Friday, December 23, 2005

New book trailer/flash movie up...

The new flash movie is up for WILLING on my website.  KD Productions have really outdone themselves this time and I think readers are going to love this trailer.  Have a look and let me know what you think!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Traditions...

We had an awesome weekend...wish you all could have been at some of the parties we went to.
Friday night, my sister hosted a caroling party (which she has been doing every year for over a decade) and a few dozen of us tramped her neighborhood serenading her neighbors with Christmas carols. Saturday was the annual family reunion on my dad's side...five generations of family show up to share our joy in Christmas together. We ate, we sang and little ones opened gifts. The family has been meeting the Saturday before Christmas for over 50 years and I've been going since my birth 37 years ago. It's an awesome heritage for my children.  A great family tradition.
Yesterday we went to church and the topic was on the Christmas spirit...the Holy Spirit...very cool.  Then, we spent some time Christmas shopping while it snowed (which is *not* a tradition around here, but we liked it all the same) and then had dinner with my mom, which was lovely, even though it meant driving both ways on sheets of ice.

Today, I'm catching up on email and then I'm going to supervise Christmas cards and gift wrapping. I say supervise because the teens do most of the work to save my wrist joints. :)

I love the ongoing traditions this time of year, but I'm just as enamored of trying new things and seeing what doors may open to bless others in new ways.
How about you?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The inspiration behind "The Greek's Christmas Baby"

I was discussing this with some readers on another board and thought it would be a great blog topic. So, here it is.

I wrote "The Greek's Christmas Baby" after my mom had a stroke. She woke up and had forgotten her family...her kids mostly. But she remembered her husband in this vague way and he is obsessive compulsive (not very nice on a lot of occasions - can be very emotionally abusive). My sisters and I were so hurt and it took weeks for Mom to start remembering us. During that time, I came up with this story idea. What would happen if a husband woke up having forgotten only his wife?

I think a lot of my own pain is in that story and I loved both Eden and Aristide because in their own ways, they were fighting the good fight. They just got confused sometimes about who the enemy was.

I remember sitting in the chair by my mom's hospital bed (I spent *a lot* of time at the hospital because I'm the only daughter who works at home, so I worked there and just hung out with her a lot) and taking tons of notes on her condition. At one point she asked what I was doing and I told her I was taking notes for a book. She gave me this look, a conspiratorial one - for a brief flash, she remembered that about me, not that I was her daughter but that *everything* was fodder for my books. She smiled and winked and I blinked back tears. A few hours later she remembered out of the blue that she had six children. She still didn't recognize us, but she remembered that she'd had us. It was a good moment.

The funny thing was, the doctors couldn't understand the amnesia at first. They said the part of her brain affected by the stroke should not have impacted her memory. It was only after a second MRI that they saw how massive the stroke really had been. But you many of the themes in that book played out in my mom's hospital room and later. And now I'm getting all emotional thinking about it. It's good to have her remembering us...not a gift we're ever likely to take for granted.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Some great news!

Just wanted to share that "The Greek's Christmas Baby" spent another week on Waldenbook's 10 Bestselling Series Romance list and Bookscan's 100 Top Selling Romances list. Woo hoo!

And my dear friend, Kate Davies, just sold her first book (two of them, actually) to Samhain Publishing!!! Both stories are knockouts and I can't wait to see them in print. To find out more info, visit her blog. I'm so excited for her!!!!


Friday, December 09, 2005

My December Releases...

Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 0821777718
SURPRISE, SURPRISE...The last woman business consultant Marcus Danvers expects to find at Kline Electronics is Veronica Richards. He’s supposed to be rooting out a corporate spy, not rehashing an old love affair—with the woman who sold out the company they both used to work for and then took off without so much as a kiss goodbye. All the clues point to Ronnie as the firm’s newest mole, which means he'll have to spend time with the stubbornly reticent—and mouthwateringly sexy—woman he hasn't been able to forget, and uncover every last thing she has to hide...
FANCY SEEING YOU HERE...It’s just Ronnie’s luck. The one man she'd hoped never to see again is suddenly everywhere she looks—and taking up a starring role in her daydreams, too. Remembering the passion she and Marcus once shared certainly isn't going to help, though, not when she has so many secrets, and no explanation for the way she left him eighteen months ago—or at least not one he'll want to hear. The problem is, when Marcus is around all her good intentions go up in smoke...
Read an Excerpt or the Cut Scenes
(Harlequin Presents® #2506)
After a head-on collision with another vehicle, Eden Kouros is overjoyed that her unborn baby has survived. But Aristide, her husband, has suffered a partial loss of memory. Eden's heart is torn in two. Aristide remembers almost everything—except that he has a wife. Yet perhaps Eden has been given a second chance to save her marriage, which was at breaking point before the accident: Aristide's body hasn't forgotten the desire they once shared...and she's still carrying their precious, tiny child....
Read an Excerpt

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Something different...

Sometimes you are in the mood for a different kind of read.  If that's the case, then what about a highly erotic "Regency set romantica" e-book by a brand new author?  Kate Pearce's "Eden's Pleasure", available from Ellora's Cave, has all the elements of pure erotica fantasy for the romance reader.
Or you could try "Take Me" by Bella erotic romance about a plus size woman and the man of her fantasies.   In the seductive warmth of the Tuscan sun, Lily is about to unwrap her real self, and play a game of desire with the hot-blooded Travis. Will she be burned by an ecstasy that’s so all-consuming it has her seeing stars? Or will Travis open his heart to the sexy, exciting, and lasting love she has to offer?  This is a tradesize paperback put out by Pocket books.
If you're looking for sexy humor with a little suspense thrown in, then you should check out "Cherry On Top" by Kathleen Long.  Luke Chance is allergic to cherries—literally. He also avoids women with money, especially new money. But Cherry Harte is fun, different, and super-sexy. But is she on the lam? The woman’s hiding something, and he intends to find out what. Chance is a man on a mission…call it love.  This is a mass market paperback from Kensington.
So, there you have it...three wildly different stories in three different formats by three very different writers.  Don't ever say I don't go all out when I try to offer something different!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Well, it's done...

Yeah!  I'm very happy to have sent the book off to my editor.  I'm starting a new book on Monday (or rather doing revisions on a book I wrote a long time ago that Harlequin bought for the Modern Romance Extra - used to be Temptation - line).  I'm also over the moon because The Greek's Christmas Baby is on both Bookscan's 100 Top Selling Romances and Waldenbooks 10 Bestselling Series Romance list.  And Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It made it on Amazon's Top 10 New Releases list.  So, I'm just celebrating all over the place right now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Almost done with my werewolf book...

