Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Scene 5 is live...

Well, the 5th cut scene is live on my website and I'm also looking for some help naming my latest book.  I've chosen my favorite 15 reader suggestions and put them in a poll on my website.  Please take a minute and cast your vote. :)
It may be a few days before I blog again because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, one of my very favorite holidays.  We're hosting a big family dinner for my husband's side of the family, then Friday is the big shopping day and Saturday another huge dinner for my side of the family (about twice as many people) and by Sunday, I'll be totally exhausted.  Somewhere in there, I've also got the copyedits to do on a manuscript and to finish my current work in progress (the historical werewolf book).  It's going to be a very busy few days!
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and that even if you aren't celebrating Thanksgiving where you're from, you take a few minutes in the next day or so to just remember what you are grateful for.  My readers are definitely near the top of my list of blessings, along with my family and God's grace. :)


Stacy ~ said...

Lucy, I am really enjoying the cut scenes. It seems like a lot of good story was left out - understandable since CUASMS is about Alex & Isabel, not Marcus and Ronnie - but the extra scenes really gel and bring it all together. I cannot wait to read their story!
I also enjoyed the voting contest for your werewolf story. I hope whatever happens, you are happy with the name and it conveys what you are trying to get across to your readers. It's a very thoughtful gesture to get us involved - thank you!
And please have a wonderful and special Thanksgiving holiday. I know how much family means to you and it's important to have that time together. See you soon :)

Marilyn said...

Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday. My heart is so full with the blessings I've received from family and friends.

By the way, The Greek's Christmas Baby was incredible and sincerely touched my heart. Thanks again for another wonderful story, Lucy.

Lucy Monroe said...

Stacy...I'm really glad you are enjoying the scenes. Part of me wishes I'd sort of fought to keep them in now. Re-reading them, I see where they really added to the story. At least I think. :) And I'm really enjoying the title contest myself. :)

Marilyn...thank you! That means so much!

Mega hugs to you both,

lidia said...

Lucy, I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Most of us have so much to be grateful for -- our family, friends, health, etc... We also kept those in need in our prayers.
Like Stacy, I love the cut scenes. The background information is certainly setting the stage for Ronnie and Marcus' story.
By the way, I realized that I still have not read "Wedding Vow of Revenge." Your other books got in the way and somehow it "disappeared" from my TBR pile. I'll need to dig it up and read it this weekend. I also have to look for Ronnie & Marcus' story this weekend. I think that I will be very busy reading your books!

Lucy Monroe said...

Lidia...I had a really good (but very full) Thanksgiving weekend. When it was over, we all agreed we needed "a vacation from our vacation" :). I'm so glad you are enjoying the cut scenes...the latest one answers that question you had about Ronnie, though not as thoroughly as it is answered in "Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It."

I hope you like "Wedding Vow of Revenge." It's my most American Presents yet. I'm really interested to see how readers respond. :)