Friday, April 07, 2006

Countdown Deadline - Day 23

Yay!  I did get some writing done yesterday.  It was late at night because there were some final family issues I had to help my mom with, but the resolution was positive.  Which made us all happy. :)  I'm just super pleased with the direction this book is going, but I'm a little concerned about how my editor is going to respond.  I'm writing on the edge of her comfort zone right now and I'm hoping I can make it work.  Funnily enough, I'm not worried about my readers.  I know *they* are going to get it.

Dh just got home for lunch.  Yum. His company brings me so much, I'm off.  I'll let you know how the writing goes today, but we've got a birthday party tonight and my daughter is filling in this afternoon for my assistant (who has been really sick) which means I'll be answering a lot more questions than usual to get stuff done.  If life were easy, it would be boring, right?

And just in case you missed it...TEMPT ME is out now!



Maura said...

Dang, now I'm horribly curious to know what you're up to!

I'm so happy I got to 64%, now I'm hoping the re-editing of the really HOT scene doesn't push me back down to 63%.

But I hereby volunteer to test read for you! LOL (yah, right, I know)...

lidia said...

It's not fair of you to keep tempting us with snippets of your WIP. LOL

Today I am on a mission to find a copy of "Tempt Me." Will let you know how I make out.

FYI - On your book list, there is an excerpt from "His Royal Love Child" - it's great! However, there is no excerpt for "The Prince's Virgin Wife" which actually will be published before "HRLC."

Hope everything else is going well!

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Maura! I've offered the same for Lori Foster, but she's never taken me up on it. ;-)

Lidia...I don't mean to tease...much. LOL I fixed the link to the excerpt. Thanks for letting me know I hadn't updated that. Sometimes I just shake my head at myself. I'd uploaded the page and forgot to put the link on the book page. :)

Stacy~ said...

I got "Tempt Me" and I'm so excited! I am totally digging historicals right now. They are just so fun and sexy these days.

Btw, loved your comment about the dh - you live what you write, girl. Good for you ;)

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, Stacy! I love sexy historicals too. :) Theresa Madeiros is doing both paranormal and sexy in her historicals now. She's always been a fave, but now she's like one of my super, super top faves. LOL

Holly said...

Sometimes I hate Borders. I requested a copy of Tempt Me to be put on hold and I went in later that night to get it, only to be told they were out. It really, really upsets me when I want to read a book and can't...GGRRR!

Ok, enough venting.

I'm picking it up tonight and I can't wait to read it. I'm so curious!

I'm really curious, too, about this new WIP. Are you sure you don't need us to proof read it or anything?? LOL


Lucy Monroe said...

Holly...I'm truly sorry you are having a hard time getting the book, but I'm *thrilled* it was sold out at your local Borders. LOL


Holly said...

*sigh* Yeah, I had a feeling you'd enjoy that. LOL

I didn't get to the store tonight, but hopefully *crosses fingers* I'll be able to get it tomorrow.