Thursday, February 23, 2006

Are you a glommer?

I am.  And I *cannot* afford to be!  The problem is, when I read an author I love, I want to read her entire backlist and then some.  And I have way too much writing to do myself to give into this fixation.  So, could someone please explain to me how I ordered six books by the new for me author I discovered reading an anthology not two days ago???
And once that mystery of the universe is solved, maybe we can start working on global warming or something...


Maura said...

Wow, Lucy, that sounds WAY too familiar.. Like maybe I did something like that when I first read one of your stories!


Then I had to make room on the keeper shelves.

Lucy Monroe said...

Now, just totally made my day! I *love* hearing that because I'm such a glommer myself and know just how impacted I have to be by an author to devour her backlist.

Big hugs,

Brandy said...

I do that too. However instead of buying them all I check the library and put EVERYTHING that author has written that they may have (at the library). This is how I discovered you, and now I buy your books to keep, when they come out.

Kate Davies said...

Well, gosh, I don't know what's the deal with your willpower, Lucy. I mean, I've only glommed onto -- um -- two authors since January.

Okay, maybe more than that.


What I find is that, like Brandy, I tend to do the library thing first -- then end up buying all the books I checked out so I can re-read them frequently, and in the correct order! Sigh.

Lucy Monroe said...

Brandy and Kati...I used to do the same thing with the library, but often the authors I want to read have little backlist available and/or I just don't have the time to go and check the books out. It's a lot easier to order them online, if horrendously more expensive.

But I love hearing that you enjoyed my books enough to want to buy them after reading some titles from the library, Brandy. That's just very cool. :)

Thanks to both you and Kati for commenting. :)


Stacy~ said...

Okay, I'm kinda afraid to ask you who this "new to you" author is, but I'm dying to know! (See, I'm just asking for trouble).

I did that with the JD Robb series when it was around book 13 - yep, had to go and get book 2-13. Killed my pocketbook, but I never regretted it. Now I impatiently wait for the next one to come out.

And Miss Lucy, I glommed the HP's by you that I hadn't read yet, so it's good to hear that one of my favorite authors has her own glomming problem LOL.

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Stacy...see, I'm trying to decide if this is an author I'll keep glomming. The first story I read by her was really emotional and very sexy. In the next two, the sex definitely overshadowed the emotion, but it was still there. I've got four more books on order from B&, so I'll see what happens when I read those.

I'm really glad you enjoyed my HPs enough to glom them when you started reading my books, Stacy. :)

That's another thing I've noticed about my glomming habits...sometimes, I glom one kind of book by an author, but not her others. Though's everything I can get my hands on! LOL


Holly said...

I'm a terrible glommer. I have a rule, though. If I like 3 books by an author then I glom them. If not, then I'll just randomly pick up their books and see if I like them.

As it stands right now, I have about 35 author's that I've glommed and I'm still working on getting the backlists for another 7 or 8 (you're included in that category, Lucy. I love your books, but I'm having an awful time getting some of your older releases. Care to help me out with that? LOL).

I don't do the library thing every often, because if I like the book, I want it on my shelf so I can re-read it whenever I feel like it. And I've noticed that if I get them from the library I always kick myself later for not just buying them outright.

My bank account hates me most of the time, but my bookshelves are happy to be full. heheheh

Jennifer L hart said...

Oh dear lord, and here I thought I was the only one who did that! Yes, I did that with your books too Lucy, that's how the Real Deal came to be one of my top ten all time favorites!

I had no idea there was actually a name for this fedish, I'm so glad I'm not alone!

sybil said...

I have authors I have glommed - whole backlists and continued to get new books, without ever reading a one.

It is insane.

So I am trying to enforce, if I have a book by said author and haven't read it, no more may be bought until at least ONE book is read and liked.

I am doing so well with it I am up to 1200 books that I own ;). Sadly the money has run out so other than what I review, I will have to wait or wait. I keep telling myself it will be good for me to work in the tbr for a month. BUT good god I have a huge want list for this year.

Lucy Monroe said...

I've tried to stop buying auto-buy authors when I have a book on the shelf, but knowing how quickly a story can go out of print...I broke down and bought more. LOL


Diane P said...

Luckily I can always use the excuse that I gave up one addiction, cigarettes, so you can't expect me to give up all of them.

I have science fiction, fantasy, romance-modern & historical, & I guess it is called horror-vamps etc. I am starting to run out of bookshelf space. I'm not sure I can convice my hubby to build another. So I have given away some of my historical books..sigh ;)

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Diane...but seriously, I'm just grieving for you having to get rid of some of your books. I always regret it when I do...sometimes it'll take a couple of years, but then I'll wish I had a book, or glommers have it hard when it comes to space. :)