Monday, April 10, 2006

Countdown to Deadline - Day 20

I love Mondays.  They feel so fresh and full of promise every week.  Today, I am going to finish a love scene and hopefully move on to the next scene in this Brava.  I'm really looking forward to it as my time with my characters is something to savor.  I fall in love with them with every book.  It's a strange phenomenon, but with each book I think each set of characters is more deeply embedded in my heart than the last.

Beth and Ethan are interesting people and I'm having an amazing time peeling back their layers as I get to know them better and they reveal themselves to one another.  I just realized last week that Beth is still trying to accept her parents unique way of loving her and Ethan, for all his courage in facing Extreme Sports challenges, is definitely on the hesitant side when it comes to dealing with true emotion.

Up to this point, he's been pushing Beth past her comfort limits...but I think soon the roles are going to reverse. ;-)

Also...wanted to tell you that Stacy is hosting a really cool contest on her blog.  You can win a copy of WILLING or MISTRESS IN TRAINING (your choice) and the contest itself is just plain fun.  So, go have a look:

Happy Monday!


Vivi Anna said...

Happy Monday Lucy!!!

I always love readign your blog posts...perks me up every time!

I'm working on an Avon story, then I'm deadlineless....and I hate it!!

I need another book deal!!

Lucy Monroe said...

Yes, you do, Vivi! But just keep writing and the deal will come and you'll have some fab story or stories all ready to go to press. :) It worked for me. LOL

lidia said...

Thanks for letting us know about Stacy's contest. I entered it. The book that I listed was "Lord of Scoundrels" by Loretta Chase. That is probably my all time favorite for many, many reasons!

Lucy Monroe said...

I'm such a goob sometimes, but I didn't realize the question was - your alltime favorite, so I just posted one that had made me cry and that I loved lately. But the truth is, I've got too many favorites to even begin winnowing them down. :)

lidia said...

Lucy, you did OK. It didn't have to be your favorite book. Just one that stayed with you, touched you, made you cry, etc... For me, the book that I picked covered all of those points. I think that I read it at least five years ago and I still get the same reactions when re-reading it.

Stacy~ said...

Lidia, you got it right. I didn't ask for favorite because to some (or maybe a lot) there are just too many to name. But we usually can think of one that stands out for a certain reason, and I am especially drawn to emotional stories.

Vivi, I haven't seen your book out YET, but I keep looking. One day, it will be mine - LOL.

Lucy Monroe said...

I'm glad I didn't do it wrong. LOL But I really love those over the top emotional stories too. My favorite authors all write stories that really tug at my heart...and are sexy. That's a definite requirement too. LOL