Tuesday, May 31, 2005

When your kids get taller than you...

You know I love my kids...in fact, I adore them, but I'm not the kind of mom to move into the back seat because my son now towers over my be close to a foot.  Nope.  I'm just not the type.  So, we went car shopping this weekend, looking for something where my son could fit comfortably in the back seat and my daughters too.  (They're both taller than me as well and as long as nobody calls me shrimp, we're okay. LOL)
We found the perfect new (previously owned however) car for me.  I'm really happy as it has some luxury features I like and my children fit beautifully in the back.  That's a truly wonderful thing.
So, now I'm no longer as bothered by the fact my kids are way taller than me.  They're comfortable and so am I.  But one of these days they'll be driving themselves and I'll be able to have any kind of car I want.  Somehow, I get the feeling that isn't going to make up for having to watch them go off to college, though. :)


Jill Monroe said...

Oh, Lucy I feel your pain. At just 5 foot 1 myself, it's really only a matter of time.

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Jill...it's unsettling, isn't it? I wouldn't wish my shorter genes on my kids, but golly...they were taller than me by the time they were out of grammar school. Sigh... :)

lidia said...


I am only 5 feet tall. However, my daughter is the same height and therefore cannot "make fun" of me.


Lucy Monroe said...

Lucky you, Lidia. :) My family is always asking me where my tall kids came from considering the fact I'm the shortest of six siblings. Since they're all smart enough to understand recessive genes, I just give 'em the look. LOL