Saturday, April 01, 2006

San Diego Trip Update

Oh, Sea World was HEAVENLY!!!  We had such a good time there and at the San Diego Zoo the next day.  We laughed so hard at the seal and sea lion show - not because of the animal's antics - but because everything that could go wrong for the show did.  Forgotten lines, missed timing and a sea lion who *did not* want to cooperate.  The kids and adults agreed it was our favorite show of the day. LOL
Oh, I promised you a final water sister's ceiling sprung a leak the last night at our hotel in Anaheim.  A slow drip on her son's bed that they assured her was under control, but the water had to dissipate from the room above.  But THEN when we went to San Diego, our hotel ended up moving my sister and her family because they were doing plumbing repairs on the room above them.  Tell me that isn't totally hysterical?  However, we survived my nephew's 103 degree temp illness, my sister's twisted ankle and my damaged foot (don't ask me what happened, all I know is that it *hurts* but an ace bandage works wonders <g>) and I am now in Long Beach for the Celebrate Romance conference.
Hubby is doing an awesome job with the driving and we have lots of stories to tell our family and friends when we get back home. :)


lidia said...

Lucy, you and your family just can't get away from water can you?

I love sea lions. I bet the show was great. It doesn't surprise me that one was not cooperative. Just think about it, did you always want to do everything you were told? They are like children.

Enjoy the conference!

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Yes, Lidia...this was definitely the trip for water. Did I mention that we've gotten lots of rain too? And soaked on the rides at Sea World, even the ones you aren't supposed to get soaked on? My daughter was literally dripping water from her water logged jeans as we walked along. We laughed SO much!

I'm totally enjoying CR!


Vivi Anna said...

Sounds like you're having a great unexpected time, Lucy! Sometimes those little things that happen, can make the best vacation ever. At least you'll have stories to share!!! LOL

I hope CR was a lot of fun. I plan to go next year.

Maura said...

Man, Lucy, if I am ever in fear of fires, I'll invite you and your family to visit - you seem to attract water!

Sea World is a blast!

Hope the conference goes well for you!

Lucy Monroe said...

Vivi...we always laugh at our vacation adventures, because they *always* happen. :) That's why dh first started writing the trip reports, 'cuz it just sounds so darn funny after the fact. LOL And CR was really lovely.

Maura...what a great way to look at it. I'll have to tell my sister. LOL!!!