Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Countdown to Deadline - Day 19

My TBR pile is an overstuffed six foot tall bookcase, but I *really* struggle when I'm on deadline and have a book I desperately want to read sitting beside my bed.  Well, I'm in that situation about two books right now.  The first is a manuscript by a friend of mine, Kate Davies.  She let me read the first three chapters and they were FABULOUS, so now I can't wait to read the rest.  The second is MASTER OF WOLVES by Angela Knight.  I'm a big fan of Angela's and have read all her books.  So, waiting to read this one is nothing short of torture.  And there it sits, taunting me...  Sigh...
What do you think?  Doesn't it sound good?
(Berkeley Sensation, April 4, 2006)
When Jim London's best friend is murdered, Jim vows to catch the killer.  Leaving it for the local police to solve is out of the question, because he suspects they are involved.  Jim is more than capable of taking action if they are -- he's a werewolf. Realizing the only way to investigate the department is from the inside, he decides to go undercover -- as a police K-9.  His "handler" is lovely Faith Weston, the only person on the Clarkston Police Department who isn't up to her neck in murder.  But Faith has no idea her "dog" Rambo is a werewolf, or that the department she serves is rotten with corruption.   But it doesn't take her long to figure it out.


Kate Davies said...


Lucy, I'm *thrilled* you're excited to read my manuscript, but don't you dare stress yourself out over it, especially during deadline time!

I'm a patient woman. Really, I am. :) And to be mentioned in the same post with Angela Knight -- woo-hoo! Her new book sounds excellent! I have to add that to my towering TBR pile -- which I'll get to once I meet MY deadline. :)

Lucy Monroe said...

Yes, well...Kati...I can't wait until this one sells so I can blog it. The readers here are going to LOVE it!

Maura said...

master of wolves is great! I've finished it once and it's tucked in my purse for "on the go reading" now.

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh, Maura...you tease, you! :)