Thursday, April 13, 2006

Countdown to Deadline - Day 17

Um...taxes are so not supposed to happen in the middle of my deadline dementia.  Did someone forget to mention that to the Federal Government?  Maybe, I did.  I should write my Congressman, or something.  The letter could go something like this:
Dear Political Personage:
Doing my taxes is a real strain on my brain and I'm under deadline to finish this one book.  It's got all my mind's synapses fully engaged and this whole having to balance a spreadsheet and fill out the appropriate blanks on tax forms is really a pain.  I don't suppose you'd let me file when I'm off deadline...sometime in the year 2025 maybe?
Most Sincerely,
Frazzled Author
Hmm...I'm not thinking it's gonna fly.  So, I'd best finish up.  All I can say is, "Thank goodness for Taxcut!"
And no, I don't really want to hear you filed on Jan 10th and pay all of your estimated taxes quarterly and they just covered your tax bill *g* - well, okay, if you seriously are one of *those* people, feel free to share...but for the rest of us, here's a fun looking book to take our minds off everybody's deadline on April 15th:
Captain Sinister's Lady
Morgan Roberts, AKA Captain Sinister, dreams of leaving the sea and running away to farm, but when the Zephyr comes across a damaged ship wallowing in the Florida Straits, it’s just too good an opportunity for any self-respecting privateer to pass up.
Amanda Stephenson is a widow traveling from Yorkshire to Charleston in the 1820’s to set up her soap-making business. It’s a grand adventure, just as she’s always dreamed—until her ship is boarded by the crew of the Zephyr. Amanda’s plans for her future do not include large, hairy, uncouth pirates.
Morgan Roberts has his work cut out for him, but he’s prepared to try his most piratical tricks if it will convince the luscious widow to become Captain Sinister’s Lady.
On sale now from Amber Quill Press in paper and ebook! Read an excerpt at Darlene’s website.


Stacy~ said...

Yes, taxes are evil. Don't we pay enough for everything else? Food tax, clothing tax, BOOK tax! Stop the insanity already. Lucy has to write. Leave her alone!

Sorry about this part of the post, Lucy, but I didn't have any other way to contact this person. Lidia is the winner of my blog contest - she won "Mistress in Training" (She's a die-hard Lucy fan so it's no surprise she already has your book). Lidia, please contact me privately with your snail mail addy. Thanx for playing, and thank you Lucy, for all the amazing stories you continue to write!

Lucy Monroe said...

Hey, Stace...I emailed Lidia and I'm sure she'll contact you soon. :)

lidia said...

Thank you! That's great news!
However, I can't find Stacy's email address anywhere. Do you know how I can contact her?

As for taxes. I let my dh take care of those. He's been using Turbo Tax for over 16 years and says that it is a great help.

Lucy Monroe said...

Lidia...I sent you Stacy's email (should have done that yesterday...duh LOL). And I love TaxCut. :)

Holly said...

I'm one of those people who files in January and has my refund by mid Feb or sets up a payment plan if I have to pay in. Not because I'm so organized and have nothing better to do, but because I have this horrible, irrational fear of the IRS. LOL

Still, I think you should write that letter....You should be able to write ALL the time, and not have to deal with pesky tax issues, IMO. LOL

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Holly...I used to be that way too, until life got so hectic with the writing. Which is probably why I whine so much about it now. :)