Saturday, July 01, 2006

Blue Sky...Edits...and Lollipops

I'm editing the final pages of my book, but the blue sky outside is calling my name.  It's so hard to stay inside (edits aren't something I can do on my Dana and working outside on the laptop isn't so comfy or easy on the eyes) when I want to be soaking up warmth around me if not the sun's rays.  You know?
And speaking of heat...did you know that lollipops are one candy safe to ship in the summertime because they don't melt?   Why does it matter you ask?  Well, because right now I'm so not giving away chocolate as part of my contest prizes, but somehow I just don't see readers getting as excited about lollipops.  My youngest daugh on the other hand would be in alt. LOL
And speaking of contest prizes...Romance Junkies is hosting their summer contest and I love that website so much (they're just very author AND reader friendly) that I decided to do a special give away.  So, I'll be giving away a copy of my Royal Brides trilogy in electronic format and a Palm Zire to read it (and lots of other eBooks I hope) on!  Stop by the website to enter the contest.  If it isn't up yet, check back in a day or two.  I know they've had trouble moving to a new server after getting hacked.
Also, I'm giving away an American Tourister black softside briefcase/carrybag with copies of Secrets Volumes 6, 8 & 9 tucked inside to one lucky commenter on my most recent blog post on the Vamps & Scamp blog.
And there's always my monthly drawing on my own website.
"See" you all when we get back from the beach!


Danica/Dream said...

Well, my two year old might find lollipops fun. Cleaning up after it, though, is definitely not fun for me.

Holly said...

Aww, how awesome that you're giving away your entire trilogy in eBook format and an eReader. That's awesome.

I'm headed for the beach next weekend myself, and I can't wait.

Hope you have an excellent time.

Oh, and just so you know, I finished TSMB last night and I cried myself silly. You did an amazing job of outlining something my family has dealt with for years. The battles Therese faced are the same ones I've seen countless women in my family suffer through and the entire story touched me deeply.

It was, simply, amazing. Sometimes I wonder if you know me, your stories seem to touch me that much.

Thank you.


Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Danica...I remember the days. Daugh has never gotten over her love for lollies, but she's not nearly so messy with them anymore. :)

Holly...I'm really excited about the eBook and handheld give away. I truly love my readers and want them to know it. :) And just so you know, your other comments brought tears to my eyes! THANKS!!!

Hugs to all,
Who is almost a whisp of smoke she's so close to being gone. :)

Stacy~ said...

Holly, I had the same reaction. I have a friend who has that condition, and I've seen her suffer with the pain and go through the surgeries for years. It's gotten better over time, but it's been an on-going process.

Lucy, I really do admire how you bring these topics out in the open. I personally believe they should be discussed, and to have it done in such a positive and empowering way has really done a lot towards opening doors and getting women to talk about it.

The topics in your books are something I am doing a blog post on because they've affected me so strongly. Hugs Lucy, for having such a big heart.

Brandy said...

Hey Lucy, my Daughter suggested Twizzlers of peanut brittle for candy that won't melt! Oh, and SEE's candy makes the BEST lollippops!

On a serious not, your writing touches so may in so many ways and I am ever so grateful you do write, every time I read one of your books! In other words, Thanks for being such a sweet, caring, and wonderful writer!

Lucy Monroe said...

Stacy...your blog post blew me away. THANK YOU!

And Brandy, tell your daughter thanks for the recommendation. :) And thank you *so much* for your comment about my writing.

I don't know if any of you realize how much your attitude toward my books means to me, but my heart is really full right now.