I'm so close to being done with the werewolf book that I can taste it, which is good because working from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day is getting old. :)  I'm working on the final paper edit and I got about 1/3 of the way through it yesterday.  And *that* means I am still very itchy about getting the book done on time.  It's due December 1.  Some might call my current condition family calls it demented.  I'm not the most rational being at the moment.  I can't seem to help's never just a matter of turning in a book on time, it's a matter of turning in a book *I'm proud of* on time.   Here's hoping...
Oh, and Cut Scene #7 is up on my website, in case you're interested.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Scene 5 is live...

Well, the 5th cut scene is live on my website and I'm also looking for some help naming my latest book.  I've chosen my favorite 15 reader suggestions and put them in a poll on my website.  Please take a minute and cast your vote. :)
It may be a few days before I blog again because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, one of my very favorite holidays.  We're hosting a big family dinner for my husband's side of the family, then Friday is the big shopping day and Saturday another huge dinner for my side of the family (about twice as many people) and by Sunday, I'll be totally exhausted.  Somewhere in there, I've also got the copyedits to do on a manuscript and to finish my current work in progress (the historical werewolf book).  It's going to be a very busy few days!
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and that even if you aren't celebrating Thanksgiving where you're from, you take a few minutes in the next day or so to just remember what you are grateful for.  My readers are definitely near the top of my list of blessings, along with my family and God's grace. :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm a not so secret "Secrets" fan...

“White Heat” featured in SECRETS, Volume 12 by Leigh Wyndfield
(Red Sage, July 2005)
Raine has spent the last few years avenging her murdered team, but the cost has been high. She’s hiding in an icehouse in the middle of nowhere from one of the scariest men in the universes. Walker escapes from a burning prison, staggering to safety. Imagine their surprise when they find out they have the same man to blame for their miseries. Passion, revenge and love are in their future.
Read an excerpt.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Cut Scene #4 is up...

I've just put up Cut Scene #4 on my website.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

A cool quiz...

Shiloh Walker introduced me to this quiz on the Vamps & Scamps blog and I think it's so neat, I want to share it with you all. :) Here are my results, how about you?

you are deepskyblue

Your dominant hues are cyan and blue. You like people and enjoy making friends. You're conservative and like to make sure things make sense before you step into them, especially in relationships. You are curious but respected for your opinions by people who you sometimes wouldn't even suspect.

Your saturation level is very high - you are all about getting things done. The world may think you work too hard but you have a lot to show for it, and it keeps you going. You shouldn't be afraid to lead people, because if you're doing it, it'll be done right.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the html color quiz

Friday, November 18, 2005

Scene 3 is Live...

Just wanted to let you know that I've uploaded the third Marcus-Ronnie scene to my website.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another American Title II contestant...

First and foremost, I would like to thank Lucy for her kindness and generosity by allowing me a voice here in her blog. What a wonderful woman you are, Lucy, to share your readers with me!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Gerri Russell, and I'm an American Title II finalist for my book, THE WARRIOR TRAINER. I am thrilled to be one of the eleven finalists all competing for the ultimate prize of a publishing contract with Dorchester Publishing. And while all eleven of us would like to win, only one of us can. And your vote determines who that will be. To cast your vote in the first round of competition for the Best First Line, visit between Nov. 14 and Nov. 27.

I am so pleased that Dorchester selected THE WARRIOR TRAINER as part of the competition. This book is very special to me. Not only was it the winner of the Romance Writers of America 2002 Golden Heart in the Short Historical category, it was written during the time that my mother struggled with her own battle over breast cancer. The heroine, Scotia, came to represent to me all the women out there in the world who struggle with issues everyday, and must find reserves they did not know they had in order to better their circumstances. The character of Scotia in my book is based on a true historical person. She was the first female trainer of warriors in Scotland and the reason the country is named what it is.

Another interesting facet of Scotia's life is that she brought with her to Scotland a stone of great importance, The Destiny Stone or as it became referred to in later days, The Stone of Scone. This stone is a historic national treasure to all of Great Britain and is featured prominently in the story. And that's what I like to do--to weave history with strong yet vulnerable characters and create stories that will (hopefully) linger in your heart as they do in mine.

During the American Title II contest I will be blogging on my website as Scotia. If you'd like to learn more about her, or read an excerpt of THE WARRIOR TRAINER, come check us out at

Gerri Russell
American Title II Finalist for THE WARRIOR TRAINER

For those that may have missed...

Cut Scenes 1 & 2 with Marcus and/or Ronnie prior to their story in Goodness Had Nothing to do With It are up on my website and Cut Scene 4 will be up tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Re: The art as the artist...

I read a blog a while back by a reader who had discovered a really unpleasant side to one of her favorite authors via the author's blog. She'd found herself less enthusiastic about buying that author's books and felt a little guilty about it. Her husband thought she was wrong and gave her the spiel about the artist being separated from the art. I've gotten that spiel a few times myself, especially from my mother, who is a very talented painter.

In the indominitable words of Nero Wolf, "Phooey!" I don't buy it. If I know that an artist, be they a writer, painter, actor or musician is a person I cannot respect or like (and I'm honest enough to admit my reasons wouldn't be everyone's), I make no bones about not buying or appreciating that person's art. There's just too much good art out there by people I do admire and like...or don't know enough about to feel one way or the other about. :)

Great artists who are mean people should probably keep their mean side under wraps or stay out of the public eye, don't you think? It only makes sense to me, but if they are going to hang out there with some big ugly wart on their chin, then they need to just live with the fact that fans are going to notice. Especially this fan. :)

I have never been able (or wanted) to separate the artist from the art. In my early twenties, I refused to buy a painting by a woman who had left her husband and children (one of whom was my little sister's best friend) to run off with her teenage lover. Everyone touted the painting as phenom investment, including my artist mother. Me, I didn't want to invest in someone's career that could be that callous to her children. Did the painting go up in price? You bet. Do I regret not making the purchase? Her art took off, but her children didn't thrive after her rejection nearly as well. I don't read books by authors who have been unkind to people I care about or who criticize my favorite genre romance either.

Life is too short to waste it on the mean people. So, I don't. How about you? Do you sit firmly in my mom's camp...the art is separate from the artist, or mine...if the artist isn't worth my time, neither is his or her art...or somewhere in between? I won't be offended if you disagree with me. I adore my mom to pieces and she does. :)


Monday, November 14, 2005

American Title II Finalist

I'm excited for all the American Title II finalists, but a couple of them are writers I really believe in, so I asked them to do a guest blog for me to tell you a little about themselves.  Here is the first one:
Lucy, my dear friend and mentor,

Thank you for inviting me to be a guest on your blog !  This is truly one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me, having the opportunity to introduce myself to your readers all over the world, and sharing my good news! 

