Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A fun new blog...

A friend of mine (who posts on here pretty frequently) has started her own blog and I'm thinking she's far more adept at coming up with way interesting topics than I am.  To have a look, go to:
If you haven't visited Romance by the Blog yet, I highly recommend it.  Michelle shares Stacy's ability to post on fun and cool topics you can't help but wanting to respond to.  And she's got J.R. Ward (who looks just like my favorite editor for Mills & Boon Australia...weird, huh?) guest blogging on there right now.
Oh, and speaking of guest blogging...my editor at Kensington, Kate Duffy, is guest blogging at Squawk Radio.  Pop over and say hello if you have a minute.  Tell her I sent you...kudos come nicely wherever we can get them. LOL


Jennifer L hart said...


I hear you about finding topics for blogging. (See above link for my blog)
I usually end up babbling and I would guess most people who see my blog think I'm an escaped mental patient.

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Jennifer...you don't come off as "mental" at all. :) I started this blog to have a place to chat with readers and I like it, but sometimes I think I must sound really boring. LOL

Stacy~ said...

Wow Lucy, you are the sweetest thing! I think I'm pretty boring, and a tad bit (okay, excessively) obsessive about my interests. I'm tickled by your comments, and I'm really glad you've been enjoying it.

Oh, and I have a few things lined up so stay tuned ;)