Saturday, March 04, 2006

It's official...I have another favorite author., if there is an author who manages to so catch my imagination and emotions that not only do I glom her books, but I devour them, what does that mean?  It means, she's dangerous for one thing and very talented for another! LOL  I'm talking about Lora Leigh and her Breed series.  It's absolutely fantastic.  She writes a totally compelling and emotional story, with a tight plot and gorgeous sensuality.
She also writes a lot more than the Breed series and I've read a couple of her others too.  She's a very consistent writer and it was super hard to decide to stick *mostly* with her Breeds, but as you all know, my schedule cannot afford the kind of glomming I could and would do if I didn't set some sort of limit on myself.  So that's my limit.  As much as I can stick within it, anyway.  :)
She often uses the language of erotica, but unless that *really* bothers you, I STRONGLY recommend you buy her books.  Her next Breed book, Megan's Mark, is out in May and I'm really looking forward to it.
If you've read her, please chime in here...and because I can't stand not having some sort of question for you all to answer, tell me...what is your favorite kind of paranormal hero?  I adore werewolves for their super strength and heightened senses, not to mention their animal sensuality, how about you?


Maura said...

I love Lora Leigh :-) Both her Breed series and her contemporaries.

Lucy - your glom list is starting to look like mine :)

Hmmm - I like a lot of the shifters but the cat shifters are my favorites. So sensual, so strong.

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Maura...obviously great minds not only think alike, but they like a lot of the same books. :)

I love cat shifters...have you read MaryJanice Davidson's "Really Unusual Bad Boys"?

Stacy~ said...

I love Lora Leigh, too, but I've never read the Breed series. I admit (blushing profusely) to loving the August series, and her Bound Hearts. They are much more, um, wicked books, but I love how she tells the stories, and that they are love stories as well. They may be highly erotic, but they are about committed relationships. Unconventional, but they work for me.

I'll have to check out her latest.
Thanx a lot Lucy! LOL.

Lucy Monroe said...

I have no doubt that *anything* Lora writes would come out beautifully.'ve got to read the Breed books though. Trust me on this.

And you are so welcome...said with tongue firmly in cheek. LOL

Holly said...

And then we're right back to the love/hate thing again. *sigh* I should really stop looking at your blog. Really.


Oh, but YAY ME!, I found a USED BOOK STORE! I've been lamenting the fact that I don't have one near me for years! But this past weekend I found one. I'm sure they love me already, as I spent an OBSCENE amount of money there yesterday.

So, I'll put her on my list and pray I find her books at the UBS for fairly cheap, because if her series is large and I need to glom her, the cheap will be better for my pocketbook. As I'm sure you can imagine. =)

Oh, and just so you know, I picked up Wedding Vow of Revenge yesterday. I haven't started it yet, but I'll be sure to let you know what I think.


Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, Holly. :) I sure hope you like WVOR. I have yet to see it on the shelves. I've been so busy and going to see my books on the shelves is usually a pilgrimige of sorts for me. LOL

Maura said...

Yep - I have a lot of MJD's books as well and I've read that one !

Megan said...

NO FAIR I'm dying for that book. I'm so hooked on the breeds I buy them as ebooks then again when they come out in print but this one has no ebook WAAAAAAA

still it's great that mainstream has picked her up isn't it :)

Lucy Monroe said...

Maura...I should have known. LOL

Megan...we are definitely in the same boat. And I can't wait for Dawn's story, which she hopes to do later this year. But from her website, it doesn't look like she has plans any time soon for Hawke and Jessica's about leaving with a cliffhanger. Aargh! LOL


Holly said...

I finished can see my review here. =)

Lucy Monroe said...

Holly...what a great review! Thank you! I laughed when I read some of your favorite books are 1000 plus pages. Those stories drive me batty. I'd rather read a series of connected books than one really long one. :) I bet you'd like both...for them to be really long and connected. LOL And I've gotta admit I love hearing you don't want a story to end. :)

Thanks so much for posting such a neat review on WVOR!!!

Holly said...

See, I'm torn about the long books, because they intimidate me. I don't want to waste my valuable reading time on a long book if it's not a good read, so a lot of the time I just avoid them. *sigh* I know, I have issues. LOL

But you're right, I like them long and connecting. I do enjoy the shorter ones, too, I just don't prefer them.

And no, I didn't want it to end. ;)

So, THANK YOU, for writing such a great story. hehehe

Miki said...

Lora Leigh writes incredibly emotional stories - I just can't stay away from them. I still find myself cringing through the obligatory anal sex scenes (doesn't seem you can write romantic erotica without them), and her guys are sometimes uncomfortably alpha, but she gives her characters such richness of emotion...I just eat 'em up!

And my favorite paranormal guys are probably the feline shapeshifters. They're SO sensual! JC Wilder has a great one in her story "Shadow Hunter" in the anthology "Things That Go Bump in the Night 4".

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks for posting, Miki. I gotta tell ya...I think I must love *uncomfortably alpha* because her Breed heroes *always* do it for me. :) I so agree that her stories are super emotional too...really yummy!

I haven't read JC least I don't think I have. I'll have to look through my anthologies and see if I have her in any of them. Hm...