My name is Debra Parmley, and I'm an American Title II Finalist for my western historical romance, DESPERATE JOURNEY.  I'm thrilled to be one of eleven finalists competing for the prize.  This is the dream of a lifetime.  I hope you will share my journey by visiting

Today is the official start of the contest put on by Dorchester Publishing and Romantic Times Bookclub magazine.  It's run along the lines of the TV show American Idol but in this contest the winner receives a first publishing contract!  The vote in the first round, for best first line, visit Nov. 14 -27.  With your vote I can achieve my dream!!!!

Debra Parmley
American Title II Finalist for DESPERATE JOURNEY 


Sunday, November 13, 2005

To chat or not to chat...

I was visiting my friend Jane Porter's website and clicked on her blog because I was curious what form it would take.  As many of you know, blogging is a new thing for me and while I love some blogs, I can't abide others.  Supposedly clever snarkiness leaves me cold.  But Jane's blog was highly entertaining and I wasn't surprised.  She's a deep person and that is reflected in how much of herself she reveals on the blog.  Also in the way she does it.  Jane is a complex woman with a beautiful heart.  That shows in her blog.
Reading it made me wish mine was more like that, but what if it was?  You might learn things about me...stuff like I think the feminist movement has a lot to answer for - both good and bad, that my favorite color is yellow because it makes me think of sunlight, but I wear more pink than Pinky Tuskadero from "Happy Days".  You might figure out that I love my kids, but I'm far from a perfect parent, that my best friends are my sisters, that my mom is demanding and wonderful and whole bunch of stuff in between, that my husband is sexier than The Rock and that I read more romance than nonfiction, even though I love both.  You might learn that I'm an activist at heart, too honest for my own good sometimes and blindingly intolerant of negativity.  I am fiercely loyal to my friends and will defend those that I love to the last breath.
I'm not sure if I'm ready for you to learn all that stuff about me, but on the other hand...if you read my books, you've got some inklings already.  So, I'm committed to sharing not just books I think you ought to give a try, but myself as well.
We'll see how it goes...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wanna hear a secret???

It's not a huge, make-0r-break secret 'cuz some people already know, but it's still a secret.  Which makes it interesting, no?  Sure, of course it does.  Right now, if I called out at the top of my voice, "Hey, want to hear a secret?" even my blasé teenagers would come running and ask me what it is.  That's the way secrets are.  They intrigue...they interest...they cause speculation and faster heartbeats and quick breathing...and talking in whispers.
So, here I am talking in a whisper...but guess what???  I have these scenes...45 pages worth to be exact...that I cut from Come Up and See Me Sometime.  All of these scenes are with Marcus and Veronica, the main characters in my December release Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It.  I cut the scenes for no other reason than my agent asked me to before I submitted the book.  They're good scenes...they give insight into Marcus and Ronnie (including how she got her nickname) from before the story begins in Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It.
So, what would you say if I told you that I wanted to share those scenes...all 8 of them...with readers on my website?   You'll have to wait for Monday to read the first one, but watch this space for further details.  Is that a cool secret?  What do you think, was it worth whispering???

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sometimes, you're just in the mood for a sexy creature of the night...

While Jennifer St. Giles has written a book set in the post Civil War U.S. and Sylvia Day's book is a futuristic, both authors write a sexy, edgy story sure to please fans of paranormal romance.
HIS DARK DESIRES by Jennifer St. Giles
(Pocket Books, Nov. 2005)
You are in danger. Trust no one. The terrifying words from a mysterious letter echo in Juliet Bucheron's mind. Destitute ever since her husband disappeared in the Civil War, Juliet has turned her New Orleans ancestral home into a boarding house -- despite the rumors of ghosts, the whispers of scandal, and the stain of murder.
But even more unsettling is Juliet's new tenant, a handsome stranger named Stephen Trevelyan. Wealthy, educated, and seductively compelling, Stephen fills Juliet's heart with uncontrollable longing -- and her head with suspicion. Something, she senses, is lurking beneath the surface. And someone is stalking the hallways after midnight. As the danger draws nearer, Juliet wonders if she can really trust Stephen. But as he pulls her closer, she knows she cannot resist matter what the price.
Read an excerpt.
MISLED by Sylvia Day
(Ellora’s Cave, Nov. 2005)
Special Task Force agent Derek Atkinson has a craving for luscious vamp Sable Taylor. But Sable’s a bounty hunter, which makes him direct competition in the capture of wanted criminals. Despite the obvious attraction between them, she won’t give him a chance and after two years, he’s tired of waiting for her to come around.
So he’s got a plan to give them both what they want… each other.
Sable’s on a dangerous mission. She’s not who Derek thinks she is, so anything personal just isn’t possible. But like most master vampires, Derek’s wily and used to having his way. When he traps her on his ship, she decides to indulge. Two straight days of mind-blowing sex should be enough, but it isn’t, not for either of them. Her heart is involved now, but Sable can’t let Derek get too close. If he finds out what she’s doing, he’ll never forgive her.  Derek, however, refuses to let go.  Now he’s getting shot at and asking questions she shouldn’t answer. Sable has to reveal the truth… Derek’s love has been misled…
Read an excerpt.
While you all know I don't write vampires (but I'm getting a kick out of my werewolves), I am wondering what your preferences to share?

Friday, November 04, 2005

The rainy days of fall...

I love them.  I'm in my writer's cave up to fifteen hours a day right now and it just feels right to look out the window, or go pick up my children from school and to have slate gray skies overhead and wet streets under my car tires.  The wind is blowing the trees outside right now and colored leaves are falling to the ground while the lichen on the older branches is coming into view.  It's gorgeous and very inspiring.  The perfect time of year to write...or get lost in a good book.
I love the changing of the seasons, how about you?

Friday, October 28, 2005

Shameless book pimping...

I got a chance to chat with Yolanda on a board I'm on and she has such a refreshing view of what constitutes strength in a heroine...why women do what they do that I really think you're going to want to read her latest book.
Sweetest Taboo by Yolonda Greggs
Arabesque/BET Books
ISBN 1-58314-582-6

SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS…Ever since her baby girl, Ashanti, was stolen from the hospital shortly after her birth, Cai McIntyre has been on a mission to find her—and to rescue other missing children. Now a new lead has opened up, but before Cai can reclaim her child, a suspicious accident leaves her with amnesia and at the mercy of a handsome military man.

