Friday, May 20, 2005

Getting somewhere on my current WIP...finally.

Well, for a million reasons that would probably bore you all to tears, I'm finally getting somewhere on my newest book.  I'm working on a Harlequin Presents (the first in a royal trilogy that will be out next year) and I love my characters, love the plot and had the hardest time getting that first scene down.  I deleted and rewrote it, changing venues for the characters three times...but by jove...I think I've finally got it!  Writing is so integral to my sanity that you may wonder how sane I've been while struggling with this little contretemps between my creative muse and my internal need to be GETTING SOMEWHERE.  It hasn't been pretty, I'll be honest...ditzy is the way my sister has described me.  Majorly ditzy...but my brain has been preoccupied.  It still is, but now with the need to write the story zinging around in my mind.
We're moving my other sister tomorrow...I wonder if anyone will notice if I disappear to write on the Dana behind the house?   It worked for me as a kid, but I think my siblings have gotten savvy to my ways by now...


Kate said...

Hi Lucy
Good luck with the new book and helping your sister to move. I have just found your blog and look forward to hearing more about you and your books!

Lucy Monroe said...

Hi, Katie! Glad you found the site! The move was like all moves...hard. LOL But it was great being with my family. I really wanted to write today, but I'm pooped. I'm going to go watch the first Pink Panther movie with the family, eat ice cream and relax. Monday...I'll get LOTS of pages in. I hope! :)