Friday, June 02, 2006

Let's talk about movies...

I love them.  I'm not super fond of TV, but I watch a lot of movies.  Not as many as the ladies on Romance by the Blog, but a fair amount.  But no matter how good a movie is, it can never give me the same thrill I get from reading a REALLY good book.  Why is that?
I think it's because in a movie you don't get to see inside the character's heads, so you often have to guess at motives, backstory, even current circumstances.  (I watched Transporter II the other night and it was more than halfway through the movie before I realized the married couple were living separated and that he hadn't just been gone on a long business trip.)  I love books because they dig deeper into the emotion and you get to know the characters better.  At least most of the time.
I don't want to talk about the times you don't because that will start me on a rant and you know I'm not fond of those.  I prefer to keep my eye on the positive side of life.  ;-)
Back to much as I love to read, sometimes, I'm in the mood for visual input.  I like action-adventure and some romance (the lack of being able to see inside the character's heads can ruin some romance movies for me).  I adored "French Kiss."  Does anyone remember that one?  I've just started watching Vin Diesel...he's cool.  My hubby and I both like The Rock as an actor too.  I love Sandra Bullock, but not all of her movies.
So, what's your favorite movie?
And if you don't mind saying...why?


Kelley said...

I am a huge romance movie person. I love romances and dramas and I love movies that make me cry! One of my all time favorite movies is The Notebook. I read the book first, (it was the first book to ever make me cry) and then saw the movie. There was obviously stuff missing, but it was powerful all the same. I also love Titanic. Oh, and I just saw Just Like Heaven with Reese Witherspoon (I love her). It was a great movie. Sweet love story, very funny. I had my hubby watch it with me and he was even cracking up!
I love anything with Denzel Washington. He is my fav. Wonderful actor! Oh, and Crash was one of my favorite movies. Very well done. If you anyone hasnt seen that I reccomend it. I think it is the type of movie everyone can get something from. It is different, but very powerful. It all centers around race issues and everyones prejudices. The dont single out any specific race, it is about everyone! Even though I love all those movies I basically watch a lot of Elmo, Dora, and My little ponies. My little one loves those shows!

Brandy said...

Ok, this is going to make me sound so juvenille....I love Sixteen Candles. To me, it's a classic romance. You have a girl who fanices a guy, who's taken, but who fancies her as well. Add in the crackpot family and a happy ending and I just love it. I also love My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Mummy (1&2), Head Over Heels, etc. I prefer movies with a happy ending, it's the romantic in me. Not to mention I get enough reality and violence with 2 kids who alternately love each other/ hate each other. (Dh is more of a Blade, Spawn type.)

Michelle B said...

Great topic as usual, Lucy! I am a movie addict and will go see pretty much anything except horror and really gory movies; they either make me ill (weak stomach) or give me nightmares (issues left over from childhood.)

I find that I have to be in the right mood/mindset for watching a specific genre to really enjoy the movie. As I've gotten older, I usually find myself going to the movies for pure entertainment. I can suspend my belief pretty well and just have fun. My sister likes movies to have some meaningful impact on her life for her to enjoy it.

In general I find I am far less picky than many when it comes to movies. I like almost any movie I see, which, of course, makes it almost impossible to choose a favorite!

In terms of funny movies, I love Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2. My favorite just-for-fun movie would have to be Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. I love a lot of the animated Disney Classics, though I'd have to say my favorite Disney/Pixar movie is Monster's Inc.

I tend to avoid movies that will make me cry in the theater these days, but I ended up seeing The Green Mile when it was out and though I sobbed through much of it, I thought it was a great movie. On the more serious movie side, I also like Men of Honor (which I saw on TV), The Power of One, Whale Rider, and Camp. I cried at some point in all of these.

In terms of recent movies, I loved The Chronicles of Narnia and Nanny McPhee. I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting. Like I said, I could go on for ages!

Lori said...

OMGoodness Brandy - I love Sixteen Candles, too! Isn't Jake just the cutest thing you ever saw? I swear, I'm 40, and I still watch it every single time it comes on TV.

I wouldn't call it my favorite movie, but you sure sent me down memory lane with that one :)

TJBrown said...

I don't think I could pick just one... I do adore Love Actually, because it is so witty and well written. Very sly and the cast is fabulous. There is one moment of pure pain cause by love and the guy does the right thing and stays away from the woman he loves (who is married to his best friend)that is probably the most heart wrencjing moment I have ever seen... and he didn't say a word. Just the music playing on his actions. Truly beautiful.

Vivi Anna said...

I LOVE big action kick-butt movies and sci-fi/fantasy.

so you know that my favorite movies of all time would have to LOTR. I watched each of them in the theatre at least three times, and have watched each of them on video another 10 times. They moved me way more than the books did...they were so visually stunning and overwhelming that I stare transfixed at the sceen...

Having Viggo and Orlando in them doesn't hurt either...I'm a huge Viggo fan.