…AND FINDING A FUTURE Matthew St. Clair and his nine-year-old daughter Melana are preparing for a category 4 hurricane when a beautiful stranger literally crashes into their lives. Matthew takes on the responsibility of nursing Cai to health as best he can and in the process discovers that she is in grave danger. But who is after her? And what will happen if Cai and Matthew give in to the smoldering attraction between them?

Donna at Cataromance gave it five stars and called it "a beautifully moving story that you will long remember and want to tell all your friends and family about."

It's a November book, but is available in a lot of bookstores and for online ordering now.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Winner of my blog comment contest...

There were 95 total entries between private emails and comments posted here.  I had my daughter choose the winner and it is Lis from Edmonton, Canada.  Lis, please email me at lucymonroe @ (no spaces) with your address so I can send you your signed copy of TOUCH ME.
Thank you again to EVERYONE for generously answering my questions and giving me your time!
I hope to see you all here from time to time. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A book I just bought...

(Berkley, October 25, 2005)
Even the undead celebrate Christmas, and Betsy is in heaven shopping for gifts.
But all is not merry in the mansion. It’s become infested with ghosts—really needy ones who have no qualms asking Betsy to run errands for them to rectify their pasts. Meanwhile, a serial killer is on the loose, and, being tall and blonde, Betsy perfectly fits his type.
They say Christmas is a time for friends and family. But with a half-sister who’s the devil’s daughter, an evil stepmother, a fiend living in her basement, and assorted spirits and killers running amok, Betsy is not sure she’ll survive the holidays. Oh, right. She’s already dead…
I've also just finished Hot Spell, with a story by Shiloh Walker in it.  I've got to tell you, I've found a new autobuy author!  The story is really well written and sexy in an emotionally intense way that always does it for me.  The rest of the stories in the anthology are all great and I couldn't put it down last night.
Happy reading!

Friday, October 21, 2005

A debut book by a dear friend...

The Oldest Kind of Magic by Ann Macela
Medallion Press
Daria Morgan is a magic practitioner who uses magic and spells to do her everyday job as a management consultant.
John “Bent” Benthausen is a CEO who, despite improvements in production, can’t make a profit. He needs her help.
With her special gifts, Daria gets right to the heart of Bent’s problem—crooked employees. Crooked, vicious, employees who are now out to get Daria. Those are just Problems One and Two.
Problem Three: An ancient force, an irresistible compulsion, called the soulmate imperative brings together magic-users and their mates in a lifelong bond. And it won't be happy until they surrender to the inevitable . . . the Oldest Kind of Magic . . .

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A question I would really appreciate some input on...

Hi, all :)  It's that time of year again...for me anyway.  Which means that I need to solidify my marketing plan for next year.  I'd just like to do an informal survey on what types of promotion are most influential to *you* in deciding:
1.  What books you buy.
2. When you buy those books.
I do lots of different kind of promotion for my books, ads in Romantic Times, banners on romance friendly websites, my own website, movie trailers (played on my website only) for my books, participating on reader boards and in reader chat groups (as an author and reader), etc.  I just thought it would be really great to hear what actually has impact for you and if it isn't any form of overt promotion, say that too.
I would really appreciate your input!  As incentive for anyone willing to share their thoughts, I have a supply of very cool, brand-spanking new bookmarks for 2006 and Lucy Monroe pens that I will send you if you send me an SASE (2 oz's of postage) once you have posted your comment.  To be eligible your comments must be posted here on my blog or sent to me as a private email.
In addition, if there are at least ten replies, I will do a drawing of participants in one week and send a signed copy of TOUCH ME to the winner.
(Which means you'll have to check back to see if you won and email me with your snailmail address at that time.)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Avoiding writing...

I'm not sure why I'm into avoidance at the moment...I definitely don't have the time to be, but as long as I am, I thought I'd post a chatty blog instead of a book recommendation.  What do you all think?
I'm just not sure where *I* ever got the idea that I could write a medieval werewolf story anyone else would want to read.  There are so many layers, I'm drowning in them and yet I'm scared to death it's going to come off too simple.  This is more than beginning of the book jitters...these are earthquakes in my soul.  Which makes me think this book is going to be really important to me, you know?
An entire world is evolving around my "Children of the Moon" and it's not one that every paranormal reader is going to recognize.  I don't get into curses or dark sorcery...because that's just not me.   My fem and werewolves are earthy and magical and I adore them, but I'm so worried I won't be able to make them come across the way I want them to for readers.
Well, it's back to the manuscript...
Happy reading and writing everyone!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Indulge in an anthology for a very good cause....

BEWITCHED, BOTHERED AND BEVAMPYRED by PC Cast, Susan Grant, MaryJanice Davidson, Gena Showalter, Mary Jo Putney, et. al. (Triskelion Press)

Welcome to Brokenoggin Falls, where the housewives are not only desperate, they're Witches! (And one of them might be a Harpy) The spells cast by moonlight frequently go awry. And there are times when toads and Chihuahuas seem abundant as black flies in the summer, the dragons are a little touchy, the Forest Trolls are in danger of extinction from teeny-boppers, the Gryphons need help conceiving and...the scientist are crunchy and good with ketchup...

All proceeds from the sales of this book will go to the International Red Cross.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A read worth getting behind for...

This book is a compilation of two stories Angela had previously e-pubbed and a brand new story about a female mercenary.  Even if you've read the Mercenaries stories in e-pub, it's worth buying this book and getting the deeper characterization and story development Angela has given each story.  It's really fabulous!  It's also highly erotic and pushes the envelope of sexuality for its characters to the outer limits.  It is the edgiest of Angela's work in print and an incredible read.
MERCENARIES by Angela Knight
(Penguin, September 2005)
In an embattled, sexually-charged new world of the future, the adventure begins...
Beautiful Trinity Yeager's mission: join Nathan August's star-hopping team of mercenary soldiers. With one condition: Trinity must prove her resilience as a lover for him and his first officer, Sebastian Cole.
Trinity not only sees Nathan's bet. She raises it...
Now, from galactic dens of depravity to far-reaching planets of dominant females and strapping male slaves, Trinity, Sebastian, and Nathan join forces, risk flesh and blood, and push the boundaries of erotic adventure in order to protect, honor, and service.
Read an excerpt.
A Little about ANGELA KNIGHT

Angela Knight's first book was written in pencil and illustrated in crayon; she was nine years old at the time. But her mother was enthralled, and Angela was hooked.
In the years that followed, Angela managed to figure out a way to make a living -- more or less -- at what she loved best: writing.  After a short career as a comic book writer, she became a newspaper reporter, covering everything from school board meetings to murders.  Several of her stories won South Carolina Press Association awards under her real name.  For more of Angela’s interesting bio, click here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Incredible book!

