Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Countdown to Deadline - Day 18

I'm so into this book, which is a very good place to be...I mean if you're writing or reading, you really want to be into the story, don't you?  Not to mention that I may actually make deadline if I can write faster and writing faster always comes with this feeling of being into it.  Happy sigh...but the deeper the emotions get, the more into the story I get.  I love over the top emotion and wallow in intense conflict...between the pages of a book, or in a manuscript anyway. :)

Yesterday, I spent editing mostly ... and building a webpage for a friend of mine.  It was fun.  I can't seem to give up control of my own webpage.  It's really content rich and it would cost me the earth to have a professional design company redesign and keep it up.  It's a good thing I like that sort of thing, huh?  But I get so many emails off the site from readers and booksellers who appreciate the content, I can't even think about cutting it back.  I'm such a sucker sometimes. LOL

I'm off to write.  Hope you're all having a great day!

Lucy :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,

I met you on an airplane from Portland to LA last August. I signed up for your email information right after I got home so I get all your news. However, things have been so busy, I never got a chance to get one of your books. Well, I just bought Touch Me and started reading it yesterday. I love it! I can't put it down but I had to cause I have to work! I hope to join the live chat tonight. Take care, Alyssa

Lucy Monroe said...

Hi, Alyssa :) I remember you! We had quite the chat and I remember telling my dh that it made not sitting beside him worth it. Well, close to anyway. LOL

I'm so glad you are enjoying TOUCH ME! See you at the chat! :)

lidia said...


I hope that the chat went well. I would have loved to be a part of it.

Lucy Monroe said...

It was fun and it was crazy and well, we have as much fun here *and* can read everyone's messages in a timely manner. LOL