Friday, October 28, 2005

Shameless book pimping...

I got a chance to chat with Yolanda on a board I'm on and she has such a refreshing view of what constitutes strength in a heroine...why women do what they do that I really think you're going to want to read her latest book.
Sweetest Taboo by Yolonda Greggs
Arabesque/BET Books
ISBN 1-58314-582-6

SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS…Ever since her baby girl, Ashanti, was stolen from the hospital shortly after her birth, Cai McIntyre has been on a mission to find her—and to rescue other missing children. Now a new lead has opened up, but before Cai can reclaim her child, a suspicious accident leaves her with amnesia and at the mercy of a handsome military man.

…AND FINDING A FUTURE Matthew St. Clair and his nine-year-old daughter Melana are preparing for a category 4 hurricane when a beautiful stranger literally crashes into their lives. Matthew takes on the responsibility of nursing Cai to health as best he can and in the process discovers that she is in grave danger. But who is after her? And what will happen if Cai and Matthew give in to the smoldering attraction between them?

Donna at Cataromance gave it five stars and called it "a beautifully moving story that you will long remember and want to tell all your friends and family about."

It's a November book, but is available in a lot of bookstores and for online ordering now.

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