Okay...I bought this book when I was on deadline for my own, but did that stop me from reading it the minute I got home from the bookstore?  No, it did not.  It's a tremendous collection of two favorites being those by MaryJanice Davidson and Angela Knight.  Trust me...if you like sexy romance with a really strong heroine, you are going to ADORE this book!
“Warfem” featured in KICK @$$ by Angela Knight
(Berkeley Trade, September 2005)
They're sexy. They're smart. And they aren't afraid of a little danger-not even when it comes to matters of the heart...
Four of today's hottest authors present a quartet of stories about bold women who take no prisoners-either in a fight or in love. Whether it's in the bedroom, in the outer limits of the galaxy, or out on the mean streets, they kick heart-stopping action to the next level. These are women who can hold their own and aren't to be trifled with. The men in their lives know that-and they love it...
In “Warfem,” Alina Kasi reunites with her lover Baird Arvid after two decades apart. Passion instantly blazes between the two superhuman warriors, but old enemies and new lies may tear them apart. And Alina dreads what Baird will do when he finds out about the secret she’s been keeping for the past twenty years. But she soon discovers she’s not the only one keeping secrets.
Read an excerpt.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Live talk radio interview!

Hi, guys...I've got that live radio interview today about my debut historical release, TOUCH ME, on Laura's Much Ado About Books . You can call in (1-888-335-5204), or email ( in questions and I think it would be awesome if you did. Sandra Brown is going to be on the program too. I'm not sure which one of us is going first, but I'm betting it's me as they'll save the big draw for the last half of the show to keep people listening. To listen to the show live, click here (please note that this link is only good during the show), or if you want to listen to it after the initial airing, click here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

For those of you who just like plain sexy...

Susanna is a fabulous author and her first single title rocks!
This is the reason Stephanie Monroe ran away from small-town America in the first place—this insane sense of buttoned-up propriety that's managed to get her thrown in jail. It's not her fault people can't tell the difference between her haute couture and lady-of-the-evening wear! But now, after several citizen complaints, Stephanie finds herself booked by one of Mayfield's finest…and finest is definitely the word. Everything about Jack Logan, from his strong jaw to the way he wears his holster, is irresistibly appealing. And now, the biggest temptation in town—a man in uniform—is resurrecting Stephanie's long-buried, apple-pie good girl…and she needs to do something about it fast…
Doesn't that sound delish???
Lucy :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I love dragons...

HEART OF THE DRAGON by Gena Showalter

(HQN Books, September 2005)

He’ll make you burn…

He is a Dragon, a rare breed of warriors able to transform into the legendary creature at will. Though the mighty warlord breathes fear into the minds of his enemies and fire into the blood of his women, no one has ever stirred his heart -- until he encounters Grace Carlyle of modern day Earth. He burns to possess this proud, alluring beauty . . . but he has sworn to kill her.

Journey to the mythical world of Atlantis, where the gods’ hid their greatest mistakes – the vampires, demons, dragons, and other creatures of legend – and experience white-hot passion, exciting adventure, and a love that defies the boundaries of time and magic.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Some really cool news and a book I just loved!

Okay...first, for news on how to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, visit the giving page on my website.  I have donated signed books and other stuff to auctions to raise funds as well.  Watch this space for links to those auctions to be posted.
Second, I'm launching into another exciting endeavor...a chat group hosted by six super fun authors.  Okay, yes one of them is me, but the others are: Dianne Castell, LuAnn McLane, Rosemary Laurey, Janice Maynard and Shiloh Walker.  To join the group, just click here and follow the directions for joining the group.
And finally, for that book I just loved...
They're just the sexy boys next door...if next door is a really, really weird place.
Meet Damon, Maltese, and Shakar - three noble brothers from an enchanted kingdom where wooing and pleasuring is practically a royal commandment.  They're hot.  Irresistible.  And just a little different.  But what woman doesn't like a guy with a few surprises?
This book is hot and sexy and just cracks me up!  If you like quirky humor, sexy stories and heroines who have snark down to a fine art, you've got to read this book!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

My trip to NZ & Australia

First of all...I'll be posting tomorrow or the next day with info on ways to help with relief efforts in the aftermath of Katrina.  So, watch this space...
And to read Tom's (in)famous trip reports, visit here.  He covers a lot of stuff I won't because my impressions are all about the people I met.  When we arrived in New Zealand, we had a couple of days before the conference started to sightsee, but after that...I was pretty much busy with speaking and getting to know the authors, booksellers and editors I met in Auckland.  The first chance I had was at a get together the night before the conference where I met Barbara Clendon for the first time as well as the other conference coordinators and out of town authors.  I also got to sit on a couch visiting with Yvonne Lindsey for over an hour.  It was GREAT!
I was a little nervous about speaking at the conference because I had so many sessions, but the overwhelming welcome I received from the very first moment settled my nerves right down.  That first day, I went to lunch with the other Harlequin authors and Stuart and Rosie from the Harlequin Australia office.  We dined in a swank Italian place that would make a fabulous setting for a special dinner in a book.  Hmm...  I got to meet and talk with some of my heroes...Daphne Clair, Robyn Donald and Susan Napier.  Can you say overwhelmed with delight?  LOL  It was truly lovely and to make it even better, I had a chance to sit beside Stuart, who has a charming wit and a real insight into marketing romance novels.  Fabulous man. :)
Back at the conference, I met more published authors and aspiring authors and listened to some really brilliant women talk about writing.  And at the Blue Moon cocktail party that night, I had a chance to talk to Rosie (an editor out of Aus HM&B's office) and realized I had another kindred spirit at Harlequin besides my editor Kim.  I love all the editors and staff at HM&B, I really do...but Kim is special and so is Rosie.  Two truly wonderful women you can't help but enjoy in person.  Which is why I was so happy to share Kim with my family at dinner our last night in New Zealand.  I have to say they all think she is as wonderful as I do!
Frankly, the conference was just too short for me...I could have hung around with those Kiwi and visiting romance authors for a lot longer. :)  But we moved on to Australia and my friend Serena met us at the airport!  It was so lovely to see her smiling face and to get to chat with her in person finally!  We made it to our apartment without much mishap and got to sightsee again before the conference commenced.  But this time, we spent one of the nights having dinner with Serena and a group of writers and their husbands she introduced us to.  It was like family and we all felt so comfortable with them that everyone has agreed that night was one of the major highlights of our trip.  Tom and Ed (Serena's husband) are both sci-fi buffs.  It was hard to tell who was doing more chatting, the romance writers together as a group for the first time, or their husbands who hit it off like brothers.  Very cool!
The conference itself was absolutely splendid and once again I got to spend time with Kim, Rosie & Stuart...but a ton of aspiring and published authors as well.  Trish Morey was there making me feel welcome with her sweet, sweet smile and two more of my all time favorite authors and women I admire more than I can say were there too...Emma Darcy and Helen Bianchin.  Oh, it was a grand time and I could have spent hours more chatting with and listening to these ladies.  I also got a chance to get to know Melanie Milburne a bit better (as we'd met for the first time in Reno - she's really lovely) and met Carol Marinelli, whom I adore.   and I've decided that HP authors are simply a very special breed indeed.  Not that I didn't love meeting everyone else, because you've just got to know that I did!  Fiona Brand has a smile that is totally infectious and Marion Lennox has one of the kindest natures of anyone I've ever met...and Anne Dunn is just plane funny and nice!  I'm forgetting somebody and I don't mean to, but it was a whirlwind trip with more impressions in my head than it can hold sometimes. :)
I came home rejuvenated and truly impressed with the beauty to be found in the people connected to the genre I love so much!
If I could afford this expense, these are two conferences I would attend every year.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

