Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Guest blog...Vivi Anna

Sexy Beasts - Why We Love Them So!
I love reading and writing about shape-shifters.  I guess its the animal in me clawing to get out.  And who can resist an Alpha male in charge of his pack/pride or what have you.  Makes me want to tear at my clothes and bay at the moon!  :-)
In my story NIGHT OF THE JAGUAR - in the Sexy Beast anthology - my alpha male is Xalvador.  He's the leader of the Knights of the Jaguar.  A small group of warriors created by the gods to the protect the kings in an ancient Mayan culture.  After many years of slaving to the cruel heartless royalty, the four warriors rebel against their masters and send them to the underworld.  But now they must roam the Amazon jungle as jaguars. 
Thousands of years later, Mara Galas comes to the mysterious jungle and awakens that ancient evil, and arouses Xalvador.  He follows her to America to protect her from a deadly adversary that threatens to bring back the cruel ancient kings.
Xalvador is the ultimate alpha.  And I absolutely adore him!! LOL
Tell me why you love those alpha shapeshifters on Lucy's blog and I'll toss your name in for a draw.  The prize...signed cover flaps of Sexy Beast and my single title coming out in April Hell Kat, along with some very sexy Hell Kat bookmarks.
I'll pick a winner on Friday!!!  Good luck!


Maura said...

hmm - why do I love alpha shapeshifters...

I love the rational vs. primal nature dichotomy and how they resolve it (or don't).

By their very nature, they have permission to not be 100% rational and are not required to ignore their instincts and primal natures.

It's like letting the reader have permission to let go of much of the rules of "Civilized" society for a while.

But beyond the psychology - I love the aggression and the sex!

Lucy Monroe said...

Maura...that is EXACTLY why I started writing werewolves, because I wanted to be able to write a more primitive alpha male without sending readers into a tailspin. :)

Um...sorry, Vivi...I know, I'm supposed to stay on topic here, but I had to post. LOL

Vivi Anna said...

Naughty naughty Lucy!!! LOL

That's why I luv ya!

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Smooches!

Stacy~ said...

Wow, Maura took the words right out of my mouth!

I also like the primitive nature of a shape-shifter. The agression hidden by the "human" side that comes out more fully when the character shifts. It's the "going with my instincts" vs. "thinking things through". I love how the shapeshifters are true to their natures and don't suppress them.

I am by nature a more reserved person, more introspective, so I love getting into the head and heart of a character that doesn't hold back. And I guess there's also a part of me that gets a bit of a thrill from the idea of being claimed as the true mate of one of these shapeshifters. Maybe it's not so p.c. to like the possessive and aggressive nature of such a man, but oh how I love reading about it ;)

Lucy Monroe said...

Ooooh...I'm loving these comments. Vivi, I could just hug you for making this your question! Thanks!

Jaynie R said...

I like the fact that we expect them to be bad and yet, they always seem to have an inner vulnerability that only the heroine can find..

Hey Vivi - how's that sequel to Hell Kat going? *g* I can't wait to see it in it's new form.


Joni said...

I feel they can be the most vicious defenders in order to protect their land, people and loved ones and be the most compassionate, sensual, and gentlest of lovers too. That's what a true alpha shapeshifter/warrior is to me and I adore them to the max!

snowflake said...

The desire to see if a creature of such raw strength and primal instincts can be tamed by love for a woman.

They don't let anything get in their way; they see, they want and they claim and many mate for life. Being the target of the chase is very thrilling and the rewards for surrendering control to an unapologetically possessive mate are immense - unsurpassed sense of being cherished and protected, and their heightened senses of smell, sight, touch and taste means more powerful arousal and wildly satisfying lovemaking.

Lori said...

I love alpha shapeshifters for all the reasons that have been mentioned above.
I, being the mother of five children, always have to take time and think things through. It would be amazing to just act on my baser instincts at time.
I, also, like how many of them seem to find their mate for life and once they find that person then nothing stops them from getting what they want...and the sex always seem to be amazing.
There is just something about them that I just cannot pass up.

KimW said...

ooh...I want to read Hell Kat. Seems like forever since I heard it was coming out. For me, I love to read stories with an alpha male and when they are shapeshifers, it gives me something very different to escape into. It's the unknown and the agression for sure and since the limits are taken away, I get to read about a hero that you just don't know what he's going to do until you read the story.

Judy F said...

Oh I agree, I love how they stay true to their natural calling. Very protective and wiling to fight for what they believe in. I have Sexy Beast at home to read, I must get to it soon.

Vivi Anna said...

Oh, I'm loving everyone's answers!!!! I'm really surprised men don't read more shape-shifters they would totally love the fact that they get to run around being all alpha and everyone loves them for it!!! LOL

PS: Jaynie, sequel is written and in my editor's hands!!!

Lucy Monroe said...

What fabulous answers! I'm so enjoying this discussion and I think everyone is really right on about the appeal...the mystique...of the shapeshifter alpha hero. :)

Maura said...

I think I like cat shifters even more than wolfies...

After all, big cat shifters have one heck of a purrrr!!!!


Vivi Anna said...

Thanks for everyone coming out to blog with me! Thank you to Lucy for allowing me grace her awesome presence and share her space for a little while.

I tossed everyone's name into a hat and picked a winner....

Joni!!! You are the winner!!

You need to email me doll, at to claim your prize.

Thanks everyone!!