Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Whacky Wednesday...

Or should I say whacked Wednesday?  I dunno...all I do know is that this has been a strange day and uber challenging.  So, to get myself in a good mood, I'm going to share a newly discovered author with you.  JJ Massa.  She does very sexy, she does werewolves and she does Yaoi.  Not sure I spelled that right, but anyway...if you like super sexy and a great author voice, give her a try.
Another good bit of news is that despite the fact I have way too many pages to write between now and deadline, I am VERY MUCH enjoying writing Ellie and Sandor's book.  He's yummy and he's setting up for his big fall...the dumb man moment I love writing so much that leads to the groveling that my readers say *they* like so much. LOL  And it's all so emotional,'s best my family doesn't interrupt me at the computer at the moment. ;-)
Hope everyone is having a GREAT day!


Kate Davies said...

Ooh, groveling... I LUUUURVE reading about big strong men groveling! Can't wait to read it!

And hope your Thursday is a little less whacked for you. :)

Brandy said...

Groveling men? I am SO buying the book. (Not that I wouldn't anyway!) But, I do love that moment in your books where the man realizes what a big ninny he is and that the female is more important to him than anything else.Can't wait to read it!!

Michelle B said...

Hope the rest of your week is a bit less challenging, Lucy!

Glad to hear the WIP is going well. Can't wait to read it!

I will have to go check out JJ Massa:)

Annmarie A said...

Ohhhh I love JJ Massa! I just read her latest in the Montgomery series last night.

I can't wait for YOUR next book. Seeing the WIP in your blog makes me grin. WIP's become Coming Soons and before you know it, they leap from the bookshelf into my hot little hands!

TJBrown said...

I can idtentify your Dumn man moments in the last three books of yours that read. I didn't htink of them that way, but it's a perfect name for them!

Vivi Anna said...

I love JJ too! She's not only a talented author, she's a great lady too!

Kelley said...

I'm with you Kati. Love to have the man grovel.

I'm glad you are enjoying your current WIP Lucy. I hope your complications let up on you a bit. I know how that can but. I get stressed out and dont even have the deadline of a book to add to it! Mckenzie had her first big boo boo. She ended up with stitches and it just broke my heart.

lidia said...

Lucy, Hope your week is going better now!

Your heroes are always great! I am assuming that this one won't have to grovel too hard to get the heroine's attention.

Maura said...

JJ Massa is terrific. Her latest Montgomery werewolf book, Family Doctor, is out this week at Venus Press.

I'm looking forward to your new book, Lucy!

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks's a better day if only for the gorgeous sunshine outside. :) I'm gonna keep this short and get out in and write on a lounger in the backyard. :)

I'm not surprised that some of you are already JJ Massa fans, but of course think the rest of you should be. LOL

Hugs to all!

Stacy~ said...

Miss ya Lucy - hope everything is going better for you. Sorry to hear about the crazy day you've been having.

I'm excited to hear about Sandor & Ellie. Love the emotional stuff.

I'll have to check out JJ.