It also goes the other way around.

My favorite books are the ones that are about arranged marriages and how the 2 people involved end up falling in love in time even though they didn't want to be married in the first place. I think that is very romantic. :)

Blythespirit said...

It is usually the blurb on the back that makes me choose a book. Also I read the reviews before I buy. I love marriage of convenience, surprise pregnancy,and romantic suspense books.

Amy said...

Gosh, first of all the book sound's great I can hardly wait to read it.
What convinces me to buy a book? First of all I have about 10 or 12 authors that I automatically buy their books. I love everything they write and am never disappointed in anything they write so they are automatic buys for me.
I also go by recommendations from friends.
I do look at the covers to see what catches my eye, I will then read the back cover and then read the inside teaser page to see if the book would be something I would want to read.
I usually read between 10-15 books per week so I am always looking for new or new to me authors books to try.

robynl said...

The blurb on the back cover usually does it for me. Also, if I'm familiar with the author that does it too.
I like second chance stories.
I love a great cover; this seems to add to the story for me.

Veronica said...

Great cover. Usually it is the cover that will pull me in. Especially if it is a new author I haven't ever read anything from. Then the blurb on the back makes me want to buy it or not. Sometimes it is just the authors name on it that makes me want to buy a book.

Lyric said...

Hi Annie. Congratulations on your Presents sale and the two others. My mother "loves" Presents. That's all she reads, so I'm sure she'll be picking yours up soon.

The back-cover blurb usually pulls me in. If that hooks me, then, I flip and read the first couple of pages. If I'm still interested, I'll buy it.

AmberPackard said...

Blythespirit You should check out
Isle of Lies by Donna Fletcher it has all that in it and a little more.

Cherie said...

I think all those things come into play when buying a book,
Unless it's an author I already love.
Then they are pretty much on auto buy.

Lis said...

Hi Annie, congratulations on your first book! Beautiful cover :o)

If the cover's visible that quite often will catch my eye (yours definitely would *g*) then I flip it over and read the back blurb. I love the ones you mentioned, marriages of convenience, cinderella stories. All can suck me in within the first few pages, or first few sentences if they're really good.

BarbaraV said...

Congratulations! And good luck for the sale of many more books. Beautiful cover.

catslady said...

Oh so many different ways. Of course author recognition. Recommendations from friends and family is always good. I also always read the back blurb. If I'm just browsing the cover may catch my eye but the blurb has to also be good.

Marcy said...

Congrats, Annie! Looks like a great book.

I usually buy my books online so if the author is new I'll always read the back blurb and the excerpt provided. The covers are just gravy for me. LOL I also love connected stories/characters.

Fiona Lowe said...

I just can't wait to read it!

Jen in WA said...

What draws me to a book? Well, first it is the title and/or cover. This will get me to actually pick up a book and read the back cover. The blurb on the back is generally the deciding factor for me. Most times when I'm at a bookstore, I don't have time to read more than the blurb... so it needs to be good.

I can't say that there is any one plot that I prefer over another. I only care that it is well written and the romance is handled well.

Pamk said...

first it's the author and then if its an an unknown then sometimes the name or cover will make me pick it up. And if the blurb is good that seals the deal for me.

Brandy said...

All the things listed help me to pick a book. I look at the cover, read the back cover, read the excerpt and sometimes even read the first page or 2. I adore Cinderella type stories, because they give hope to woman who are normally overlooked.

Barbara-PF said...

I would have to say what attracts me to a book is a combination of the cover and the back cover blurb. generally you see the cover first if the book is on the shelves. An eye appealing cover will get me to pick up a book by an author that I am unfamiliar with and read more.

Series books are a bit different. In some of the lines the covers are all very similar so I am more likely to choose a new series author by the back cover blurb than the coer. Hope this helps.

Good luck with you first release.

Debbie E said...

Congrats Annie! How exciting to have your first Presents coming out. Your family must be busting with pride.

I love to watch for my favorite authors and I have plenty of them. Then sometimes the cover catches my eye, the blurb on the back and the inside page cements it.

My TBR pile of books is mountainous. Your books sounds fantastic. I'll watch for it.

Debbie E said...

Oh Annie I forgot to answer your question.

I love reading books that have some witty dialogue between the hero/heroine. A heroine that doesn't take any bull. You know, send him for a loop and he doesn't know what hit him.

Jodi said...

Congrats on your first sale, and the subsequent 2!
I tend to rely on recommendations from a couple of my book loops!
I'll also pick up a book if the cover catches my attention, then I'll go to the back blurb.

Sheila said...

Congrats on your first book. :) The cover grabs my attention first.then I read the blurb and a couple of pages to see if it is something I would read. I like reading all kinds of stories.
:) Sheila

readingissomuchfun said...

Hello Annie,

Congrad's on your book and being here as a first time blogger :)

A lot of decisions go into me picking a new author who I've never read before. I read reviews on Amazon and other sites. I ask friends if they ever read this author. I check their ratings on Amazon to see if they are a popular author. Most importantly, the author has to have written something interesting for me to go out of my way to try their books. Also a pretty cover never hurts! LOL


Stephanie said...

For me if its a writer that I already love chances are its a must have for me! But if its someone new and unknown to me the cover will attract me in a store and the deciding factor will be the blurb on the back. But if its for a book on-line or a book available on-line usually the an excerpt from the writer is my deciding factor after reading a blurb for the book!

Congrats on your first book!! Don't you just love that feeling of seeing something you made all official like!!

KimW said...

Congratulations on your first book! What an exciting time it must be for you. Oh, and for me...I love to try new author's stories.

I usually make my TBB list based on excerpts I've read on authors sites, books by my favorite authors and recommendations from my book friends.

mstreetman said...

