Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A goofy, but fun website...

A reader posted on another blog I participate on with this link and I thought it was so goofy and fun, I'd post it here. I have no idea what tooth brushes have to do with romance (except maybe that good oral hygiene promotes it - LOL), but it's a kick to visit the site.


Oh, and because what is sexier and more conducive to romance than ice skating cowboys, I think you ought to watch this video.

Let me know what you think of both or either...and then share one (or more) of your own favorite romance related websites.



Lucy Monroe said...

Okay...call me a geek, go ahead, but I'm going to answer my own blog and add another link to check out:


I loved this site long before I decided to join the community with my personal website because they have forums and chats that are totally reader friendly.

Now it's YOUR turn. :)

Jennifer L hart said...


I did the Robin Hood one for my friend Amy's anniversary, and it came out really well.

Oh my god, thoes sites were priceless! Now who ever said an alpha male cowboy coudn't figure skate?

Stacy~ said...

My new thing is checking out blogs, and I like "Romancing the Blog" cuz not only do they have a great blog, but they have a ton of links to author & reader blogs. I get a lot of great book ideas and also some other interesting topics.

I like Access Romance a lot, too.

Michele Ann Young said...

Love the cowboys Lucy, just love 'em
your virtual book bag buddy,

Lucy Monroe said...

Jennifer...what a great link. I had no idea they were doing that, but it is really special.

Another Jennifer gave me the brushwithromance link - so there must be something about your name. :)

Stacy...that is a great blog. Another one I really like is SquawkRadio.com and Romance by the Blog (the NBC romance reviewer's blog) and of course Vamps and Scamps. :)

Speaking of blogs...hey, Michele! The Virtual Book Bag is so cool a concept because it's really all about books and I love blogging the books from there. :)