Saturday, April 08, 2006

Deadline Countdown - Day 22

It's Saturday, but certainly not a day off. :)  I'll write later tonight, but I'll start by cleaning my office because I can't stand working in clutter.  Lots of my friends say they aren't happy unless there's barely a path to their computer chair amidst their books, papers and research, but I'm not like that.  I need space, dust free surfaces and the beauty of my inspirational pieces accessible to my eye.

Speaking of inspiration, everyone's is different.  But I need art and music.  I have a collection of statuary and paintings that evoke feelings and thoughts conducive to my stories.  I also have a collection of music that I listen to more for pace than for content.  I used to burn candles, but I developed a scent allergy.  Probably from over exposure because I write really long hours usually. :)  That's all right.  I love my job and my characters all become true friends long before I finish a book.
What inspires you to be creative?


Kelley said...

Music. When I am in the mood to write I turn on some soft, relaxing type of music and pull out my paper and pen, or my keyboard. Writing helps me to work through the hard stuff in life. I write some things for fun and others to help me deal with whatever is going on. I usually use poetry for that. Recently, I had a family member pass away. I turned on his favorite song and put it on repeat. I pulled out the paper and pen and said my goodbyes with poetry. So I guess you can say music and writing give me inspirtation in various ways.

Brandy said...

Memory of a strong emotion seems to help me find that train of thought that leads to my finished work. Anything wlse just seems background. I can't have silence though, I find myself too jittery.

Stacy~ said...

Being comfortable and warm, with loose baggy clothes, having some french vanilla coffee and water in reach, with some mood-striking music. I love to burn candles, but they don't have to be lit to get me inspired. I like to just take a few moments, some deep breaths, and let my mind wander. And keeping my mind open to ideas also is great inspiration. I just let it come to me and don't try to stifle the thoughts or feelings.

Lucy Monroe said... family is all very aware of how cranky I get when I don't write. I think because I do work through so much of the stress of life in my stories. Life is too hard without the writing to make it better. LOL

Brandy...I can't be consciously thinking of real memories when I write, but I'll read a book through when it's done and see stuff that I recognize. It's not that I write my life into my stories so much as that life is universal and we see the connections when we look for them. In our stories too.

Oh, Stacy...French vanilla coffee. Oh, yeah. That is definitely one of my vices. LOL

Vivi Anna said...

It's weird I can't write with music on...I get too distracted...

Music does inspire me, but it can't compete with what I'm doing at the moment....

Movies inspire me a lot.

And other authors like Lucy inspire me to be better, to be great!

amy*skf said...

I can write with music--if there's no words or the words are in Italian--but really so many times I have to write with SpongeBob in the background and my husband in the foreground asking me questions, so I've conditioned myself to write no matter what.

And a funny thing happened, the more I wrote, the more I was inspired to write. Plus I have a writing hat I put on. I'm not kidding.

Kate Davies said...

Oh, I so relate to the Spongebob issue -- although for me its the Wiggles or Dora.

And Lucy, I'm sure you'd get much more cleaning done if people from out of town didn't insist on hanging around for hours on end! :)

Lucy Monroe said...

Vivi...I hear you on the movies. I can really get inspired by the visual, hence my artwork and statuary. :) But movies too. Sometimes, just wanting to rewrite an ending will inspire a whole new story. LOL

Amy...been there! Absolutely. I started writing when my son was a toddler and my youngest daugh a baby. I wrote to a lot of different background music while I homeschooled them for several years and even now, I'll write to the chatter of teenagers. Trust me, that's a new challenge. LOL But I hear you on writing and then writing some more. The more you write, the more you *can* write. It's a wierd thing, but there it is.

Kati...our visit was too short! Not too long. LOL But the girls and I cleaned out the office after you left and you'd be amazed at the change. :)

Hugs to all,