Saturday, May 27, 2006

My new characters...

Ah...I've started a new book.  It's a Presents and I'm calling it, "The Greek's 'Business' Proposal" but have no idea what Harlequin will actually title it.  My Greek tycoon is not one of the lovely men born with lots of money, but a guy who started off on the poor side of town and blasted his way to the top.  Or at least very close to it.  He wants a wife, children...the stuff that will make his life feel as legitimate as his mother wishes he was.  He doesn't want a lot of complications...and definitely not an overabundance of emotion.  Ellie doesn't want a business marriage, a cold life with a husband who sees her as a figure head rather than a living breathing woman and with a twin she's never known, she's all about complications.
I've just started and I'm already loving the book. LOL  It's so my thing...which makes me wonder why I like so much conflict in my books when life's real challenges are enough to send me hiding under the bed sometimes.  Or at least to my office where I lose myself in someone else's inability to control their world or the people in it.
There's a freedom when I write for Presents, to go further with the emotion, than I feel writing my other books.  Maybe it's the length of the story, or the fantasy elements, but I truly love writing these books. all know I love writing all my stories and I must be a character slut because I honest to goodness love all of my characters, but with each new book, I feel like I love it more than any I've written before. LOL
Let me know if you want to see pics of Ellie and Sandor...or at least their inspiration?


Maura said...

One of the interesting things I've found is that my own troubles seem lessened some when I focus on the problems of my characters. A little bit of escapism and a little bit of "it could be worse" I think.

I really like the Presents series, especially the alpha foreign males. I have all the ones you've written :)

I'd love to see pictures!

Michelle B said...

I'd love to see pictures too! Sounds like a great story, Lucy:) I think it's a good thing that you love all your characters so much. It definitely shows in your writing!

As for conflict, when I'm reading, I trust the author to resolve the conflict in a way that makes things pretty much OK. Conflict makes the book more emotional for me. In real life, we don't always get to resolve things the way we want them to be resolved since other people are often involved. That's the main difference for me.

Stacy~ said...

Well you know I love the HPs, and it's because of the emotional intensity. But not flimsy stuff. A lot of people complain about the HPs (mostly because of the titles) and I know for awhile I had drifted away from them too, but then I picked them back up a few years ago and was delighted with the changes - no more dependent, simple heroines or almost brutal heroes. The men were still alpha, but with a tender side too.

Lucy I'm glad you love all your characters. That's why they are so special. If you didn't, the book would be mediocre. Think of it as the "crush" stage where everything is glowing LOL.

Oh, I would love to see Ellie and Sandor!

TJBrown said...

I am thinking of starting a new book too, on the side as I am finishing up a YA that my agent really wants, but I want to do cats. I loved the genre as a child and I think they would teach me a lot about getting the emotion out in a very tight way.

Jen said...

I think I like conflict in my own wip because I can resolve them there. It's a little more difficult to resolve the conflicts in real life.
Yes, I'd LOVE to see pictures of your character's inspiration.

Lucy Monroe said...

By jove...I think you've all hit it...right on too. In my books, I get to make it all work out and in real just ain't so. :)

I'll post the pics tomorrow.

Teri...good luck with your new book. I love writing Presents and frankly, I can do some stuff with it that I couldn't with my single titles. The opposite is true too, which is why I'm so adamant about writing multiple subgenres. :)

Kelley said...

I'd really like to see pics of your characters.
I agree with everyone here. Your characters are so great because you love them so much. You put that love into writing them and then we as readers fall in love with them as well.

lidia said...

Lucy, I'd love to see pictures of your new characters. Of course, the story already has me intrigued. Any idea when it will be published?

It doesn't surprise me that you love all your characters, since I haven't "met" one yet that I didn't love.

As a reader, I think it is important that the authors fall in love with their characters. Usually that means that the characters are well written and we can see/understand what makes them the way they are (even if we don't always like their behavior). I hope that made sense.

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, *everyone*, for your lovely comments on my characters. I'm glad I don't sound like an idiot when I admit how attached to them I get. They are so real to me. Which is a little scary from a psychological viewpoint. LOL