Friday, April 14, 2006

Countdown to Deadline - Day 16

Okay...I'm at this place where I really love the story.  It's a scary place for me because I'm almost afraid to move on and mess something up.  If writing had a tad less angst attached to it, it might be a more normal profession.  But every author I talk to has their moments of fear, sometimes those moments last the entire process of writing the book.  It's not even the readers I'm so worried about letting down, but my characters.  I so want their story to come out right.

But first it has to come out, which means writing today despite this nerve wracking moment of paralysis. :)  So...that's what I'm off to do.  Hope you are all having a great day.

No sunshine here, but I imagine at least some of you are getting blue bask a little just for me, 'kay?


P.S.  TEMPT ME made it onto Bookscan's 100 Top Selling Romances list and I'm totally thrilled.  It's the first time a mass market single title of mine has done that.  My HPs and Bravas pretty much always do, but this is a different market and I'm celebrating big time and want to say THANK YOU to every single reader who has bought the book or is planning to do so. :)


Stacy~ said...

Hey where do you find all those cute pictures? I think they are adorable :)

Lucy, I think anytime you are taking a chance and trying to accomplish something, even if you are confident in your abilities, there is some fear involved. If you didn't feel that, I don't think that you would be challenging yourself enough and your writing wouldn't be as good as it could be. Instead you would be playing it safe, and just dialing it in. Do you know what I'm trying to get across? Basically you are challenging yourself with every story, kicking it up a notch, taking it to the next level (channeling Emeril & Dave Chappelle LOL)

Huge congrats on "Tempt Me" - sending tons of congratulation hugs to you for writing such beautiful stories and always staying true to yourself. You truly, truly deserve the praise and recognition. Thank you for always taking the time to talk to your fans and to be a wonderful, caring friend - YOU are the real deal.

Btw, love the updated pic at your website. I saw another one of you and Teresa Mederios from Celebrate Romance - she posted it at Squawk Radio. Your longer hairstyle looks fabulous on you. Girl you are gorgeous inside and out. Gosh I wish I could hate you LOL. But you're way too nice :)

Vivi Anna said...

Wohoooooooo Lucy!

That's fantastic news!!!!

lidia said...


Great news about "Tempt Me." I loved it and am not surprised to see that others think the same.

Lori said...

I know that the book you are working on will be terrific, just like all your books. And Congrats on the success of Tempt Me - this is such a great series!

Lori S

Lucy Monroe said... are all so darn nice and definitely know how to make deadline dementia just a little less hair pulling. :)

Mega hugs,

Holly said...

AWW! I'm so excited for you about Tempt Me. I finally got my copy, and I can see why it hit the top 100! You can read my review here.

As for the other, I'm with Stacy 100%. She's absolutely correct!


You'll do great, I'm sure of it!


Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, Holly! And what a neat review. :) Smooches!!!


Marilyn said...

Lucy, THE PRINCE'S VIRGIN WIFE.....stunning and just plain breathtaking!

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, Marilyn!


wiwin said...

Hi Ms. Lucy Monroe, im your fans from indonesia.....
best regards,

Lucy Monroe said...

Hi, Wiwin :) Thanks so much for taking the time to say, "Hello." :)

Anonymous said...

Lucy, I'm with you in your Deadline Dementia, and as your spouse, I recommend chocolate, cool music, and coffee....I'll get it started....


Lucy Monroe said...

LOL make any dementia bearable, believe me. I'll meet you at the coffee pot with a kiss. :)

Stacy~ said...

Awwww, that's so sweet! If that's how your dh treats you Lucy, I wouldn't blame you for deliberately getting caught up in "deadline dementia" ;)

Lucy Monroe said...

Can you see me smiling Stacy? He's a totally wonderful man. :)