Saturday, June 25, 2005

Easier to comment...

I've changed the commenting format so that unregistered users can comment as well.  I'll be watching closely for spammers, but hope this will be a good change for the blog.  It's not a lot of fun sitting on the front porch and talking to hopefully this will increase dialogue.


Danica/Dream said...

Lucy, I'm so happy you changed this, I've been reading your blog, but with no blogger account couldn't comment. Good to see you've joined the blog universe. I've missed you. Hugs!

Josie said...

Thanks for the change Lucy. This is so great that we can now comment without having to open an account. You are definitely not talking to yourself! We are all out here listening.

Michele said...

I hear you. I wanted a comment from a certain author who already had a blog account with a different server. She didn't want to add another one just to comment. So I changed my settings too, of course, it took another blogger to fill me in as to how to do it..I was a newbie back then....whoa...all of 1 month ago..*grin*
It really isn't any fun "blogging in the wind" as I say. "0 comments" is such a let down. I'll drop by time to time if it's OK with you?
I'm not a writer, I read....a lot....too much maybe at times...but it keeps me out of trouble.

Lucy Monroe said...

I am so glad this change is working for you all. If I'd known it was so hard to post comments, I would have made it before! Because I like *chatting* with you all. Please...DO...stop by and post as often as you like!