Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dressing for work is overrated...

Really...it is.  So many mornings, I can't wait to get to my computer, so I end up here in my bathrobe without even brushing my hair.  It's not a pretty picture, but it's like I've got to get a start on my day, a chance to warm up my brain with email so I can write later.  I love that...both the writing and the email (even if most days it takes way more time than it should <g>).  I bathe later...when I realize *again* that I spent three hours at the computer, not ten minutes like I promised myself.  I used to put on comfy pjs to work in after showering and doing my hair, but now that I'm on a carpool that requires me getting out of my car, I put real clothes on.  Can't embarrass the kids, you know?  So, my closet full of pajamas isn't getting the wear it used to and I've had to invest in more comfy real clothes for every day.
But it still feels best to work in my bathrobe...there's just something very freeing about knowing I don't have to dress for my office. LOL
Don't know what that says about me...

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