While you are waiting for my post-Aus/NZ trip news...

You might want to check this book out. It's definitely on my TBB list!

Garden of Eden featured in ELLORA'S CAVEMEN: LEGENDARY TAILS II by Jaci Burton (Ellora's Cave, June 2005)

Dr. Eden Mason has spent the past hundred years orbiting the Earth in stasis. Since a nuclear war destroyed everything, she and the other inhabitants of the space pods are the only survivors of the global meltdown. One special passenger has joined them-Adam-an alien sent to recreate what was once a thriving, beautiful planet. But Adam needs Eden to fulfill his goal, in a way she never expected.

Adam has loved Eden since he first came to Earth, but her father refused to allow him to meet her. Instead, the brilliant scientist kept Adam secluded while they engineered a way to save some of Earth's inhabitants before the inevitable destruction. Now Adam can touch Eden, taste her, love her like he's always wanted to, at the same time fulfilling his duty to revitalize the planet.

His love for her is energizing and Eden begins to hope that life on new Earth will be a lush garden of sensual pleasures. But Adam's not telling her everything that will happen, and his secret may end up destroying them both.

Read an excerpt.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A really intriguing book...

Okay...when I read the back cover copy for this book, I was immediately intrigued and I figured you all would be too.  Check this out:
HEART CHOICE by Robin D. Owens
Publisher: Berkley (July 5, 2005)
Tracker Straif Blackthorn has returned to Druida City after his last rescue mission, intending to repair his home and resume the noble duties he abandoned at seventeen, when he lost his family to disease.  He's futilely searched Celta for a cure.
But he may be too late! A secret enemy schemes to claim his title, his lands, and destroy the woman he loves. As an interior designer Mitchella Clover dreamt of someone saying "no expense spared."  Unfortunately it's a wildly attractive GreatLord who offers her the chance of a lifetime - to restore an ancient showplace.
She knows she can never give Straif what he truly wants, but can she resist him? The job isn't easy. Both the sentient Residence and Straif's new snobbish Fam cat have remodeling ideas, and Mitchella's ward instantly dislikes Straif.
Everyone's back! Characters from HeartMate, Heart Thief and Heart Duel appear to help renovate the Residence, solve the mystery, give advice on the perfect duel - or meddle. And the first baby of the next generation is born...
If that doesn't totally hook you, then read the excerpt and it will!
Hugs from Down Under,

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

NZ was incredible and Melbourne is GORGEOUS...

We had a smashing time in NZ and you'll be able to read about in my hubby's trip report next week, but I just wanted to pop in and say hi and tell you all that we've moved on to Australia now.  Melbourne is totally beautiful.  I can't really explain it except to say that there is an appreciation for the aesthetic in pretty much everything.  The buildings...the structures...the way things are laid out.  Totally fantastic.
But then NZ was incredible as well.  The trees are just different from back home and yet soul stirring in an altogether different way.  Can you tell that I have a love affair with trees?  LOL  Although it is winter over here, that didn't stop the kids from getting their feet wet in the South Pacific while we were in NZ either.  And the warmth of the New Zealand romance writers made up for any chill in the winter clime, let me tell you.  I don't think I've ever felt such an immediate heart reaction with a group of writers before.  It was totally fabulous and I loved every minute of the conference.
But my friend Serena says everyone in RWAus is just lovely and I'm certain I will leave this continent every bit as enamored of its writers and its people!  I'm certainly looking forward to meeting my online friends.  I got a chance to meet a few at a booksigning at Rendezvous Books yesterday.  Myrna and Annalise know just how to make an out of town writer feel at home and of course meeting Jane, whom I'd corresponded with online and a couple of readers I hadn't was the highlight. :)
Watch this space for info on another totally fab soon!
Hugs and blessings from Down Under,

Saturday, August 13, 2005

A terrific book and last minute words before leaving for New Zealand

We're leaving for New Zealand on Monday morning and I wanted to post about a terrific book by an author I hold in super high esteem before I go.  (I'll try to post from NZ, but know I'll be able to in keep checking this space!)





BEYOND CONTROL by Rebecca York

(Berkley, August 2005)


BEYOND CONTROL, by Rebecca York, tells the story of telepaths who discover and develop their powers only when they sexually link with another of their kind. 

Jordan Walker and Lindsay Fleming meet at a Washington, D. C., cocktail party.  When they touch, they experience an electric moment of psychic awareness.  As they explore the unique bond forming between them, they discover that the more intimate their contact, the more their psychic powers develop. 

As with York’s Moon books, Lindsay and Jordan must work out their personal relationship against a background of danger and suspense after they stumble onto his murder cover-up at a secret biological weapons lab. At the same time, two other telepaths who want all the psychic goodies for themselves set out to wipe Jordan and Lindsay from the face of the earth.

Rebecca York says that, "Publishers wouldn’t touch a story with this unique blend of suspense and sensuality 15 years ago.  But the characters and the plot wouldn’t let me go, so I held onto them until the time was right."





Ever since she can remember, Ruth Glick has loved making up stories full of adventure, romance and suspense. As a child she corralled her friends into adventure games or acted out romantic suspense stories with a cast of dolls. But she never assumed she could be an author, because she couldn't spell. Her life changed, however, with the invention of the word processor and spelling checker--and the help of her husband, Norman Glick, who spots spelling errors from fifty paces away.  Writing as Rebecca York, she has authored or co-authored over 45 romantic suspense novels, many for Harlequin Intrigue's very popular 43 Light Street series, set in Baltimore, and many with paranormal elements.



