Thursday, June 29, 2006

A really good week...

Well, you all know the writing has been going great.  Which makes me uber happy.
Then I got a phone call from KD at Kensington on my next Brava (Ethan's story) and she said she loved it.  Thought it was a really smart book.  I'm so relieved, I can't begin to tell you.  While I was talking to her, my ed from Berkley called.  I had to call her back, but the good news is *she* loves my werewolf historical and the minor revisions she asked for are all going to make the book stronger and better.  Happiness abounds.
And then we got some great news on an issue we've been having with one of our kids. On top of that, the middle daugh got into the high school she wanted and we've transferred son to a different high school he wanted to attend as well.  Other daugh is set to graduate next year with honors (yes from yet another high school - talk about fragmented driving).  It's just all good!
As I said before, Mom is doing pretty okay...she even emailed me yesterday.  She hasn't emailed me since her stroke three years ago.  This was a huge breakthrough for us and she's started reading again.  It made me cry, but after three long years of working at it, she can now remember the words she reads and the story besides.  It's fabulous to have my mom reading my books again, but just reading.  It's such a joy for her!  Physically, she's still weak, but I think really better than she was a few weeks ago and that's all that matters.
I'm going to try to blog at least once more before we take off for some down time for the family at the beach this weekend.  I'm going to take my computer and finish my book, but dh REALLY needs to get away and so do the kids and once I send the book off (hopefully Sunday night if my pace remains consistent), I'll get two days off completely from EVERYTHING before I start a new book.
So, now you know my plans for the relax with my family.  What are you going to do?  If you celebrat the 4th that is...if not, you can sure share weekend plans anyway, right?


Kelley said...

We havent yet made plans! I better get on the ball :)

I am truely happy you are having such a terrific week all the way around. How wonderful that you mom is able to read your books again. That must be such a special feeling for the both of you!!

Annmarie A said...

We are going to the lake for the weekend. I'm cleaning house now. I hate to come home to a dirty house.

Glad to hear your mama is better. I hope she continues to improve!

Stacy~ said...

Wow, that's lots of great news Lucy! The part about your mom brought tears to my eyes, so I can just imagine how emotional that made you feel.

Yes, that family of yours needs a nice, relaxing weekend. Enjoy it as much as you can because reality will kick in soon enough.

As for moi, well, the holiday weekend kinda snuck up on me, but if it ends up being quiet so I can get some reading done, I will gladly take it. Happy 4th!

Monica Burns said...

Luce, What FANTASTIC news about your Mom! I'm so happy she's doing better. Also glad things are going so well with your writing. Nice things should happen to nice people.

My weekend will be spent working on the new book. Although we are having friends over for a Pork BBQ (blade steaks), deviled eggs, potato salad, baked beans, and the annual tradition of my Butterscrumptious cake and my famous homemade lemonade. So I'll be in the kitchen most of Tuesday morning before folks arrive.

Enjoy the beach and down time.

Lori said...

Lucy, that is fantastic. You must be ecstatic about your mom! Enjoy your 4th weekend. We will just be hanging out with good friends ejoying a nice long relaxing weekend.

lidia said...

Wow Lucy! That is fantastic news about your mother. I hope that she continues to get better. Receiving that email must have been a big thrill for you.

Also great news for the kids! All of you deserve a nice relaxing weekend -- ENJOY!

On Saturday we are going to a pool party/picnic/graduation party. Then on Tuesday we are going to a barbecue at a friend's new lake house. They had it built, everything is ready except for the basement so they decided to have some friends over.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Brandy said...

What wonderful news all around! But, your Mom able to read again, and remember it must be a joyous thing. Our weekend? The kids and I are going to a BBQ saturday at my Dad's (Dh has to work), and on the 4th we're going (all of us) to go watch the fireworks at a local city celebration. Hope your weekend is as restful as you deserve!

Michelle B said...

I'm so glad you've had such a great week, Lucy! And it's great that you get to take a break and enjoy it with your family:)

I don't have any set plans. This weekend my parents are coming up to help me pack and then we are all headed to San Diego. I'll be in Phoenix next weekend though.

Have a great trip!

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, everyone! It sounds like a nice relaxing weekend all around, hmm?


Maura said...

That's all terrific, Lucy! Great news on your Mom, especially!

We're having an alarm system installed tomorrow after being burglarized on 6/15. Then it's mostly clean house before our annual Boom-A-Thon party on the 4th.

And working on some jewelry for RWA Nationals.

I'm really looking forward to Ethan's story!

(And still begging to be your test reader :) )

Jodi said...

Fantastic news on your mom and kids!

No relaxing at our house this weekend. We are demolishing our patio in preparation of our addition to our house. Hubby has been working hard jackhammering the cement. I went to work and kept the kids busy at my parent's house!

Chantal said...

Hi Lucy, I'm Canadian, so we celebrate today. Fireworks, and a lawn party BBQ with the neighbours. We live right along the water, and the fireworks go off from a barge on the lake, so we don;t have to leave our yards to enjoy them. Our street gets packed with cars and people looking for a great view. The best part of the night is after the fireworks are over and everyone tries to leave the street at the same time. Talk about Chaos!
It also never fails that every year one or two people will try to park in our driveway.

Lucy Monroe said... awful. We need a security system as well. Both my sister's home and her office have been broken into this year. It's horrible what people will do who have no respect for the feelings of others.

LOL on the test reading though! You just wait...I might take you up on it for something and then what would you do?

Jodi! What a project! Hope it all goes well. My youngest sister is painting the inside of her new addition this weekend so the contractors can finish with the fixtures. It's such an exciting time, isn't it?

Chantal, that sounds so FUN! Hope it all went well and no one "untoward" parked in your driveway. :)

Hugs to all,
Who is an hour from turning in the book and walking out the door for parts known but undisclosed to editors and agent. :)