I'm kinda a cover girl first and am really drawn by a historical looking cover but will usually pick up "modern" books as well. I usually start with 5 or 6 books in my hands based on the covers and then start checking out the back cover to see if the story line interests me. I may end up with all of the books or I may put all of them back and start over. I have come across alot of different authors that I really like this way.


Nicola Marsh said...

the cover gets me every time (and of course the name of my fave authors spread across the front too!)
Your first cover is to die for!
Savour it, enjoy it, keep staring it for your first is always extra special :)

Annie West said...

Wow! It's terrific to see so many fascinating comments from you all.

Thanks everyone for all the good wishes on the 'Mistress'. Yes, Stephanie, it feels terrific seeing my work 'made all official'. I just hope I behave sensibly when I first see it on the shelves. I've told myself - absolutely no lurking to see if anyone picks it up!

And I'm learning to call myself a 'Sexy' author without doing a double-take (G).

Shiloh - congratulations on having your mass market paperback on the shelves. What a terrific feeling!

I loved reading everyone's comments about what makes you choose a book. That combination of great writing, catchy presentation and a story with a hook seem to be themes for most readers. Isn't it interesting how many of us take the advice of friends or a reviewer? I have some dear friends who've introduced me to brilliant books over the years. It scares me to think what I might have missed out on if it weren't for them.

The wide range of favourite plots is one of the reasons I love romance - there's something for everyone and every mood, from beauty and the beast to friends falling in love or Cinderella.

Brandy - I was interested in your comment about liking Cinderella stories because they gave hope to women who'd been overlooked. I started reading romance as a teenager and I think what hooked me was that sense of an ordinary woman finding grand passion and lasting love with a man who was in some way extraordinary.

I find it hard to pick a favourite theme myself - they can all be so great! I have to say though, that I'm a sucker for marriages of convenience. I had such fun with my last story which was about two people from completely different backgrounds, trapped in a marriage of convenience.

After this discussion I'm so excited about the books I have on my TBR pile - I want to dive right into them. But first I'm going to go back and read your comments again. There were so many great perspectives!

Melissa said...

Congratulations Annie! What an awesome achievement!

If I don't know the author, I think a combination of the title and cover might be what grabs my attention, but the back cover or better yet an excerpt is what will convince me to buy and read.

I enjoy lots of genres. Faves would include friends to lovers, intrigue -- not sure if this one is official or not, but love when starts out with hero dissing heroine but then having to almost immediately eat his words and spend the rest of the book trying to win her affections. I'm also a huge fan of any kind of series. I just love the continuity of following a group of characters through an entire series of books.

Michelle B said...

For me it's the blurb on the back, then the blurb in the front if there is one. I usually read the first few pages as well to get a taste of it before I buy these days.

I like all sorts of stories, so I don't know where to begin on that!

KarenG said...

Congratulations to you! I like to read a blurb or the back of the book if I'm at the store. A cover will attract me also.

Chantal said...

CONGRATS to you!!!

WHen I buy books I first look at the author. Some I will scoop up and buy without even glancing at the back cover.

I do have favourite plots though. I'm drawn to a few different things..
-Stories were hero/Heroine suffers amnesia.
-I love a sexy, demanding Sheik.
-A powerful tall business man.
-Stories that have children in them.
SO I guess it's the blurb that tells me if I will like the story.

Lori said...

Hi Annie! Congrats on all your "firsts." How exciting.

I think all those things play a part in my buying a book. The first thing that grabs me is the cover, and then I read the back to see if I am still interested. There are several authors that I just automatically buy...I do not even need to read what the book is about I just know that I have to have it.
I do love the covers though!!

Annie said...

I've been thinking some more about the comments that have been posted.

Having said I read the author's name and blurb first and that's what influences me most, I have to say that covers can hook me too (if that's shallow, Heather, I'm with you!). The one that springs to mind is 'Mr Impossible' where the hero is facing you, but you can't see his head. It's intriguing and I would probably have bought it even if I hadn't know it was by Loretta Chase.

There are so many fantastic covers around at the moment - so many books to check out. I can feel that TBR pile growing!

Mark St. Claire said...

It actually doesn't matter to me. The title, author, blurb on the back, cover, whatever. If it interest me then I will read it. There are so books I will turn down if they don't sound good to me. Could also come highly recommended also.

mammakim said...

I see the cover first then I read the back. Most times I have an author in mind when I hit the bookstore.

JENNA said...

I'm a cover & blurb sucker - unless someone told me I'll like it. I love the exotic Greece in the Greek Tycoons series

Teoh said...

Hi Annie, Congrates! Congrates!

Usually if it's a favourite author, book is already on my list of to buy books. So the cover only matters if there is more than one since the UK or US release differs sometimes.

If it is a book I pick up, the cover will have to do the work. Love those cartoon link covers that are popular now. Teaser at the back will be the convincing point. Nothing too revealing about the book's plot but definitely something to catch the interest. Usually something about a tortured hero/heroine will do the trick.

bamabelle said...

I wanted to add that I have bought a book based on a good review. Somewhat like a good excerpt or blurb may spark my interest, a good review can do the same. Also, there are certain authors that are auto buys for me as well.

suefromdevon said...

Congrats on your sales to Presents, Annie!

I'm really looking forward to reading A Mistress for the Taking when it comes out here in UK. The excerpts on your website are great!

With Presents, I have an auto-buy list of authors, otherwise it's usually the blurb on the back that grabs me.

Sue Child (a Modern/Presents wannabe)

Anne McAllister said...

Congrats on your first Presents! And what a great cover. Lucky you!

I read first by author, then I check out the blurb, the writing style, occasionally the cover, and (shhh! don't tell!) sometimes I read the last page to see if I think these people are worth a)spending money on and b) spending my time with.