WOW! This was certainly one very hot, steamy, mind boggling and exciting suspense thriller. . .  an absolutely riveting tale of suspense . . . with well-developed characters, stunning sensuality and some clever twists. A truly dynamite read! --Romance Designs    


BEYOND CONTROL . . . plays out on two interwoven levels. The storyline is action-packed from the opening sequence at Maple Creek and never slows down until the lead couple learns what happened there.  The tale also contains a delightful romance between Jordan and Lindsay that starts off with A Strangers in the Night encounter . . . and plays out on physical and paranormal planes. .. . a strong suspense-laden romantic tale.   --Harriet Klausner


Four plus, Top Pick  --RT Book club

Monday, August 01, 2005

Back from RWA...

I've got so much I want to post...I'm afraid I'll get overwhelmed and not post any of it, but I had a wonderful time at RWA and meeting friends, readers, editors, booksellers and other industry professionals was the highlight.  Definitely...I love people.  Traveling with the Cox family is absolutely a dream and if anyone here hasn't read Maggie Cox yet, you are missing a totally fabulous author who deals with real life issues in a beautiful way.  She's got a book out in Promotional Presents this month (it'll be out mid-month) and I hope you all will pick up In Her Boss's Bed.
I've just gotten the news that gave The Sheikh's Bartered Bride a Reviewers Choice Award and I'm properly chuffed.
I'm also way excited about the release of my August book, Blackmailed into Marriage.  It's a very special book for me and the reader letters from earlier releases of it oversees have made me cry with real joy and grin until my jaw aches. :)
Well, that's it for now...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tales from the road, etc.

Well we are having a typical Lucy Monroe travel experience.  Driving out of our driveway, the garage door opener stops working.  It's been totally fine up to this moment, but suddenly goes kaput to begin our trip with a story to tell our friends.  We headed south to Crater Lake National Park and guess who were our fellow freeway guests?  That's right...a motor cycle gang complete with leather jackets with the skull and crossbones insignia and "choppers" specially designed to ride low and sound mean.  But hey, they were obviously nature lovers too.  The lake was absolutely gorgeous, as were all the lakes along the highway getting there.  The trip to the rim was hair raising for someone nervous about heights.  Yep, that would be me...telling the kids to be very quiet, "Daddy has to concentrate!" and telling Daddy to, "Pay attention!"  LOL  I'd love to say I'm kidding and I wasn't that bad, but I was.  My palms were sweaty and my heart was beating a mile a minute by the time we reached the lookout area we'd planned to stop at.
And just quick, for vampire lovers...there's a new series from Dorchester and it's being kicked off by Liz Maverick.  Her story, Crimson City sounds very intense and just a little scary.  I know that's the perfect combination for a lot of you, so I really wanted to share about it.  Read an excerpt here.
Well, we're back on the road today...going to see the California Redwoods...then it's Reno and RWA National.  I'll post if I get a chance!


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Getting ready for National & another good book...

I can hardly believe it's July 19th already.  My dear friend and fellow Presents author, Maggie Cox, and her family are arriving today from England.  We'll be driving down to Reno at the end of the week to attend RWA National.  I'm very excited about the trip as I know just spending time with her will be lovely.  But I'm also looking forward to participating in some chats with my publishers.  I can't honestly say I attend many workshops, but my time is well used.  The most important element being catching up with old friends and making new ones.  I'm so looking forward to all of it!
And about the good book...anyone who knows me well knows I "discovered" MaryJanice Davidson last year and devoured her entire backlist.  I'm now a devoted fan and she's got a new book out.  Undead and Unappreciated is her first hardback and I'm really looking forward to seeing where she takes Betsy's story.  If you get a chance to read it, let me know what you think!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A terrific book by a popular author... all know that Jayne Ann Krentz is one of my favorite authors, right?  So when she recommends a book, I want to read it.  Here's what she says about Julie Kenner's Carpe Demon:  "I loved CARPE DEMON! It was great fun; wonderfully clever... ninety-nine percent of the wives and moms in the country will identify with this heroine. I mean, like who hasn't had to battle demons between car-pools and play-dates?"  -- Jayne Ann Krentz
If that isn't enough to make you want to read the book...check out the back cover blurb below!

Carpools. Crabgrass. Creatures from the depths of hell. Suburbia has its problems too...

Lots of women put their careers aside once the kids come along. Kate Connor, for instance, hasn't hunted a demon in ages...

That must be why she missed the one wandering through the pet food aisle of the San Diablo Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, he managed to catch her attention an hour later-when he crashed into the Connor house, intent on killing her.

Now Kate has to clean up the mess in her kitchen, dispose of a dead demon, and pull together a dinner party that will get her husband elected to County Attorney-all without arousing her family's suspicion. Worse yet, it seems the dead demon didn't come alone. He was accompanied by a High Demon named Goramesh who, for some unknown reason, intends to kill off the entire population of San Diablo.
It's time for Kate Connor to go back to work.

Now, honestly...doesn't that sound too fun for words?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Chat tonight...

Just wanted to let you all know that I'll be chatting tonight (July 7th) at Writerspace at 8 p.m. EST.  I'm excited because we'll get to talk about READY and the rest of the trilogy and I just really love talking to readers.  (Like the blog didn't give me away...)

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy July 4th!!!

Wishing all my American readers a truly happy and fun filled July 4th as we celebrate the birth of our nation!
I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to read a book with characters that epitomize the personal strength and independence of spirit reflected in a generation of people willing to lose their lives to birth a nation.  So, I got to thinking about what books made me feel that way...what stories had heroes and/or heroines that really rocked and here are a few recent books I'd read that I felt that way about:
Master of the Moon by Angela Knight - Both Lyr and Dianna are amazingly strong characters who will and have sacrificed everything for their people.
Sins of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon - Alexion and Danger spend their lives protecting just can't get more heroic than that.
Jamie by Lori Foster - Jamie and Faith are two extraordinary people who care so much about others that they pay a deep and heavy personal price.
I'd love to hear what your choices would be and why!

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ready is out in stores now!

The first in my Brava mercenaries trilogy, READY, WILLING & AND ABLE is out now.  Romantic Times gave READY 4.5 Stars and called it an action packed sizzler and reader response has been really terrific so far.  (Thanks to *everyone* who has written or posted reviews online...I'm sending each and every one of you huge cyber hugs!)

