Thursday, March 23, 2006

Going to see Tinkerbell...

Yep, we're headed to Disneyland and other points south.  We're driving the full length of two states with three teens.  My sister's family is going too, which means three more kids and two more adults and lots more fun.  I'll be working in the car, but once we hit Tinkerbelle's world, my job will be that of mom making sure her kids are safe.  I know, most parents and kids probably look at Disneyland as a chance at adventure and fantasy.  My sister and I think about predators and kid protection. LOL
I'm laughing because both my daughters are taller than me and my son is WAY taller than me and as strong as an ox.  Really.  No kidding.  He gets the mega muscles from his dad.  But I see myself as their protectors and vacations *always* bring that side out even more fiercely.  They've gotten used to my idiosyncrasies, which is a good thing, because my little foibles are not going away.  I'm looking more forward to Seaworld than Disney, but that's my personal preference.  I'm also way excited about seeing the San Diego Zoo again and going to Universal Studios.
I'm going to try to keep my blog updated...wish me luck!


lidia said...


I think that we never get out of "mother mode" no matter how old the children get. LOL My dd is 22 and I still worry about her. She's my height -- 5' but she's tiny and looks younger than her age.

My favorite part in the San Diego zoo was seeing the Koala bears. They are my favorites. The climate on the East Coast is too cold for them so it was a big treat for me to actually see them (of course that was many years ago).

Have a wonderful time.

Vivi Anna said...

Oh have fun Lucy! Disneyland is one of my favorite places ever. We're going in two daughter is already counting down the days...LOL

Michelle B said...

I hope you and your family enjoy your time down here in Southern Cali, Lucy! I grew up in San Diego and haven't been to Sea World or the Zoo in ages! I could spend days in Balboa Park visiting the Zoo and all the museums there :) I went last summer to see an exhibit at the Museum of Photographic Arts and ended up spending all day at two different museums (and I could have stayed longer as there were more places I wanted to visit)!

The last time I went to the Zoo, I had an interesting experience on the bus tour. I put my hand on the hand rail that's on the back of the seat in front of mine and the guy sitting in front of me sat on the rail and on my hand. I was able to wiggle all but one finger out from under him, but that one finger was stuck the whole rest of the tour since I was too shy/embarrassed to say something. How the heck he wasn't aware of my wiggling finger under his butt, I do not know. Maybe he thought it was his girlfriend copping a feel...

Anyway, have a safe drive and have a blast!


Stacy~ said...

Hope you're having fun Lucy. I love Disneyland - been there twice. I loved the Indiana Jones ride.

I'm not a mom but I get all watchful whenever there's kids around. Working in a bookstore, I've seen lots of kids roaming around on their own, getting engrossed in a book or just taking off from their parents, so I can't help but want to keep an eye out for them. Must be instinct or something.

Enjoy your time with your family and I hope there's lots of sun!

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks for the good wishes on our trip! Lidia...I *love* the SD Zoo and can't wait to go. too...I could spend days visiting museums and the like. I told my sister *my* ideal vacation would be one day at Disney and the rest of the week spent doing other stuff. Vivi and Stacy...I admire you...honestly. I'm totally overwhelmed by the numbers of people here and will be so glad when it is time to move on. Though the Disney magic is definitely in full force. :)