Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Something Better than Chocolate???

I know...you thought you'd never hear me say that...but it's true.  I love my new eBook reader even more than Dove dark chocolate.  It's totally delicious.  And convenient.  And addictive.  It came with a 64 meg memory card at no additional cost and I've got 40 books on there already and still 60% of the card is free.  I'd had other readers tell me that they loved their eReaders, but I thought I'd never love something as much as a paper book.  Well, I do...and that's even more shocking than liking it more than chocolate.  Believe me.
But it's so convenient.  I don't have to hold the pages open, I switch between pages with the touch of a button.  I can search the book and do my own version of flipping through it looking for my favorite scenes by tapping the stylus on the page number bar at the bottom.
I've learned a few things though...while html files are more universal (there is no support on this dedicated eReader and the others I looked at for pdf files, which was an ugly surprise 'cuz that's what I'd bought originally for reading on my computer), they don't translate well to the eReader.  So, I do a quick save as a Word document and delete all pictures to minimize file size before doing the file transfer.  All formatting and characters come out great this way.
Not all ePublishers are created equally when it comes to customer service, but I highly recommend Ellora's Cave and Loose ID.  Both companies were very helpful with me when I made the transition from reading on my computer to using a dedicated eReader.  Not to mention, they carry some of my favorite eBook authors...Doreen DeSalvo, Melissa Schroeder, Lora Leigh, Ashleigh Raine, etc.
And while you are at it, check out Samhain, who have a release coming from fabulous new author Kate Davies.  Taking the Cake is a truly yummy confection of a book with tremendous sexual tension and a great romance!  (I got to read it pre-publication and can't recommend it highly enough.)  And I'm on my way over to New Concepts Publishing to buy a book or two by another author who totally intrigues me...Monica Burns.
Of course, if you want to try an eBook by moi...you can buy my Royal Trilogy (all three books are available *now*) via eReader.com or Fictionwise.com.
I did say it was addictive!
Are you an eReader addict as well, or...
What's your most recent harmless addiction?


Karen said...

I'm verrrry jealous >G<.

I've got several hundred ebooks now, but I read them all on my laptop. Which makes them not nearly as portable as they should be!

Glad you're loving yours.

Michelle B said...

Lucy, I'm so glad you're loving the eReader! I love mine too:) That 64 MB memory card is wonderful isn't it? I am sooo addicted to buying ebooks. It's so easy; I don't even have to leave home!

I will have to try the word document thing with the html files. Thanks for the letting us know how well it works!

As for my most recent harmless addiction, I think that's probably blogging. I get addicted to various things a lot it seems (photography, the computer, books, collecting keychains,...) And sometimes they cycle around!

Vivi Anna said...

Oh, that's so cool Lucy that you're loving the ebooks. There are soooooooo many talented writers out there in epublishing. May I recommend anything by Delilah Devlin, Sasha White, Cathryn Fox, Myla Jackson, Lisa Renee Jones and Sylvia Day!

Kelley said...

I havent been a fan of reading ebooks because I it is so hard to do on the computer. Something like that sounds great! I'll have to look into it.

As far as addications, I'll have to second Michelle and say blogging. I love it. I am finding so many wonderful blogs out there and having so much fun with mine!

lidia said...

Lucy, I had not heard about eReaders. LOL (See, you learn something new every day!) I still read the old fashioned way -- except for online reads on the eharlequin site.

I love to browse in used bookstores for great finds of out of print romance books. However, it seems that many used bookstores are out of business. Instead I find myself browsing in online UBS and before you know it, I've spent a couple of hours without realizing it.

Miki said...

Depending on how comfortable you are with computers in general, there is a free software program to create the IMP files for the eBookwise reader. It's from the people who make the eBookwise hardware, and can be found at www.ebooktechnologies.com/support.htm

I use it to convert rtf, doc, and html files for my reader.

Lori said...

Lucy, I'm soooo glad you like it!!! Now hustle your behind over to EC and buy those books I told you about before! LOL! Sarah McCarty and Shelby Reed.

Looks like you bought the same one I have. I've had mine for over a year now - still works perfectly. And when I had a technical glitch, their support was awesome. You'll be really happy!

Michele said...

Wow, I'm so happy to hear that ereaders are coming into their own. I'm not ready to purchase one so I'll stick to reading them on my PC. Ellora's IS wonderful, and Samhain and Whiskey Creek Press and quite a few others.
Yep, I'm addicted to ebooks.
I love the Talking Dog series by Shelly Monro -the third in the series is coming out soon, yeah!

BTW- Lucy, my SIL talked last night!!! Well, croaked actually. She saw and recognized her daughter and said "I love you" before she went back to sleep. Isn't that beautiful? Her BP is still of concern, but nowhere near as high as before. So prayer is working!

I want to thank you so much for your support and prayers, as well as all your wonderful visiters who also had voiced their caring and concern.
Truly, you have made this time easier to bear.
Lucy, your readers and friends are special people.

I hope that your Mom is improving as well, Lucy!
((HUGS)) and warm thoughts,

Lucy Monroe said...

Karen...the eBookwise was only $125 plus shipping. While it's a big chunck of change in one lay down, it isn't anything like the cost of a pocket PC or the Franklin eReader (which my husband informed me did not do as well review wise in the hi-tech industry for screen clarity). And I envy you such an extensive library...something tells me that the future will so us both changing the status quo though. :)

MichelleB...yes, another great thing about doing the Word Doc translation is that if you want to change the font in any way, you can do so. I'm not super fond of reading Book Antiqua, so I like this freedom. And Blogging *is* addictive, isn't it?

Vivi...I couldn't agree more! There are a ton of really talented epubbed authors out there, yourself included. :)

Kelley...did I mention how much I love your ID pic for Blogger? And I hear you on the reading on the computer...but the eReader is totally fabulous. :)

Oh, Lidia...I can so get lost in bookstores, whether online or bricks and mortar stores, new or used. That's one addiction we share!

Miki...someone told me about that, but I couldn't find it. Thank you TONS for letting me know where to look!

Thanks for the reminder, Lori! And for the endorsement on the reader. I like knowing tech support will be there for me when I need them. Customer service means a lot to me.

Michele...that is incredible, wonderful, totally joyful news on your SIL! I'm so glad. Very happy sigh...and I will continue to pray as led.


Kelley said...

Thanks Lucy. That is me and my little girl Mckenzie. She loves to pose for the camera.

Delinda Jasper said...

As a writer who is published in e-book format, I'm thrilled to see that so many are starting to see it as it is, a real format!

My favorite publishers are Ellora's Cave, Triskillion, and the very newest kid on the block, but one that is looking to shape up into huge winner, Forbidden Publications. Okay, so I have a couple of books contracted there. But seriously. They will be publishing both in the erotic and NONerotic genres.

Anyways, I have a couple hundred e-books on my harddrive too, and it looks like I'm gonna have to invest in one of those eReaders!

Lucy Monroe said...

Hi, Delinda :) Thanks for posting! I'm going to have to check out Forbidden Pleasure's website. The one thing I run into at some of the smaller presses is difficulty checking out, which is why I buy a lot of books that are available elsewhere at Fictionwise.com. I love finding a new author...though it's very bad for my own writing schedule. LOL