Also, The Matrix, Gladiator, X-Men (1,2,and likely 3) Reign of Fire, Batman Begins, The Transporter (1,2) I love Jason Statham!!!, Bourne Identity and Supremacy, Pirates of the Caribbean...

I also love funny romantic movies like Love Actually, How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, Notting Hill, Something's Gotta Give...

And thinking movies...

Crash, Lost In Translation, Closer, The Royal Tenenbaums, I Heart Huckabees, Life Aquatic, Unfaithful...

I'm a movie fanatic!!!

Maura said...

I just don't watch movies much. I've been SO busy with the day job and trying to finish two WIPs that I don't have time to watch them at home. And I get migraines in theaters so that's rare too.


I feel deprived....

(notice the "i" - "deprived" not "depraved"!)

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh...I love sharing about stuff like this. You know who is a huge movie buff? Lori Foster. I keep waiting for her to write a book about a movie addict. LOL Maura...I understand the migraine thing. I get them too and right now, it's my computer doing it to me. I need to edit some pages, but have a feeling I'm going to do it on paper. :-/


Brandy said...

Lucy, sorry to hear about the migraine. Hope you feel better soon.
Lori, yay! A Sixteen Candles fanatic like me. I have it on VHS (old copy) I need to upgrade it to DVD.

Stacy~ said...

Yeah, I love movies too! Adored "French Kiss", and "You've Got Mail". "The Notebook" was romantic. I wish they made more romantic movies like that - ones worth seeing.

Kelley, I am a huge Denze fan. He is fabulous. I loved his character in "Philadelphia" a bit more than I did Tom Hanks' character. I love his movies.

LOL about Lori's movie obsession. That is a great idea for a book - I hope she does it.

My all-time favorite movie is "East of Eden" with James Dean. It's only a slice from the actual book, but I loved it. James' character, Cal, was the bad brother, and he had to compete with his brother Aron for his father's love and in the end he proves to be the better man, even though he was responsible for some of the bad stuff that happened. But he faced his responsibilities and grew up. It gets me straight in the heart everytime I watch it. It is my favorite James Dean movie and all-time fave movie. And of course, being me, I can't neglect to mention that I envied Julie Harris who got to kiss James Dean at the top of the ferris wheel *g*

Michele said...

Too funny!
Brandy, I LOVE Sixteen Candles! Loved the exchange student *giggle*
And the geek under the table - LOL

I adore Field Of Dreams - the thought of having a second chance to make amends and the process of realizing how important it really is and the joy for understanding that he HAS a second chance plus the trust and belief from his wife was really touching. When Burt Lancaster played 'Doc', that really touched the sentimentalist in my heart.

UHF with Weird Al Yankovich. OMG! That has to be the funniest - Me and my family do quotes from it all the time. I LOVE Wheel of Fish! And Stanley Spudowski's Fun HOuse,, *I'm snickering just thinking about that movie** And turtles - natures suction cups OR..Or.. Trying to get poodles to fly - it is so sick it is hysterical!!! *giggle/snicker/guffaw*
Badgers? Badgers?! I dont need no stinkin' Badgers!! LOL!!
*ahem* - sorry, got carried away.

Lady Hawk was romantic.
The Hunt For Red October is a great mental thriller. That has extreme re-watchability.
The ORIGINAL War of The Worlds - a true classic.
Oh, The Day of the Triffids. American Version. For fun , campy, horror

Anything by Mel Brooks except the 12 Chairs. That was too weird.

Enemy Mine with Dennis Quaid. That is a very poignant film. Two different guys from different races - stranded on a hostile planet - have to survive together and the alien guy gives birth and Dennis has to raise it and return the tyke to his own people. I cry at the end, it is so beautiful.

Time Bandits - can we say Wild Romp for days when you feel down in the dumps?

The Little Princess with Shirly Temple. I cry everytime just like when I watch her Heidi. I can still hear her screaming, "Grandfather! Grandfather!"

Thoroughly Modern Millie with Carol Channing, Mary Tyler Moore and Julie Andrews. Romance, intrigue, great songs and dancing and the rich guy who plays being a regular guy who falls in love with the regualr gal who has spunk. It's a fun and romantic film with just enough humor. Ever see it?

The original Tammy films with Debbie Reynolds.

The Whale Rider is one I enjoy too. Seeing it is one of the reasons why I got Oceania - an album of awesome music from New Zealand. Can't understand a word, but that 's OK. Its is beautiful to the ears.

The Princess Bride - get quotes too.
"Have fun storming the castle!"

As for horror - Fright Night, The Lost Boys, The Fog (original), Jaws, Dracula with Frank Langella, Tremors ( only the first one) and I guess anything by Roger Corman.

That's all I can think of right now. As soon as I hit "publish" I know 10 more will pop into my brain.

