Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yummy reading...

No matter how tight my deadlines, when a new Sherrilyn Kenyon book comes out, I've got to read it. I picked up Sins of the Night at the bookstore (she's one of the few authors I will make a trip to a bricks and mortar store for, rather than wait for an online delivery...her and Lori Foster) and devoured it as soon as I got home. It was incredible! I laughed a little, cried more than I want to admit and put it down with that wonderful feeling you get from reading a really GREAT book permeating my entire being. If you are a fan of paranormal, or just plain love an emotional've got to read this book.

If you already love Sherrilyn Kenyon, then you've got to try C. J. Barry. She's another master at writing powerful characters with attitude and a world builder extraordinaire. Her latest, Unmasked, has an intriguing sense of underlying themes and a wonderfully layered plot.

Here's the back cover copy...tell me if you don't thin it sounds totally delish...To the merchants he plunders, he's the Ghost Rider of the Dead Zone. To sector law enforcement, he's a wanted pirate. To the slaves he rescues, he's the savior, laghato. To one determined female, Qaade Deter is serious trouble. Torrie Masters had heard of the legendary raider, but she'd never expected to encounter him. Nor would she have expected that beneath his black mask lurked an enticing man destined to challenge her in ways she couldn't shoot her way out of. But a great threat has emerged-one that's left no choice but for them to join forces. Entrusted with the fate of thousands, Torrie has discovered Qaade's impossible dream. Only she has the power to help him. Only she has the power to see him UNMASKED.

I love reading romance, but paranormal is a fairly new genre for me. I hadn't read anything in it except Jayne Anne Krentz's futuristics (written as Jayne Castle) until last year...but then I discovered Sherrilyn Kenyon, Angela Knight and MaryJanice Davidson. I've been busy trying other new authors in the genre since...and writing my own werewolf stories (the first of which will be out in January).

Life is so much richer for the books I read. I hope you all feel the same way!




Michele said...

OMGosh! Is it a new Dark Hunter book???? Oh, if it is, I HAVE to run out and get it.... I just read Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down where Sherrilyn has a story. I love the B.A.D. agency and their agents...yum. Let me know!!!!

Lucy Monroe said...

Yes,'s the new Dark Hunter book and it is totally delish! You are going to love it. I've read the B.A.D. books too and love 'em. Can't wait for the first B.A.D. single title to come out. :)

Michele said...

Oh, YES! Fun time is here!
I just read Hot and Heavy by Sandra Hill and it was great. I also read
The remarkable Miss Frankenstein by Minda Webber. 2 good summer reads. Now I can concentrate on my new yummy Dark Hunter. Thanks for the heads up!!!!!

Lucy Monroe said...

I believe that one of the greatest joys in life is to read a truly good book! I think that those of us who love romance are incredibly lucky because there are so many good books in our genre of choice out there. :)