Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Traditions...

We had an awesome weekend...wish you all could have been at some of the parties we went to.
Friday night, my sister hosted a caroling party (which she has been doing every year for over a decade) and a few dozen of us tramped her neighborhood serenading her neighbors with Christmas carols. Saturday was the annual family reunion on my dad's side...five generations of family show up to share our joy in Christmas together. We ate, we sang and little ones opened gifts. The family has been meeting the Saturday before Christmas for over 50 years and I've been going since my birth 37 years ago. It's an awesome heritage for my children.  A great family tradition.
Yesterday we went to church and the topic was on the Christmas spirit...the Holy Spirit...very cool.  Then, we spent some time Christmas shopping while it snowed (which is *not* a tradition around here, but we liked it all the same) and then had dinner with my mom, which was lovely, even though it meant driving both ways on sheets of ice.

Today, I'm catching up on email and then I'm going to supervise Christmas cards and gift wrapping. I say supervise because the teens do most of the work to save my wrist joints. :)

I love the ongoing traditions this time of year, but I'm just as enamored of trying new things and seeing what doors may open to bless others in new ways.
How about you?


lidia said...

Wow! What lovely traditions. It is wonderful to hear that your family has kept up the tradition for over 50 years.

My heritage is Eastern European. Traditionally Christmas is more of religious holiday than gift giving. Instead of Santa Claus, St. Nick brought presents on his feast day (December 6th if you celebrate Christmas on December 25th - or December 19th if you celebrate Christmas on January 7th (according to the Julian calendar)). We always thought that we were very lucky because we got our gifts before everyone else!

Then if anyone brought gifts on Christmas Eve we were told that an Angel brought them.

I also am curious to hear about other traditions!

Danica said...

Love the tradtions... I wish I'd been there!

No traditions here. :( Working on it though.

Also, I have to tell you, I LOVED the Greek's Christmas baby.

Lucy Monroe said...

Lidia...I love hearing about your family's traditions. You know, someday all of this could end up in a book. It's the details like this that make characters and lifestyle real, you know? And of course that means they have to come in some form from *life*. :) Thanks for sharing!

Danica...I'm so glad you enjoyed TGCB! You'd be surprised at how quickly things become a tradition when you share them with your kids. We have an advent calendar...little books that are read each day leading to Christmas and then hung on the tree as an ornament. We got the calendar when our children were toddlers and have been using it ever since. I thought this year that since they were all teenagers, they wouldn't want to do it, but maybe try a different Advent style way. They insisted on following tradition and I have visions of their children one day reading the advent story bit by bit out loud for the rest of us. How special!


Michele said...

Great traditions, Lucy!

For me, the tradition I've kept so far in my 20 year marraige is what I got from my Mom and her Mom. Lighting a red candle on Christmas eve and having it burn until midnight. It's supposed to light the way of our Lord, welcoming Him. I think it might be in reference to the Star that the Magi followed to find Baby Jesus.

The other comes from my DH's childhood. On the night of watching the show, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, I bake Christmas sugar cookies and they are only eaten while watching the show. The few that are left *grin*, are left for Santa on Christmas eve. (bake them the day before Christmas Eve so they're still fresh)

BTW - I just finished READY. Oh Wow! was that ever good. The bed scenes were HOT ..although the scene in the armament room was cool(but still Hot, you know?). Have you ever actually SEEN the kind of jungle themed hot spring room you wrote about? In Vermont? It sounds fun. Anyway, I thought it was great when she presented him her "gift" at the end. How romantic!!
So, when do I get to read Nitro's story? Hotwire's should be good, but the way you wrote Nitro's character has really got me intrigued!!!

Thanks , Lucy, for another awesome read!!!!
((now I can get rid of the ice pack *giggle* ))

Lucy Monroe said...

What neat traditions, Michele. :) I love the lighting a candle one and may very well incorporate that into my own Christmas traditions in some way.

As for READY...the jungle room scene was pure imagination with a little research to make sure it was possible. ;) But if I ever design my own house, watch out!