BTW - Lucy, just wanted you to know that my SIL is finally, FINALLY home! She is slowly recovering. She can only "visit' for 5 minutes so she's opted not to see anyone just yet. She sleeps a lot and tires easily. But she's HOME!
Thank you for keeping her in your prayers. She 's home long before the MD's predicted so that 's a monumental leap of healing. We truly believe everyones prayers made a huge impact.
Thank you!!!

I hope your Mom is doing well at home too????

Kate Davies said...

What fun! I've added a lot of titles to my "to be rented" list. Thanks, y'all!

My all-time, personal favorite is the A&E/BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. Six hours of gorgeous scenery, delightful characters, and Colin Firth. Sigh. Plus, it's a really faithful adaptation of the book, which is harder to do in the shorter versions. I own the DVD set and re-watch it all the time.

Other romantic movie faves include While You Were Sleeping, Return to Me, Notting Hill, Affair to Remember...

Oh, and my favorite teen movie is The Breakfast Club. My DH and I are both in education (well, I used to be pre-kids) and think it should be required watching for all teacher candidates.

Bibliophile Bitch said...

There are movies I don't mind watching again and again.

All about Eve (I love the relationship between Bette Davis and her hero. It's a fabulous story. Ann Baxter is so evil.)

Cold Comfort Farm (Hilarious with a bite. I love it.)
Persuasion (BBC version. I love the love story. The conflict that keeps them apart, the letter that brings them together. *Sigh*)
Practical Magic (I love Sandra Bullock. This is a great book and a unique story)
The Big Sleep (Bogart classic with Lauren Becall both playing the film noir to the hilt.)

I demand HEA. My friends all know that if it doesn't have a happy ending I won't go see it. They laugh at me, but I don't care. If I want Russian tragedy, I'll read Chekov.

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks everyone, for sharing...this is really fun. :)

Michele...that is GREAT news!!! And Mom is doing better home, but still things are a little dicey.

And LOL on demanding a happy ending...that is SOOOO me. Dh will look a movie up on this one website that gives away the endings if there is any doubt because I get very cranky when I expect a positive resolution and get tragedy instead. I feel totally cheated. That's not to say that I don't ever like to cry watching a of my alltime faves is Steel Magnolias and it makes me cry every time. But the end is about hope and life going on and the whole movie is about the amazing strength of women. I love it!

Monica Burns said...

Luce, you know why Steel Magnolias is so brilliant?? It's because of that scene at the cemetary with the gals. Sally Field as the mom is screaming out her grief saying she wants to hit something and Olivia Dukakis says, "Here, hit Weezy." Here you are bawling and feeling sad and then someone shows you that it's ok to laugh when you're feeling sad.

I love all genres...Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back...when Leia tells Han Solo she loves him and he says "I know," you just want to hit him and melt at the same time.

P&P new movie with Keira K. I LOVE, just LOVE the moment where Darcy helps her into the carriage and the camera pans down to his hand as he turns away. He's flexing his hand as if he's just experienced an electric shock! Phenom! Just Outstanding.

National Treasure when Nicholas Cage grabs the girl and kisses her because he's thinking it might be the last chance he'll get. AWESOME sexual tension

Dangerous Beauty (this is an indie, but a fantastic love story). If you've not seen it, rent it. Today! It's fabulous, lush, sensusual. I love the banana scene. Wicked, in-your-face, and get even are words that come to mind. I love the use of words in this movie.

Love Actually, Colin Firth's proposal has to be one of the best on screen that I've ever seen. I cry every time and just sigh. Then the mood is lightened when the sister grabs him and kisses him into the family. ROTFL

Escape from New York and LA - Fav line. "The name's Pliskin." Until he switches modes and says, "Call me Snake." LOVE IT!

I also love the old classics. Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell was a Mother's Day gift. WONDERFUL movie

Phantom of the Opera with my idol, Gerard Butler. God what a voice.

See I could go on and on. But I'll stop. ROFL

Brandy said...

Lucy glad to hear your MOm is ok. I know what you mean about having to have a HEA. I never saw Titanic because of the ending.
Michele, we have so much in common for movies it's not funny!

JayJay said...

I love movies especially action movies. One of my favorites is Batman Begins mainly because Christian Bale is so easy on the eyes and it's an excellent movie with a sweet love story. Westerns usually have love stories. One of the best I've seen is Open Range since no one does westerns like Kevin Costner. There is also a lovely version of Cinderella with a beautiful love story staring yummy Doughray Scott. Angelica Huston plays the meanest stepmother I've ever seen and I love her portrayal. I guess I like various movie types with a large helping of love served on the side.

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, Brandy. :) It's very good to see Mom in her chair in her own little living room. And I've never watched the Titanic for the same reason. It is not my kind of story. Bittersweet almost *never* works for me. sounds like you get as intrigued by a good character as I do. I swear, some movies could have almost any plot, but the character portrayals make or break them for me.

Rita said...

I don't think I have a favorite movie. I like action flicks, I love James Bond movies, some sci-fi, love mysteries. I find that if a movie has a good story behind it I will watch it.