Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Speaking of new faves...

I've discovered more than one favorite new author reading an anthology and Melissa Schroeder falls in that category. She is one of the authors who makes her characters live and breathe for me, she's also darn good at plot. And you know she writes sexy if I love reading her. She's got a new print release from Loose I.D. and it's one that will definitely go on my keeper shelves.

Voices Carry by Melissa Schroeder

Includes the three action-adventure books, Voices Carry, Lost in Emotion and Hard Habit to Break, previously released in ebook form, together for the first time!

A Federation under siege. A Counter-Terrorism Department overworked. Paranormal abilities outlawed. But when no one suspects what you can do, criminal Voices Carry. Called by lust and longing, three telempaths risk their lives to put their skills to work for the Federation Counter-Terrorism Department.

If you have not read one of Melissa's stories, you REALLY need to and this book is a great place to start! My guess is she's going to end up on *your* keeper shelves too. :)

And just in...a rec from one of my other blog sites...MIDNIGHT SECRETS by Jennifer St. Giles. Another paranormal suspense romance, this one from Berkley.



Stacy~ said...

You're killing me here, Lucy! LOL You know I added these names to my list to check out.

J St. G has a picture of my fave hottie on her cover of Midnight Secrets, and guess what? I think you have him on the cover of Scorsolini Wedding Bargain. I'm not 100% sure cuz I can only see the little bitty cover on your site, but someone else said it was Nathan Kamp, and I hope it is. Just another reason to love your books :)

Lucy Monroe said...

You're kidding, Stacy! Email me privately and I'll send you a full size of the cover and you can tell me. That would be a fun bit of news to announce if it's true. :)

Stacy~ said...

Seriously? Oh Lucy, you are the absolute biggest sweetheart! Michelle Buonfiglio would get a kick out of that ;)

Brandy said...

Just wanted to say I read "And Able" monday and it was great. It was a wonderful way to wrap the series. ALTHOUGH, are you maybe going to give Ethan from the book his own story??

Lucy Monroe said...

Okay, Stacy...I've emailed it to you. :)

Brandy - I'm so glad you liked AND ABLE!!! And I'm working on Ethan's book right now. :)

Brandy said...


Lucy Monroe said...

LOL If you want to read a little about the story, go to the "Current Projects" page on my website. (Under "The Books" on my drop down menu.)