Tuesday, May 31, 2005

When your kids get taller than you...

You know I love my kids...in fact, I adore them, but I'm not the kind of mom to move into the back seat because my son now towers over my be close to a foot.  Nope.  I'm just not the type.  So, we went car shopping this weekend, looking for something where my son could fit comfortably in the back seat and my daughters too.  (They're both taller than me as well and as long as nobody calls me shrimp, we're okay. LOL)
We found the perfect new (previously owned however) car for me.  I'm really happy as it has some luxury features I like and my children fit beautifully in the back.  That's a truly wonderful thing.
So, now I'm no longer as bothered by the fact my kids are way taller than me.  They're comfortable and so am I.  But one of these days they'll be driving themselves and I'll be able to have any kind of car I want.  Somehow, I get the feeling that isn't going to make up for having to watch them go off to college, though. :)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Life is such a gift...

My hubby turned 40 this week and for some reason that brought home to me what a true gift getting older and just plain *living* really is.  Maybe it's because my mom has had a terminal illness for several years, maybe it's because I have a friend who lost her husband younger than this, maybe it's simply because I look at dh and can't help the warm fuzzies that fill me up as I consider another year with him.  But life is a gift...even when it's hard.  Let's face it, for most of us anyway, tough stuff is part and parcel of life.  We know what it feels like to have our hearts shredded, our hopes dashed and our lives turned upside down and inside out.  We also know what it is to breathe, to feel, to laugh, to cry in joy and the happiness of simply touching someone we love, whether in a hug or merely brushing their hands with our own.
It's all about life and beauty despite the ugliness that might come.  The longer I live the more convinced I become of something:  people with a truly good attitude, people who can appreciate and be grateful for the gifts that life has to offer on a consistent basis, people that aren't busy complaining...are usually people who have had more than their share of pain and choose to love life anyway.  Or maybe because all the hurt has taught them what a treasure the times of joy really are.
These are my favorite kind of people.  I hope to always be one of them!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

More fun reading...

Okay, what do you expect when my favorite hobby is reading and my career is writing?  Of course, I'm gonna chat frequently about books I've read, books I'm writing and books I'd love to read.  But I just recently read Angela Knight's Master of the Moon and it is a fast paced, intense read with a couple of main characters that will knock your socks off.  They really will...Lyr, the king of the fairies is one very masculine and sexy guy and Diana London is a kick-a** heroine that will make you smile over and over again.  Angela has taken fantasy to a whole new level for me.
Speaking of reading...it's probably time I read and edited yesterday's pages.  Boy am I loving this book...Tomasso is a hero that makes *me* drool.  LOL
Take care!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dressing for work is overrated...

Really...it is.  So many mornings, I can't wait to get to my computer, so I end up here in my bathrobe without even brushing my hair.  It's not a pretty picture, but it's like I've got to get a start on my day, a chance to warm up my brain with email so I can write later.  I love that...both the writing and the email (even if most days it takes way more time than it should <g>).  I bathe later...when I realize *again* that I spent three hours at the computer, not ten minutes like I promised myself.  I used to put on comfy pjs to work in after showering and doing my hair, but now that I'm on a carpool that requires me getting out of my car, I put real clothes on.  Can't embarrass the kids, you know?  So, my closet full of pajamas isn't getting the wear it used to and I've had to invest in more comfy real clothes for every day.
But it still feels best to work in my bathrobe...there's just something very freeing about knowing I don't have to dress for my office. LOL
Don't know what that says about me...

Monday, May 23, 2005

A really special book...

I want to share a very special book with you all.  You know when you read a story that leaves you feeling fabulous, one that you cannot put down no matter how much other stuff you need to do (including sleep)?  I had that experience just lately reading Lori Foster's JAMIE.  It's an incredible book and I hope you get the chance to read it.  It has a light paranormal element for paranormal fans, but will truly please *every* reader on an emotional level that is unparalleled by most books!

Sunny Monday...

Oh, I do love the sunshine!  It's gorgeous here, with blue skies and glistening sunshine.  Don't know how long it will last (the glistening is the left over wet from the recent rains that could come back any minute), so I'll enjoy it while I've got it.  You know?  Though, I'm going to have to enjoy it from inside because today is BUSY and I have a ton to do and I need to get A LOT of pages written too.  My hubby's 40th birthday is this week and I want to make it special for him, but he wants low key.  He's asked me to invite our friends and family to dinner at a hot dog joint.  His favorite food.  Yikes!  But it's his birthday, so I'm all for it.  LOL
Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Getting somewhere on my current WIP...finally.

Well, for a million reasons that would probably bore you all to tears, I'm finally getting somewhere on my newest book.  I'm working on a Harlequin Presents (the first in a royal trilogy that will be out next year) and I love my characters, love the plot and had the hardest time getting that first scene down.  I deleted and rewrote it, changing venues for the characters three times...but by jove...I think I've finally got it!  Writing is so integral to my sanity that you may wonder how sane I've been while struggling with this little contretemps between my creative muse and my internal need to be GETTING SOMEWHERE.  It hasn't been pretty, I'll be honest...ditzy is the way my sister has described me.  Majorly ditzy...but my brain has been preoccupied.  It still is, but now with the need to write the story zinging around in my mind.
We're moving my other sister tomorrow...I wonder if anyone will notice if I disappear to write on the Dana behind the house?   It worked for me as a kid, but I think my siblings have gotten savvy to my ways by now...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Just got my covers for my December Zebra and loved it so much, I wanted to share! (This book is the follow on to Come Up and See Me Sometime - it has Marcus and Veronica's story in it.) Posted by Hello

Can't believe it is Thursday...

Every week, I start Monday with this image of all the stuff I'm going to accomplish, the pages I'm going to write, the things I'm going to do and you know...Thursday comes and I panic because it's not all done, or even close! It happens pretty much every week, which I think is telling me something about my schedule. Like maybe it is just a tad insane. LOL

Hope the rest of you are having a superb day!

Hugs and take care,

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Something New...for me anyway :)

This is a whole new thing for me...not only am I not a blogger (I haven't kept a daily journal since Jr. High and I did it then because I adored the teacher who encouraged me to do it.), but I've read very few blogs, so I'll probably do this all wrong. But I'm going to treat this space like a spot to sit and visit with friends. I hope you all will too!