Thursday, January 12, 2006

Something just plain fun...

I saw this on my friend Kate Davies' blog and thought I'd post it here. I thought it was super fun...hope you do too!

Luscious Untamed Cutie Yearningly Made for Overwhelming, Naughty Recreation and Overpowering Embraces

Okay, so who can resist being called a luscious untamed cutie? LOL I'd love to hear what some of yours are! To find out, all you have to do is click on the image above...just don't forget to come back and tell me too. :)



Michele said...

My name is too big, so I had to be satisfied with a taste of me.

M.I.C.H.E.L.E.: Marvelous Ideal Cutie Hungering for Erotic Loving and Embraces

Ah!! No wonder I love your books, Lucy!!!!! *wink*

Lee Ann said...

Hey Lucy, mine is....
L.E.E.A.N.N.: Love Exchanging Erotic Arousing, Naughty Necking

Thank for sharing that site, I have an excuse now for my need for romance book reading!!! lol

lidia said...

My first name is:

L.I.D.I.A.: Lover Incomparably Delivering Intense Affection

Cindy said...

Charming Individual Needing Delights and Yeses



Lucy Monroe said...

I love these names!!! What fun...thank you all so much for participating. I hope we get more, this is a great way to procrastinate from writing. LOL


Anonymous said...

This is Lucy's sister, Mona. I am happy to see the work week come to an end! Now I can sit back and relax, or not! I thought the name thing was super cute. M.O.N.A. Minx Offering Naughty Affection. My husband only wishes I was! I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Mo! Great to see you here. I love your name!


Holly said...

Hey Lucy..I love these little things..:D

H.O.L.L.Y.: Hottie Offering Lustful, Loving and Yeses

Stacy~ said...

S.T.A.C.Y. - Sexy Temptress Administering Caresses and Yeses

Sounds like a fun time - LOL.

Michele said...

Hi Lucy!
Michele here with another comment of being satisfied with another fun read.
"The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress".

I loved how you wrote his reaction when he first saw the ultrasound of his son. That gave me goose bumps! Wow!
And the line,
"You're a Man. This is something you are supposed to know."
HA!!!! That was priceless.
How do you come up with these great lines????
You're Awesome!!!

Thought you'd like to know.

Lucy Monroe said...

Holly and Stacy...isn't the sexy name decoder great??? Both your names are WAY too fun! LOL

Michele...that was the second Present I wrote, though it came out over here a year after being released in the UK. I still really love that story. And I remember vividly both scenes you are talking about...I'm glad you get both the emotion I was trying to convey and the humor. Makes me feel REALLY good! Thanks for taking the time to tell me!


Phylana said...

My name is too long but they did wonders with Phylana.

Phylana = Playful Hottie Yielding Loving and Arousing, Naughty Affection

I like it so much I may get the shirt :)

Lucy Monroe said...

Phylana...what a GREAT idea! I need a t-shirt too. LOL


Heather R. said...

Hey, Lucy!

Mine was too long for the whole name, but I used my handle:

H.E.A.T.H.E.R. R.
Hottie Exchanging Arousing Touches and Hot, Erotic Recreation

How fun! Thanks for sharing!

Lucy Monroe said...

That's GREAT Heather! LOL I love it!