And if you haven't read it yet, I sure hope you enjoy it too!  Okay, now...are you sitting down for this?!!  I'm so excited, I keep bouncing out of my chair, but maybe that's just me. :)  Only I've got what I think is a huge treat for my readers.  Two hugely talented ladies have put together a flash presentation for READY's debut and you can watch it here.
You are going to just love it, trust me on this!  And my photographer from the RT Convention put her photos of the convention together in a slide show that is also going to knock your socks off.  Visit my Photo Album to view it.
Hugs and blessings,

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yummy reading...

No matter how tight my deadlines, when a new Sherrilyn Kenyon book comes out, I've got to read it. I picked up Sins of the Night at the bookstore (she's one of the few authors I will make a trip to a bricks and mortar store for, rather than wait for an online delivery...her and Lori Foster) and devoured it as soon as I got home. It was incredible! I laughed a little, cried more than I want to admit and put it down with that wonderful feeling you get from reading a really GREAT book permeating my entire being. If you are a fan of paranormal, or just plain love an emotional've got to read this book.

If you already love Sherrilyn Kenyon, then you've got to try C. J. Barry. She's another master at writing powerful characters with attitude and a world builder extraordinaire. Her latest, Unmasked, has an intriguing sense of underlying themes and a wonderfully layered plot.

Here's the back cover copy...tell me if you don't thin it sounds totally delish...To the merchants he plunders, he's the Ghost Rider of the Dead Zone. To sector law enforcement, he's a wanted pirate. To the slaves he rescues, he's the savior, laghato. To one determined female, Qaade Deter is serious trouble. Torrie Masters had heard of the legendary raider, but she'd never expected to encounter him. Nor would she have expected that beneath his black mask lurked an enticing man destined to challenge her in ways she couldn't shoot her way out of. But a great threat has emerged-one that's left no choice but for them to join forces. Entrusted with the fate of thousands, Torrie has discovered Qaade's impossible dream. Only she has the power to help him. Only she has the power to see him UNMASKED.

I love reading romance, but paranormal is a fairly new genre for me. I hadn't read anything in it except Jayne Anne Krentz's futuristics (written as Jayne Castle) until last year...but then I discovered Sherrilyn Kenyon, Angela Knight and MaryJanice Davidson. I've been busy trying other new authors in the genre since...and writing my own werewolf stories (the first of which will be out in January).

Life is so much richer for the books I read. I hope you all feel the same way!



Saturday, June 25, 2005

Easier to comment...

I've changed the commenting format so that unregistered users can comment as well.  I'll be watching closely for spammers, but hope this will be a good change for the blog.  It's not a lot of fun sitting on the front porch and talking to hopefully this will increase dialogue.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Books, the market and romance...

I was talking to my agent yesterday about the soft mass market paperback market...sales are down all over the place and you can read articles in pretty much every major business publication even remotely related to the book industry about it. According to some, readers are looking for books with more relevance...that dig deeper into the human consciousness. What does that mean for me, a writer who loves romance...both to read and to write? Is there enough "deeper meaning" in romance to keep our readership, to gain a new one?

I think there is...I think that romance is quintessentially about the human condition. There is nothing more relevant to human experience than to explore the impact of love on the lives of our characters. there has always been in romance, there is room to delve into new areas, to explore alternate themes and to breathe life into characters that experience something bigger than lust and more real than paper cutouts of hearts and flowers.

I think you'll find that in Gena Showalter's "Awaken Me Darkly" - a paranormal romance with a kick-butt heroine. The back cover says it better than I could: The closer she gets to the hero, the more she learns about her own heart, her human needs and the shocking secret that will shatter everything she's ever believed. That's what I'm talking about...stories that dig deeper, explore something different and maybe touch us in a way that we haven't been touched before.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Okay...check *this* book out...

Another chick-lit paranormal with enough humor and wit to definitely keep you smiling as you read.  If the back cover blurb (see below) doesn't get you totally hooked, reading the excerpt will!
Shanna Swendson’s debut mainstream novel, ENCHANTED, INC. is a magical story featuring Katie Chandler, a 20something, small-town Texas girl, who finds that being average in New York City is anything but.  Katie loves the energy of Manhattan, and if she finds some of the people odd, well, that's New York, right?  Where else would you see a person on the subway wearing fairy wings? In fact, if Katie wasn’t completely sure those wings must be a costume, she’d think they were real, the way they flutter in the breeze.  Certainly the gargoyle that perches above the door of the church she passes on the way to and from work isn’t real. Its eyes seem to follow her, and she could have sworn it winked at her once, but now that she thinks about it, it was really hot that day, and she hadn't eaten lunch....
Katie is still adjusting to life in the big city while working a for a nightmare boss, when she gets a fantastic offer to work for a mysterious company, MSI, Inc. Through her new job and the magical folk she meets, Katie comes to find out she isn't quite as average as she thought; and the fairytale life she has longed for begins to come true in surprising ways.  What Katie doesn’t realize is how rare and important being ordinary can be. In fact, it is her ordinary characteristics that make her the perfect secret weapon for MSI, Inc.  Suddenly the very qualities she thought made her average are what make her special!  Now she has magicians and fairies meddling in her attempted romances, a secret life she needs to keep hidden from her non-magical friends, not to mention that dangerous pull she feels for Owen, an attractive but shy wizard who might be the most powerful magic man since Merlin.
Okay...I've got to admit that the whole "average is actually diva material" thing absolutely hooked me.  And the excerpt is fab.  If you get a chance to read this book, let me know what you think!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Fabulous Book You Don't Want to Miss...

I've recently read an excerpt from a book I know you are not going to want to miss!  A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur’s Court  It really is too funny for words and very unique.

Here's the back cover blurb:

Once upon a time there lived an outspoken fashion editor named Kat, who certainly was not your typical damsel in distress. But when a gypsy curse sent her back in time to the days of King Arthur, she found she'd need every ounce of her 21st century wits (and pop culture references) to navigate the legend. After all, surviving a magical plot, an evil prince, and a case of mistaken identity--all without changing history or scuffing your Manolos--takes some doing!

Luckily, she's got her very own knight in shining armor, Lancelot du Lac, on her side. The honorable-to-a-fault and devastatingly handsome champion insists on helping her out, even though she's not quite sure she wants him to. After all, shouldn't he be off romancing Queen Guenevere or something? Will Kat manage to stay out of trouble long enough to get back to her beloved cafi lattes, cosmopolitans and cashmere? And what will Lancelot's forbidden love mean for the kingdom of Camelot?

If you want to read the excerpt too, go to: