Friday, February 24, 2006

Another interesting question...

My answer to Stacy's comment on my last blog post got me to thinking and wondering if other readers ever start glomming and then realize the author's stories aren't consistent enough to stay on our autobuy lists?  I've got one author that I'll buy everything she does paranormal, but her straight contemporary erotic romance does nothing for me.  Another author whom I glommed when I first read her but then discovered that in about half of her books the morality of the characters was so far from my own sense of honorable behavior that I didn't enjoy the books, so I stopped reading her entirely.  But those sorts of instances are really rare for me.  Usually, when I glom an author, I *love* everything she writes, even if she's like Jayne Ann Krentz and writes in multiple subgenres.
What about you?
Just to let you all know, but for more than a decade, my sisters and I have been taking my mom away for her birthday weekend.  It's a strictly girls retreat...a time to bond with each other and show our mom how much we love her.  Mom's birthday weekend starts tonight.  We're going to the beach.  We plan to take her for a zoom on her motorized scooter along the boardwalk, play a few rousing games of Scrabble and most likely solve the world's problems while we're at it.
I'll be back on Monday to let you know how it goes.  While I'm gone...I'd love it if you'd post your thoughts on whether or not you always stick with an author you've started to glom.


Maura said...

In general, for most authors I like their work even across sub-genres.

There have been a few where I like one subgenre but don't like another but it's rare. Often all that happens then is that when I see a new book announced, I look carefully at what subgenre before I pre-order (Amazon loves me).

Holly said...

There are several author's that have been moved from my auto-buy list.

Julie Garwood has always been a favorite, but her contemps leave much to be desired. If she goes back to writing historicals again I'll go back to auto-buying, but for now I just get her books from the library.

Another is Jude Deveraux. I haven't read any of her more recent releases, but I lost faith in her after her Always series came out. I have a lot of respect for author's who can branch out into several sub-genres and make it work, but IMO, JD isn't one of them. Though to be fair, she's always been hit and miss for me. And after the A Knight In Shining Armor ended, I've been very wary of reading her books. LOL

I'm sure there are others, but those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head.

I'm generally pretty loyal, though. An author has to have several - hmm, I hate to use the word 'bad' here, but that's the only one that comes to mind (not that they're necessarily bad, but ones I didn't like) - before I give up on them.

Holly said...

Oh, and I forgot to say...

I hope you have a great time with your mom and sisters this weekend. I do something similar with my mom for our birthday's (hers is the day after mine) and I look forward to it every year. I love the 'girl' time.


Jennifer L hart said...

I use to buy everything from Barbara Delinsky and Nicholas Sparks, but after purchasing their latest work this past year, I resolved I wouldn't do that anymore. Now I wait for friend recommendations to see if the story is good quality. I'm not sure if its genre switching, or just bestseller burnout, but I hope it never happens to you Lucy, I like your books too much!

I love Janet Evonovich’s Plum series, but after picking up a few of her old romances, I ran screaming the other way. It seemed like all of the characters had a mild form of schizophrenia and as a struggling author I don’t need any more crazy voices in my head!

Jennifer L hart said...
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Michelle B said...

For me, it's all about the book itself rather than the author. If there's an author I know I like, I will always give the book a chance and consider purchasing it, but I don't *always* end up buying the book. I do the same thing with music: it's all about the particular song. I may love a song by one artist and not care for the rest of the album (a reason I love being able to download individual songs on the net legitimately!) Maybe this is just me, though:)

Going back to authors who write different sub-genres, I do find that sometimes I like some authors more in certain sub-genres, but that's not always the case. Again, it's all about whether the story catches my attention and seems like something I'd like to read.

I've had to become a bit pickier these days as I'm on a more limited budget since going back to grad school...

Hope you had a wonderful girls weekend, Lucy!


Stacy~ said...

Before I forget, I hope you guys had fun at your girls' retreat. Last nite was a girls' nite with 4 of my friends, and my stomach still hurts from laughing so much. It was a total blast.

Now to your question: well, I pretty much only read JD Robb. I've read a few of Nora's traditional stories, and I loved the Dream trilogy, but I never really kept it up. Now she's got about 5 million books out, so I definitely will go bankrupt if I glom those books. I might read her more recent stuff, but please don't suggest any older classics - I can't afford it! LOL

I loved both the historicals and contemporaries of Judith McNaught. There are one or two of the contemps I didn't like, but for the most part, I'll read both. I haven't read the last two though. I have the previous one in pb and I'll wait for the new one to be released in pb. Now if it was a historical in hb, I'd get it, no question.

I've only read Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters, not McKinley Gregor's books.

I'm gonna go out on a limb, but a discreet one and say that there is a very popular author that I've met and she's a wonderful, funny person and I did enjoy her books a lot, but all of the characters are exactly the same. They talk the same, with the same slang and gestures that sometimes I don't know who's talking. I haven't read her books in a few years, so she may have gotten better. I do have a more recent book in my tbr pile that sounded really good so maybe one of these days....

Reese said...

I'll read any SEP book, but she's pretty consistent with the romantic comedy thing.

Have a great weekend with your family, Lucy. See you!

Danica said...

Have a great weekend!

I'm a glommer, too, although I end up buying but not reading them all.

By the by, speaking of glomming, I finally did get around to reading Touch Me. I really enjoyed it. :)

lidia said...

Lucy, I hope that your mom, your sisters and you had a great time!

I have a list of auto-buy authors. However, some authors have been removed because of many disappointments. Then there are authors whose books I buy on occasion if they intrigue me. Once in awhile I'll read a book by an author that has disappointed me if a particular title is recommended by someone whose views I respect.

By the way, I found out a couple of years ago that the reason why some of our favorite historical authors began to write contemporary books is because there is a bigger market for them.

Lucy Monroe said...

What great posts! Thanks to everyone for's nice to know I'm not alone. But even this small sampling shows a truth that I absolutely subscribe to...what is one reader's dross is another reader's gold. It's one of the reasons I encourage writers to keep submitting rejected manuscripts. Editors are readers too and what does not work for one may well be exactly what another one is looking for.

I also love hearing from other glommers...just because it makes me feel like I'm not alone. It's just plain more fun to share the quirkiness. :)

And our weekend away was totally great. We laughed so hard!

Hugs to all,